Hey everyone this is Godofmadness43, or GOM43 for short, and this is my story for my now favorite game, Okami! Now i know what you're thinking, why make this? Well i was thinking and i thought about making an Okami story with an OCxAmaterasu pairing, as there are barely any on here. Anyway, i'm currently starting school so i might not be able to write for a while or long periods of time. Oh and this is m y first time writing in First-Person so i might not be good at it, i apologize.

Anyway, let's get on with the story. Oh right, forgot the summary:

Summary: My name is Ishimaru 'Okami' Takeshi, one day while in my attic i found a wolf mask, then i meet Amaterasu later and she tells me i'm needed to save both my world and Nippon from diaster by someone who took over Yami's place. Now i'm suddenly thrust into an adventurw with her, a talking bug, a half-baked prophet, and a dozen other people, as i help defeat the forces of evil and save Nippon...but i then meet someone from my past and learn something so shocking it will change everything i know, and who i am.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Okami or any of it's characters, but i own Ishimaru and any OC's i plan on adding. On and some names may sound familair from Japanese folk lore so bare with me.

Alrighty then, now let us commence with the story!


Many years ago, the dreaded Orochi returned and cursed the land after 100 years of peace, but a white wolf goddess named Amaterasu defeated him. She then fought against more forces of evil, including Blight, the Ninetails, and the twin owl demons Lekchu and Nekchu, ultimately defeating Yami, the Emperor of Darkness and saved Nippon. But what she didn't know of, was an old evil that sided with Yami during the massacre of the Celestials 100 years prior, was still alive. He quickly took command of Yami's scattered forces and began to wait until another attempt at Nippon's domination would come.

Amaterasu sensed this evil and then realized that she would need help in order to defeat it. She waited 16 years, during which she obtained a human form, until it was time to find the help she needed. And this my friends, is where the story begins...


Okami: The Wolves of Earth and Sun

Prologue: My Name is Ishimaru

Hey, what's up? For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ishimaru 'Okami' Takeshi. I'm just a regular guy from Kyoto, Japan, more specifically, the Nakagyo-ku ward of Kyoto. I have black hair, brown eyes, same skin tone as everyone else and I'm 16 years old in case you're wondering. I wear the same uniform as everyone at school, but when I'm hanging out with my friends I wear a light brown jacket with the kanji for 'Okami' on my back in green writing and wore beige pants and black shoes.

The reason why I have the nickname 'Okami' is because of my love of wolves (and dogs as well), I kinda had this hobby of having a picture or two of wolves on my desktop on my laptop at home, not to mention a wolf plushy I have in my room. One day the people in my school started to call me Okami and then it stuck. I should also mention that I'm really good at calligraphy drawing, kinda a trait from my mom, and I'm really good with animals, dogs especially, cats…not too much, they hate me in fact.

Anyway…I'm pretty handy with some stuff, history, art (I'm kinda an artist), not to mention my kendo classes I take as an after-school thing. I'm also a video game junky and an anime otaku…yeah, not a good thing for most but when your country is the origin of mangas and having the world's largest comic book store, you can't help yourself.

Oh right, getting sidetracked here. I guess I'll start this story with what's been going on lately, I'm entering my junior year in high school now. Lately I've been having these weird dreams, at first they only appeared when I was asleep, but now these dreams occur as fainting spells, mainly during gym apparently to look like I've fainted. My dreams were mainly about this girl, at first they were just flashes then I would wake up, but now it's getting longer and I can hear her calling my name. When I tried to ask her for her name it would usually end.

She'd tell me about something that would happen to my world, but never finished explaining. At first these visions happened when I was ten, but now they're starting to occur more frequently. I would usually be asleep but in public I'd have a fainting spell that would originally last a few minutes but now lasts an hour or two longer. I kept wondering why this girl keeps contacting me but I keep getting this name stuck in my head whenever I see her, the name was: Amaterasu.

Oh right, I gotta get ready, this month is Gion Matsuri and it's a big importance to everyone, my friend from school are joining as well. And today we can hang out and eat food since its Yoiyoiyoiyama, or July 14th to English people. Except today was the last time I'd ever see my friends, because I had soon gone on a journey…one that changed everything about myself and everything I knew.


And so our story has begun...What trials will Ishimaru face? Stay tuned....

Like the old man said, stay tuned for more!