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Chapter 50: Around the World Part 3

After our little eventful morning, I decided to remain in wolf form, mainly to hide my ears and tail in human form. The knowledge of my transformation, or rather, return so to speak, into Saruta had been occurring for a while now. I realized that my old abilities, as well as memories of my past life, were returning as well, slowly, but they were returning.

I was kinda glad they were returning, as I was learning more and more about the Celestials before the massacre…but I also remembered how my life was like before as well, especially my brother, what happened to the kind brother I knew? Or was he jealous of me this whole time because I became a Fortune Brush god?

These memories and thoughts plagued my mind as we continued on our journey through Nippon. But I was glad Amaterasu was there for me, as well as everyone else, they helped me out through tough times, as I did with them, but Ammy was there for me whenever I had some nightmares about some dark memories that came out from my subconscious. I was thankful for her companionship and just being there for me.

Oh and also, Elder Omoikane was training the rest of us in some of our old techniques me, Kodak, and Shinji could do 100 years ago in an attempt to regain our old powers. For me, I needed two more Fortune Brush gods then I would be at full power, but the others needed the training, and I did too, so I could control those powers I have, especially with Mangekyō Sharingan, after how I killed Lu Bu with it.

Which was what I was doing right now, I swung Kōryūmaru at Shinji, who blocked it with his sword, then used the fire ability to force me back as I saw his sword burning and surrounded by fire.

"Damn, you've gotten stronger Shinji," I panted as I stared down Shinji.

"Yeah, the training is paying off," Shinji replied and we continued our sparring.

Meanwhile Kodak was busy trying to pound a hole into a boulder…or completely destroy it. Kodak took a deep breath, pulled back his arm and punched the boulder. At first it didn't look like he did anything, but soon there was a loud 'crunch' and a section of the boulder was smashed apart…or disintegrated more likely.

We all looked at Kodak's achievement with open mouths, when did he become that strong?! Kodak simply sighed and rolled his shoulders, "Seems like I need some more practice in that move…" he said.

"K-Kodak…when did you get so strong?" Shinji asked.

"You think I got this strength by accident? This is from training," Kodak said with a grin.

"On what a mountain?" Shinji asked.

"…Yes…" Kodak muttered. I grinned at Shinji while he was flabbergasted by the statement.

"Sometimes, I think you love hiding that monstrous strength of your just to see our reaction to it," Shinji said.

"Dude, my dad was a wrestler, and 100 years ago my real dad was a war god who was said to have been able to break thing into dust with just one punch," Kodak replied. Oh yeah, now that he mentioned it he was strong because of his training, he's basically like Rock Lee but more beast.

"Your dad was insane," I muttered. Kodak gave me a grin then we continued our training. A few hours later we finished and were exhausted from the training, honestly, I think Elder Omoikane loves to torture us with this stuff.

"You three must become stronger, you'll never be able to stand a chance against Deathscythe in your present conditions," the Elder said to us. I knew Elder meant well, but I still needed my two other brush gods to stand a chance against him. I was glad we made it to Kamui, as the cold air was kinda nice on my hot, sweaty body.

I sighed, some mist escaping from my mouth, as I stood there in the cold night air; I kept thinking about home, no not Earth, I mean the Celestial Plane. 100 years since I last set foot on that place, I left as a man with a scarred eye and a broken mind and heart, now I return as a boy with my original love, her brother, a bug…ahem Poncle, a busty-yet-innocent cat-girl with healing abilities, my two friends, and a guy from the Moon Tribe who basically caused all this…

Speaking of which, where IS Waka anyway? Last time I saw him was in Sei-an City when he said he had some "business" to take care of. It's been over three days since then, where the freaking hell is he?! I let out an annoyed sigh and shivered from the cold. 'Guess it's time to head in,' I thought. I walked back inside the hut we were staying at the Oina village.

I was glad the fire was going, as the cold air was still lingering on my body.

"Ishimaru, come over her by the fire and warm up," Amaterasu said as she sat by the fire with a blanket over her shoulders. I couldn't resist and crawled over next to her, letting her wrap the blanket around me and snuggles up to me.

"You're cold, have you been outside thinking again?" Ammy asked.

"I've had a lot on my mind lately, mainly about this training and my brother," I replied in a low voice. Amaterasu looked at me and placed a hand on mine, "Don't worry, we'll beat your brother and everything will be okay," she said. I smiled a little and petted her head, causing a little purr of affection from her throat to occur as she rubbed her head close to mine.

"Mm…nice," she whispered.

"Wonder where Waka is, I haven't seen him in a while," I wondered aloud.


Waka was walking through the mechanical hallways, having a sense of nostalgia and a sense of someone else inside. He soon reached his destination, the large open area that served at the control room. The constellations of each Celestial God were on the walls, but that wasn't what Waka was looking art. Instead, he was looking at the Moon Tribe traitor that was before him, sitting cross-legged with his back turned to him.

"It's been a long time…Ushiwaka…" Rashamaru said as he turned to look at him.

"Rashamaru…of all of the Moon Tribe members to have survived Yami, I never thought it would be you…" Waka said in a serious tone.

"Yeah, he said if I joined him I'd be free to live, when Yami died I roamed until Deathscythe found me and took me in," Rashamaru said.

"So you joined him because you wanted to belong," Waka summarized.

"Yeah…but mainly since I wanted to see you again," Rashamaru said. Waka looked at Rashamaru with a grin and unsheathed Pillow Talk.

"Let's see if your skills with the sword haven't diminished," Rashamaru said and charged at Waka.


Waka and Rashmaru have a short chat and now begin their fight. Can Waka be able to kill the last of his tribe? stay tuned to find out! R&R plz! oh and baout the Yami thing, i thought about it and since Yami was located in the Ark of Yamato, i suspected that maybe he caused the death of the Moon Tribe or at least helped make it occur. Anyway, R&R!