11 years later

" Mum come on ! We're gonna be late !" Hannah Malfoy yelled as she continued to drag her mother through the train station.

" Hannah slow down, we are fine" Her father said sternly.

11 year old Hannah Malfoy was starting her first year at Hogwarts. Ginny had been crying for days, not ready to let her baby go. Lucius took Hannah through the barrier along with her trunk and Ginny followed with Luke, Hannah's 5 year old brother.

"Hannah come here a minute" Her mother called to her. The beautiful little girl with strawberry blonde hair rolled her eyes and came running back over to her mother and father.

" Mum, my friends are waiting." Ginny kneeled down so she was eye level with her daughter.

"I know, I just wanted to tell you to have fun. Be careful, watch out for trick steps. Stay away from peeves. Please don't forget to write." Tears were leaking out of her eyes again.

" I promise I'll write mum." Hannah hugged her mother, father and brother one last time and boarded the train.

The little family waited on the platform until the train was out of sight.

"Ginny, My love you have to stop crying. She will be fine, the potter kids will look out for her." Lucius picked up his son and took his wife's hand.

" Besides Draco will be teaching her defense, he won't let anyone hurt her." They passed through the barrier again.

"I know she will be looked after. But she's my baby Lucius and she's all grown up and Luke will be with his tutor more now. Time is just flying by."

" How about we go to the first quidditch match, So we can see her."

" I want to but she'll kill us, You know she has your temper."

"Mummy, when is hannah coming back ?"

" Not till Christmas son." Lucius answered.

" Who do I play with ?"

" Luke remember, we talked about this, You start tutoring on Monday. Remember Miss Molly, she was very nice. She's going to teach you."

The family apperated home, Ginny took Luke to his friends for a play date and went to find Lucius in his study. He was sitting at his desk, she quietly leaned against the door frame until he noticed her.

"Did you take Luke over to his friends ?" Lucius asked. Ginny nodded.

" Come here love" He scooted back his chair so she could sit on his lap.

" I thought I told you years ago I never wanted to see this face on you." He said caressing her cheek.

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm just gonna miss that laugh of hers. Or her and Luke tip toeing down stairs really early in the morning trying not to wake us up." She leaned her head against his chest.

" Uhhh what is wrong with me !" She said trying to keep the tears from falling.

" There is nothing wrong with you. Our oldest daughter just left for school, its alright to be upset." He brought her face to his and kissed her.

" Luke's birthday is next week, Thats always fun." He said hoping to cheer her up.

" What are you talking about its not for...." She trailed off and furrowed her eyebrows.

" What's wrong ? Luke was born September 14th, how could you forget that ?"

" I ...I didn't forget, of course I remember....Its just I didn't think it was that soon." She shook her head as if to clear away cob webs.

"Sorry, I guess I was just so wrapped up in getting Hannah ready, it snuck up on me." She flashed a slight smile.

" what's wrong baby ?" Ginny shrugged and shook her head.

" No, I know thats your fake smile. Tell me."

" I'm just thinking about my baby, its just she's my miracle, She saved me in ways I hope she will never know. My children are my life and its like half my heart is missing."

" Honey Hogwarts is the safest place in the wizarding world."

" I know but I know how to take care of her. I know that she hates onions and that she can't sleep without her teddy bear no matter how hard she tries. And I know that she pretends that Luke is a bother but she really loves looking after him."

" She will be fine. You have me and Luke and if you want an update on her just floo Draco."

Ginny's face lit up "I forgot we can floo him, We can find out what house she was put in." She made to get up and go to the fireplace but Lucius held her tight.

" I'm positive she will send a letter tomorrow love" Ginny sighed in defeat.

" Alright. I'm going to go lay down, I don't really feel very well."

" What do you mean you don't feel well ?"

" I'm just tired and a little nauseous." She kissed her husband and quickly made her way to the bedroom.

Ginny hurried to her bedside table and took out her small calender, counting the days. A huge smile broke out on her face as her heart filled with joy. She quickly took out her wand and did a spell. A gold glow emanated from her stomach and her suspicions were confirmed. She was to excited to sleep so she went and found Lucius.

" Hey baby, I thought you were going to take a nap." Lucius said when he looked up from his spot on the couch. She shrugged.

"Couldn't sleep. Keep thinking about our beautiful children." She made her way over to the couch and sat across from him.

" Honey, Hannah is fine."

"Wasn't thinking of Hannah." Lucius furrowed his eyebrows.

" Luke is still at his play date isn't he ?"

" Yea" She said hardly containing her smile.

" Not worried about Luke either." She added.

"Well I think we've run out of kids my dear." He said shooting her a playful look at her silly rambling.

" Thats what you think, I know better." Lucius raised an eyebrow at his wife. He closed his book and set it aside.

" You're pregnant ?" She bit her lip and nodded tentatively.

"Are you sure ?"

" yes" Lucius didn't say anything for several minutes.

" Well, thats not exactly the reaction I was hoping for." She got up a left the room, She didn't want Lucius to follow her but couldn't help but be hurt when he didn't try.

Later that night Lucius found Ginny reading Luke a story before putting him to bed. She kissed her son's forehead shut off the light and nearly ran into Lucius in the hall.

" I'm sleeping in the guest room tonight"

" Can't we talk, please baby." Ginny pushed passed him.

" Not if you're going to upset me. I'm exhausted and don't feel like fighting with you."

" We aren't going to fight"

" Oh really Lucius, I tell you we're having a baby, you don't say anything and you don't think we are going to fight."

" Gin, I was surprised, Alright. We haven't discussed more children."

" I know we didn't." She pushed passed him and moved towards the guest bedroom. He came up behind her and stopped her.

"Ginny, please don't walk away." He pulled her close to him.

" Let me go Lucius, I said I didn't want to fight." She said choking back tears.

" My love, I don't want to fight. Its....just you're almost 36.

" And I didn't think I would make it to 25."

"Don't say things like that. I worry about you alright." He a hand up to cup her face.

"All of that ended when Hannah was born. I didn't think I could love someone as much as I loved you until she came along and now I have two beautiful children." Her hands went to her stomach.

"And now I'll have 3." She shrugged her shoulders, tears welling in her eyes. " I'm so happy. I w....wish you were too."

He leaned down and kissed her tears away before speaking.

"I'm happy, if you're happy my love."

"Really ?"

" Really, truly and honestly, I am so happy." One arm slipped around around her back as he scooped her up in his arms.

"Lucius put me down this instant !"

" Not a chance, And keep your voice down you'll wake Luke."

"Lucius what has gotten into you." She whispered as he carried her to their bed.

" I'm just taking care of my beautiful wife." He said before attaching his mouth to his favorite spot on her neck, The spot that made her entire body tingle with just one soft kiss.

" Mmm honey that feels wonderful."

"You feel wonderful." He said running his hands up her sides under her night gown and lifted it over her head.

"Lucius, You want this baby right ?" She said tangling her fingers in his hair. Lucius trailed kisses all down her body, laying a gentle hand on her abdomen as he entered her.

" Of course, I'll take care of you." He said before kissing her and setting a gentle pace.

"You...You already take ...care of me." She as her voice hitched with pleasure.

"I'll take extra care of you." He placed a soft hand on her cheek.

" After all your carrying precious cargo now." Ginny laughed.

" Did you just refer to our unborn child as cargo ?" Instead of answering he captured her lips in a long passionate kiss. After they were both satisfied they lay holding one another trying to even out their breathing. Ginny lay with her head on her husbands chest as he placed a protective hand on their child.

" Who would have thought that signing you to my quidditch team would have turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me." He kissed her forehead and tightened his arms around her.

"I know, We're the real deal babe. If we can end up happy after all that we've been through anyone can." She leaned up so she could kiss him.

"There is no way I could ever thank you for giving me our babies Lucius. Promise me you're happy about this one."

" I'm so happy, my love. I was just surprised, you understand don't you ? I would never hurt you."

"I understand, I was surprised too."

"When should we tell the kids ?" He asked. Ginny's eyes lit up with excitement.

"I think this is the perfect excuse for a trip to hogsmeade. So we can tell Luke and Hannah together !" Lucius laughed.

" And hopefully she'll be so excited she won't know you wanted to check up on her." He finished.

"Exactly !" Lucius rolled them over so he was leaning over her, careful not to allow his weight to fall on her.

" You sneaky witch." Lucius said before showering her face with kisses and making love to her into the night.

The End !

A. N. --Hope the ending wasn't to crappy, had some trouble figuring it out. I wanted to leave it open for a possible sequel. I loved writing this, and an so happy so many of you like it !