The Return of the End

Chapter I


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This story does not take place at any specific time, or at all, during the Star Force timeline. The pairing in this story is GeoxSonia, sorry to all GeoxLuna fans. Flames welcome.


Geo's mind wandered as he rode along the wave road on his way to school. He had only pulsed in a few seconds ago, and he could already see West Echo Ridge High School close in front of him.

"Once you pulse out, is it alright if I leave for the day?" Omega-Xis asked from Geo's left hand. "You know how I feel about school."

"I know, I know," Geo answered, snapping out of his small trance. "And it doesn't really matter what I tell you. You're just going to leave anyway."

"Haha!" The EM Wave Being laughed slightly at his remark. "I see you've gotten to know me pretty well."

Geo smirked and continued on his way to school, turning into a beam of light as he accelerated. Less than a minute later, he halted and landed on the roof of the three story-tall building. He pulsed out while walking towards the elevator. He swiftly pressed a button to call the elevator.

"I guess I'll see you later," he said to his Wizard.

"If you need me, I'll be nearby."

The elevator doors slid open. Geo quickly stepped in and pressed the button for the third floor. The doors closed quickly and ten seconds later, reopened, revealing the loud hallway. Geo walked down to his locker, greeting some friends on the way. He quickly put in his combination, which had become a habit to him. He opened his locker and grabbed a large binder for his morning classes. Upon closing the door, he noticed a red-headed girl standing by him with a smile spread across her face.

"Hey Geo!" she yelled, hugging him before he could answer.

"H-hi," he greeted back, slowly hugging her back. Since the fifth grade, Geo had become a lot more social and a lot closer with the people around him. This was no exception with Sonia. The two had grown closer together, and the bond they shared was one that a brother and sister would. But as the days went by, the closer they constantly became.

"So, do you have plans after school?" Sonia asked him, releasing him. She crossed her hands in front of her.

"No, I don't think so. Why do you ask?"

The two were now walking side by side to their first class of the day.

"I was thinking of going downtown, maybe do some shopping. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?"

They looked at each other. She smiled, knowing that he couldn't say no.

"Sure, why not?" he spoke. He stopped after the door to let Sonia into the science lab first. She looked backwards and smiled even further.

"Great! We'll meet by the bus stop, okay?"


The two took their seats. A few moments later, the bell rang and the class was silenced. Mr. Shepar walked into the room shortly after.


Okay, this is the end of the first chapter. My plot outline was saved to my computer, which crashed. Needless to say, I lost ALL of my work on this story, so this is all I have so far, along with a newly modified plot. Note that I changed the pairing from GeoxLuna to GeoxSonia; I figured it would, indeed, work better that way. Next will be up within the week.



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