Um hi this is an entry to Pudgypude's Jiongu challenge and I must warn you this does have some graphic scenes in it but I didn't think it qualified for an M rating so just for I'd give you's a heads up.

I write this while listening to Change by Deftones because it seemed to fit.

Leaning against a wall he wiped the sweat from his forehead and tears from his eyes, then checked the gaping hole in his left shoulder that was still bleeding a profound amount. There was no time to examine it further villagers were out on to the street and it wouldn't be long before what happened trickled out. Then they'd be searching for him and in his current state he wouldn't be able do much to stop them.

Pushing himself away from the wall, he stumbled down the street and started down a path which would hopefully lead him away from this nightmare that had ruled his short life.

Everyday, he stood and watched. Everyday, he watched from the shadows as they played, they laughed as they ran around in the sun while he was left standing alone in the darkness. They never asked him to play with them but he didn't care why he would care if some stupid idiots ignored him. Why would he care when it got dark there parents came and got them and took them home to there families while he still stood there waiting for someone he didn't need anyone he was five and a big boy.

No matter how long he waited, no one ever came for him.

No one.

He didn't have parents. So why, why did they leave him, without even the slightest clue to as to their identity? Perhaps they had abandoned him. This notion filled him with a crushing, overpowering sadness.

The realization that he was so completely alone.

The slow, lonely walk home from the park where he spent most of his time now, the unfriendly stares from the villagers only underlining the harsh truth. With every day that passed, he could feel another tiny, spider-webbing crack across the porcelain, the control he had over his emotions becoming more and more tenuous, like an unravelling reel of thread.

One day, it would slip from his hands, too far out of his grasp for him to ever reclaim it. It would fall out of his reach, forever beyond the point of no return. He could feel it; the protective facade he had managed to put up around himself was weakening, and the strength of his wills faltering. The previously strong and determined voice at the back of his mind that had kept him going over the years had been growing softer and softer, fading into nothingness.

The dispiriting depression hovered over him like a fog, longer nowadays, unable to be dispersed or forgotten as it slowly choked him.

He knew it was because he was beginning to believe that nothing he could ever do would change anything.

He was forever stuck in this torturous limbo, this painful and damning hell.

Those who simply ignored him ignored him not as though how one might display indifference to a stranger, but with a callousness with which one would regard an object of their abject dislike.

He wondered why they didn't just come out and be up front about things, to come out and shout all the hurtful words he knew they wanted to say to him, to come out and attack him directly, to translate the visceral hatred they held of him into real actions. It was tempting to assume that they did not hate him enough to actually want to hurt him physically but he knew he was trying to comfort himself.

It was very easy, the first time, to ignore them. To chalk it up to the entire village simultaneously being in a bad mood, having a particularly bad day, all waking up on the wrong side of the bed that morning in perfect synchrony. Although somewhere at the back of his mind, it gnawed at him that he was simply lying to himself.

It was easy, even after it hit him that the object of their anger was him, to ignore them, to regard them almost pitifully as ignorant individuals who didn't know any better, to behave normally with them, to pretend he didn't see the unfriendly eyes barely concealed behind the barest semblance of a fake smile.

It was less easy, even when he realized that no matter how much he spoke politely to them despite their rudeness, to show them what a completely ridiculous perception they held of him, they never changed their opinions, the iciness of their expressions never relenting or abating, to just tolerate them, to hide behind his protective facade of happiness.

All the time he maintained a perfect shield to protect himself from it all the same shield he had always had. But even the greatest defence will crumble with enough time and pressure and it was happening slowly but surely he was breaking.

He walked confidently through the crowded streets of Konoha his face twisted in to a scowl as his eyes move from person to person silently marking them, labelling them. He didn't know when he had started doing it but now he couldn't remember when he didn't, every time he saw or meet someone he judge them and mark them if they were corrupt.

He had finally realised why he was alone and why everyone ignored and belittled him. The village was corrupted, not the village itself but all the people who lived there everywhere he would look there would be someone doing something wrong. They mostly continued to ignore him but he had learned that it was wrong to ignore a small child when it was in need.

Sometimes though there would be some shining light through the darkness like the old man, some people didn't ignore him some even helped like the kind old lady who had helped him when he fell while running through the streets to get away from them.

He had started seeing them a few weeks back, it was just something moving out of the corner of your eye but when you turn there's nothing there. He still felt it he knew there was something there watching and it was driving crazy but he could never turn quick enough. Now he just made a point to ignore it but it was getting harder at times he could swear it was right behind him.

When he told the old man he just said he was imagining things but still promised to look in to it. Naruto guessed it was the villagers since he had figured out why they hated him they were trying twice as hard. He was isolated because he wasn't bad, it all made sense to him when had thought about everyone else who isn't bad talks to him like the old man and the old lady. So everyone who is bad is just trying to make him bad and that's why they hated him and isolated him they hoped he would lash out and become bad.

He wouldn't fall for it though he wouldn't be brought down to there level he was good and they wouldn't break him easily. The old man always said that his will of fire burned more brightly than anyone else's and if he just continued moving forward he would survive and he wasn't going to disappoint the old man.

So he continues moving forward returning all the glares of the villagers with his own and smiled at those who smiled at him.

Walking through the crowded streets of konoha Naruto came to a sudden halt as he felt a chill run through his whole body as though he'd been ducked in ice. It was that stare, the one who was always watching but it felt different they weren't just watching anymore there was something else there but he couldn't figure out what was causing such fear to seize him.

Naruto tried to calm down as his body continued to shake uncontrollably but he couldn't he was too petrified but remembering the old man and not wanting to disappoint him by giving in to his fears. Naruto clenched his fists and spun round expected to find nothing like he always did.

His heart stopped, his whole body froze there was something there staring right back him. The alley leading away from the main street a head was leaning out staring at him, his face was pitch black with no features except two wide round eyes and wide mouth pulled in to a sadistic grin that went from ear to ear.

He couldn't see his body from his angle they both just stood there staring at each other, after a few minutes the shadowy silhouette moved back in to the ally and Naruto fell to his knees.

Naruto knew that it wanted to kill him not just hurt but kill him. That thing wanted to drain the very last drop of life from him and it had been watching him for weeks. He couldn't help himself as his bladder lost control and he started to shake uncontrollably as he realised that he knew where he lived and everywhere he went and did.

He covered his face with his hands as the tears poured from his eyes as fear took hold of him as knew that thing was still watching him.

Screaming, deafening cries. He shook awake at such a noise before slowly opening his eyes and angrily looking around for the source of such a racket. He couldn't find anyone else in the small room that served as his bedroom but the screaming was still there and he couldn't think why they weren't being silenced. Then he realised why he couldn't find anyone else in his modest apartment but the screaming continued it was him screaming.

He focused on making the screams stop and they slowly died away to a whimper. He didn't know how long he'd been roaring, but he's throat was dry and painful, as though he'd been testing his limits for weeks without pause. Stumbling out of his bed he quickly made his way in the bathroom and stuck his head under the old taps. He eased his lips round it and swallowed.

The first few gulps hurt going down but after a couple more mouthfuls it was wonderful. Lifting his head from the water he studied his bathroom to see if he had done anything to it. When he found nothing he shook his at his stupidity it had never came inside before why now. Washing his face in the cold water in hopes it would wake him up more and with any luck wash away the nightmare.

He had gotten used to them by now it was always the same every single time he shut his eyes the nightmare would replay behind them. He was alone in some vast empty field. Where the hell am I? The horizon stretched on into infinity. There was no colour, no tones, not even gray. It was a world of black and white. God, I don't like it here. I want to go home… He ran. It was impossible, as if he was in glue. He looked at the black ground and white reflections appeared. He was ankle deep in a shallow ocean. Its blood… he realized with horror. Dark shapes appeared in the distance and he ran towards them, sure that he would find safety there. Please… please help me. Someone…anyone save me… The black, oh God its blood, covered him as he ran through it. He stumbled and landed hard in the warm liquid. As he pulled himself to his hands and knees, his reflection appeared. For a moment all he saw was his own terrified face; but the image wavered, reforming into a grinning demon.

Its slitted eyes the same colour of the liquid that flowed freely around him burned into his, its face resembling something akin to a fox. His own blood ran down into his eyes and he knew that his face was changing, lifting a shaking hand to his face he pulled it back to see lumps of flesh in them covered with blood. He let out a roar of pain as his hands changed and grew claws, falling on all fours he stared at his reflection in the crimson mirror.

His face was completely shaved of its skin and blood was pouring down his face as canine teeth lengthened. His eyes changed with his pupil becoming slitted and his iris turning form there usual blue to dark red. That's not me… he screamed. That's not me… that's not me… A chilling knowledge rushed through his entire being as the demon spoke without words; it will be.

He splashed himself again with the freezing water bringing him out of the nightmarish world but still feeling slightly scared he looked up to his mirror just to make sure. His face was unnaturally pale from the lack of sunlight as he knew it was out there he wasn't going to play in to it's hands. His eyes are bloodshot, wild, rimmed with dark circles from only sleeping a few hours every couple of days and his lips were bitten to shreds. Scratches on his face from where he tried to get rid of the marks the demon left, hair a lot longer than he liked but if he went outside then it would get him. Feeling better now that he had confirmed it was still him he jumped in to the shower to wash away the sweat from the nightmare.

Refreshed, he exited his bathroom and walked back in to his bedroom to get dressed even though it was still dark out. The apartment only contained a small sitting room, one bedroom and one bathroom. It came furnished. The walls were cream but mottled with age and wear, most of the furniture was an odd shade of pale yellow. Everything was well worn, but despite the fading colours and patches, it was warm and it was clean it was his.

He was especially lucky to have it, as he was the youngest tenant leaving in this set of apartments. At the age of five it was quite an achievement to have his own place that's how he choose to see it. He didn't have much choice all the orphanages were full as they kept telling him and he had spent the majority of his life at the hospital as he had no where else to go. Living around the hospital he had quickly learned how to look after himself so as soon as the chance appeared to leave he gladly accepted it. He hated the hospital the smell, the food, the people.

The best thing about his home was the private bathroom. So many apartments had a public bath for use by all the tenants on the floor but he got his own because no one wanted to share with him. He didn't care if no one even dared be in the same room as him it just meant more time for him plus he hated them all they were helping him.

He walked out of his bedroom dressed in his usual and only attire, a pair of green shorts and white t-shirt that was too big for him with the Konohagakure symbol on it. Turning on the lights he made his way in to the kitchen to make his breakfast of ramen. He loved ramen so he didn't mind eating it three times a day as no one really bothered to teach him to cook but he didn't mind that either. Even if could cook he wouldn't be able to buy anything except ramen but he liked it so more for him and every one else was just missing out is what he told himself.

He used to have someone who would come in and clean and cook for him thanks to the old man but when he told her about him and if she was sure he hadn't followed here she just laughed and called him crazy. He went in to a screaming fit even fighting her demanding she leave, the old man sent more replacements but none believed him. They were all bad people working for him. No one believed him when he told them in the street even though he was standing right next to them they only said there was only one demon in the village and it was currently screaming at them. Morons all of them, they were all bad people every single one except the old man. He believed him he knew he did even though he had never told him but he didn't need to because the old man said he would always protect him.

With a hot cup of ramen now in his hand he made his way across the room and sat down at his small table. The entire apartment fell silent expect from the slurping coming from its owner. Naruto really didn't mind the silence, he didn't care that it was a constant reminder that he had no one, that he was all alone. At least when he was alone no one glared at him or ignored his very presence, he enjoyed being alone is what he told himself.

Quickly finishing his breakfast he walked back in to the kitchen to get his daily glass of milk. Coming out he made his way to his window he through open his curtains and stared at the rising dawn and rested his forehead. It still had a large purple bruise on it from when he had head butted the wall to make sure it was stable, that's how he explained it to himself he didn't need proof of his existence.

The cold from the glass felt nice on his bruise and he took a sip out of his milk which tasted slightly sour but liked it that way he convinced himself. Closing his eyes he tried to relax but something was wrong, opening his eyes he saw what was wrong. In the glass he could see someone entering his home.

It was silently walking towards him; he wore a pain white cloak that hid his body with an eerie black face with no features, other than eyes and a mouth that was curved in to a sadistic grin.

He froze, he panicked, and he didn't know what to do it had never entered his home before. Ever since he had first seen it he would always see him in the shadows silently promising to kill him but that was it, it never left the shadows. Sometimes it would try to beckon him over in to a dark alley but he wasn't dumb, it would usually get angry when this failed and would start making crude gestures while he mimed death threats.

But these were rare and only when he had a really bad night with multiple nightmares it would usual just stand grinning and watching so why was he here? Why now? Why couldn't he move?

Whirling around Naruto acted on instinct as he through the glass in his hand with all his strength at the figure. The glass sailed across the room and went straight through the man and smashed on wall behind him with milk spraying everywhere.

Naruto fell to the floor in horror as he watched it and mans grin only grew not even stopping on the way to the cowering blond. Backing up against the wall, he stared blankly at the man slowly edging towards him.

"What do you want?" he screamed his body completely paralysed be fear that he had broken in to his own private safe haven from all the bad people.

"I want to watch as all the hope and life disappears from your eyes as sorrow consumes you and you slip in to eternal darkness"

Naruto stared petrified and in shock at the figure as it had never spoke to him before even though he had roared at it to leave him alone. He lost control as his words sank in and tears erupted from his eyes as he played his voice over and over again in his head. His voice was worse than the threats as every single syllable sounded like a dying man's last hollow breath as he struggled to cling to life.

"Why? Why me" Naruto asked tears streaming down his face as his whole body trembled.

"Because you're a demon" it replied as it took its final step in front of the pitiful child.

The man now stood over him and with speed he couldn't even follow he latched a hand round his throat and began to choke the life out of him. He couldn't breath, he couldn't think he could just desperately claw at the figures arm but he didn't even flinch as Naruto continued to rip his arm to shreds. His fingers start to relax as gave up clawing at his arm; he glared at them willing them to move to finish the job they had started.

But they don't obey. He's losing perhaps he had already lost, it's grin continued to grow wider as he see's the life in the boy slowly seep away and his finger tighten a notch. Biting in to his flesh cutting off the last of his air supply, Naruto could feel his mouth gasping, eyes bulging, fingers scrabbling at his hand in a last desperate attempt to loosen the clod digits.

"Oi kid where's my rent and what's with all the noise?" bellowed a man standing in the door way with an annoyed expression on his face.

Naruto wanted to warn the man that he should get out of here, to scream any sort of warning but he couldn't even manage a squeak.

What you doing on the floor?" he asked with a confused look on his face as he stared down at him.

What's wrong with him can't he see the psychotic man killing him, why wasn't he helping him. The man took a few steps in to the apartment stepping on the shattered glass as he entered.

"Brat I told you to keep this place tidy" he growled looking down at the mess before turning to glower at the child who was still on the floor struggling.

Naruto couldn't believe how stupid the man was then again he was bad so he probably cheering it on. Even though he still wanted to warn the man but it was impossible he could barely keep awake as the lack of oxygen was hardly doing him any good.

Naruto's blood ran cold when the figure that was obsessed with ending his life turn to look at the man while chuckling darkly who sent chills down his spine. When it turned back to face him again he knew what he was going to do just by how he looked at him with those empty sockets and he started to struggle with everything he had. It was of course short lived as his body finally gave in and his eyelids fell heavily as darkness consumed him.

Waking up, returning to his sense. Indescribable relief. He had thought when he had felt his eyes close that they would never open again. He was standing up which he fond odd as he couldn't remember getting up. Quickly looking around to find out where he is and is relived that he was still in his home and it only appeared to be late in the morning. The relief fades as quick as it swelled. He was indeed still in his apartment and there's blood everywhere. Nightmarish splashes and gory pools. Wild streaks across the walls and floors. A body lay in front of him. Mauled and gutted, Naruto fell to his knees and emptied his stomach at the sight.

Slowly looking up again he saw a knife coated in blood still in the body and instantly felt sick again. Getting up of the blood coated floor his eyes snapped away from the bloodied blade and he started making other mental thumbnails of other details. Numb, functioning like a machine. Looking down at the destroyed corpse, stomach ripped open organs flung about the room while some seemed to be mashed up in the cavity of the mans chest. Probably happened while it was getting inside his chest he noted numbly. Arms and legs with multiple gaping wounds and deep slices. The head is the least damaged, white except where it's smeared with blood. He instantly knew who it was, he knew without looking.

The man wasn't that bad he usual just left him alone as long as he paid his rent on time but he had forgotten this month. It wasn't his fault the man came in to his home he had tried to warn him but he couldn't so it wasn't his fault he told himself.

Moving numbly he turned away from the gruesome scene as and thought about what to do. It only took a few seconds to realise he didn't know what to do. Should he tell someone, of course he had to but what if they thought he done it, it wasn't his fault. No he was just tell the old man he'd understand he knew it so careful edging around the bloody mess that was once a man he looked for his shoes to go tell the old man.


He couldn't move. Fear has seized him completely as he knew who's voice that was. He looked around from the walls to the man. All red. All dead. There was no one there so he turned to get his shoes but stopped at the window something was wrong with it. Taking a closer look at the window he fell backwards in to the bloodied surface as in the window there wasn't his reflection but the figures.

Whirling his head around he couldn't see it anywhere so why was his reflection in his window, Naruto stopped looking when he heard it laughing again. He stood up out of the gore and stared at the reflection as it continued to laugh.

"Oh dear. What have we here? It said still chuckling lightly.

Naruto didn't dare respond or even movehe just stood there shaking.

"Quite the mess you made" it spoke again sounding as though he found the whole thing amusing.

"WH-what… are… you?" Naruto moaned, forcing the words out between his chattering teeth.

"The beginning and the end of you greatest sorrows" it replied plainly not a boast.

"Wh-wh… what… happened?"

"You had fun" it said its grin growing.

"n-no you d-did it I-I'm good not bad" he replied growing more confident as it hadn't tried to kill him yet.

It doesn't say anything just starts chuckling and Naruto flinched when it pointed a black finger at him. Frowning he cautiously looked down at himself, he was covered in blood.

Not just where he had fell it was everywhere, it coated his skin turning a dark red almost black. His cloths were stuck to his skin and were heavy with the crimson liquid, looking back at the window he started to shake as the figure was gone and his reflection was back.

His face was coated in a layer of blood but that wasn't what terrified him it was his actual face. He was wearing the same expression as the figures; his eyes were wide but held no emotion while his mouth was pulled in to the same sadistic grin. He turned away from the horrid image only to greeted by another as he saw all the horror that was till in his home.

Impossible this wasn't happening. It's just a bad dream it must be he told himself as he looked at his home. But even in his very worst nightmares, he never imagined anything like this. He knew it was real simply because it's too awful not to be.

Screaming brought him back from his thoughts as a woman stood in his front doorway staring at the scene it front of her. Naruto quickly moved forward to try and calm the lady before she brought unnecessary attention as even he knew he looked really bad if you didn't know what had actually happened.

The woman took the slow advancing of the blood coated child who was famous for containing a demon in the wrong way a brought out her small knife; as in a ninja village you had to be prepared.

"Stay Back! Stay back you demon!" she yelled but the boy didn't listen he still continued to move closer towards her waving his blood stained hands in front of himself.

Naruto became in touching range of her and reached out hoping she would just calm down as he usual felt better after a nightmare when the hold man would hug him. The woman reacted and lunged at him.

The knife pierced his shoulder and Naruto wailed in pain as blood from the wound mixed with the blood that covered him. The woman stared wide eyed as she realised what she had done, she there for a second before she ran off screaming for help.

Naruto laid whimpering on the floor when something jolted him from the back of his mind and slowly stood. He couldn't explain it, it was like someone at the back of his mind was demanding him to move and this voice couldn't be simply ignored.

Without thinking, he turned his back to the hell that was once his sanctuary and ran. Running across the corridor that runs along the front of the building, his legs slip. He scrawls to the floor and lets out a roar of pain as he landed on the knife which snapped but the voice is screaming at the back of his mind and his body moves without him telling it to so standing up once again he started running again.

He almost jumps the entire stair case that leads in to the street. His hands hit the floor as he lands and lurched to his feet and ran down the main street. Weaving in and out of crowds everyone staring but he doesn't slow down he just keeps on obeying the voice that is demanding he runs faster.

His heart pounded inside his rib-cage as he continued to run as fast as he could while his lounges felt that they would explode at any moment. His legs burned and screamed in protest. His shoulder flared up with unimaginable pain with every jerk. His head was killing him from all the screaming. But he wouldn't stop he couldn't stop but he had to stop.

Once he had cleared the main streets of konoha he ducked in to a small alley. He stood doubled over, panting for breath, he studied the path he had took and saw little puddles of blood marking his course. A clear trail for anyone to follow the voice told him to sort out the wound as it couldn't fully heal it at the moment. He examined the wound, there was a tiny bit of metal sticking out of it.

A bit of the blade must have snapped off in the wound when he fell on it. He closed his eyes and pulled. He couldn't stop the sharp yell of pain that erupted from his throat. He fell back shivering, fingers twitching, mouth open and shutting rapidly. For a few minutes all he knew was pain. The buildings around him could have collapsed and he wouldn't have noticed. Gradually the pain abated and he was able to study the hole again. He hadn't pulled it out but he brought it closer to the surface plugging the wound a little.

Blood still oozed out but it wasn't flowing freely like it had been. After a few deep breaths he got to his feet, he was shaking like newborn lambs but they held and encouraged by the voice he started steadily running again.

He kept to the side streets and alleys, so he was out of the public view plus he could always use a wall for support or to lean against when resting. He didn't pass many people but when he did they did there best to ignore him. That actually surprised him even in his dazed state, as he knew they were bad but to ignore a wounded child covered in blood. He realized they weren't bad they were evil. The voice agreed and he felt anger run through his veins as the voice reminded him of everything that had done to him. He didn't care who the voice was or how it knew such things but he just kept on speaking listing all the wrongs they committed against him.

The anger and hate and sheer fury of a wronged child that kept on building within him was shrinking; coalescing into something hard, cold and infinitely more dangerous.

It continued for another thirty minutes as he ran through all the backstreets of konoha with the voice fuelling his hatred for his home as it continued to tell him what his home had done to him. It even offered it opinion on there actions and was telling how he should punish them.

But finally he came to the main street that leads out of the village and the world beyond. He ran with new energy as he saw the huge gates and the forest beyond them. In his mind the forest had assumed magical properties he was convinced, if he could make it to the trees everything would be fine. But just as he was a mere hundred yards away from it two figures jumped in his path.

He knew they were shinobi by the way they dressed the green flak jacket was unmistakable. He felt himself slow down to a stop as tears leaked from his eyes, it would be impossible for him to leave now.

Just as he felt sorrow grip his heart the voice spoke up louder and angrier than ever. The voice was no longer suggesting or even telling him what to do it. It was commanding him to do what it told him and Naruto couldn't stop his body from complying with its orders.

As soon as the voice took over his body he felt it changing, he's skin tightened, and his bones seemed to crack while his wound healed around the imbedded piece of metal. Eyes glazing over, he raised a trembling and stared at it. His nails were lengthening while hardening his fingers curled inwards. Hair sprouts from his head, blood in his mouth his gums have split as his teeth grew. Muscles rip and strain, then knot again. White noise fills his ears threatening to deafen him before it vanished.

Standing up as straight as he could he looked at the two shinobi in front of him, his visions different colours are not keenly defined but his vision has expanded and he could see more sharply. The two looked unsure after watching fall him fall to the floor and having some kind a fit, but it was fear that dominated there expressions.

Chest raising and failing rapidly, staring around with eyes half human half demon watching the fools panicking. The voice inside wants to him to attack, rip them open, teach them not to mess with Naruto Uzumaki.

But as tempting as that thought is he pushes it away and break for the forest instead. He suddenly took of with new found speed and the two shinobi are momentarily stunned them but they recover quickly. Their training kicks in and they move to intercept him. Not particular large but still a good size both holding kunai in there hands.

"HALT!" one of them shouts.

Naruto snarled at him before leaping and the shinobi can't move in time as he brought back his clawed hand and in one swift motion tore open his throat. He let out a gurgled scream as he clutched his now open neck.

The blood only fuelled Naruto more as he turned on the remaining shinobi who had dared getting in his way. He charged forward towards him as he was still stunned at seeing his comrades being killed so easily. Naruto swiped his hand at him intending to cut in half but he recovered quick enough to leap backwards. But not quick enough and Naruto still took a chunk out of the mans mid-section.

The man immediately howled in pain, while Naruto watch as the flesh and between his nail burned away in his hand. Deciding he had done enough he left him wailing on the floor as he roared with shock and pain as he failed to realise that the claws had dug to deep.

Running once again, fast and slick leaving no trail for anyone to follow. Feeling invincible running through the trees never felt happier. He didn't stop even when the gates of konoha vanished from view he just kept on running.

Well there you have it this was originally two chapter but let me know what you think. Oh and just a warning by updates will be erratic as my life is kinda chaotic right now and also this is my first fic and I had a lot of help from pudgypudge with this chapter so the quality might go down a tad lol. Also looking for a beta.