Well, here I am again. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this yet, but I had this thought this morning when was digging through my music library. I thought: "What if we lock Brennan and Booth in close proximity to each other and add music all the while their friends are watching them"...ok, I didn't think it JUST like that. That's the more fleshed out version I mulled over my Cheerios.

This is gonna be kinda song-fic-y and kinda not. The only way to find out what I mean by that is to stick around. I'd say this takes place around early season four. Anyway, here we go...


"How much longer, Angela?" Cam asked as she pulled her feet up underneath her.

"A couple more minutes at the minimum. It's not everyday that we do something this under-handed and sneaky." Angela replied.

"Yeah, but so worth it, don't you think?" Hodgins returned to his living room and sat down next to Cam with a giant bucket of popcorn on his lap.

"I think they'll thank us in the long run…if we ever tell them." she said as she continued to tap at her keyboard, focused as hard as possible on the task at hand.

"If you don't mind, I don't want my name to be in the news headlines reading "Pathologist mysteriously disappears without trace." Cam announced.

"Don't worry, Angela would have to take credit for this little nugget. It was her idea." Hodgins stated.

"Yeah, and who thought that my idea was so spectacular, we had to have a sleep over to celebrate it?" she replied mundanely.

"Hey, did you really think that we were gonna miss this?" Hodgins fired back.

"Well, you don't have to wait any longer…I'm in." Angela said with a smirk that said tonight is gonna be fun.

* * *

Brennan looked at her wristwatch. It was already nine o'clock and she didn't have half of what she wanted done. She had reports to write and emails to respond to when all she wanted to do was go home and crash.

"If I don't do this now, it'll just be here to do tomorrow" she reminded herself, scrubbed her eyes, and refocused on her work.

She heard the brisk swish of the sliding doors open. Brennan surmised that it was just someone coming in to pick up something they'd forgotten when they left. She was sitting with her back to the door, feeling a pair of eyes watching her intently. She swished around to see a grinning Booth looking back at her from her office door.

"What are you doing here, Booth?" Brennan asked as she swiveled back around and went back to her paperwork, signing off on some remains they'd identified earlier that day.

"I think an even better question is what are you doing here?" he replied, charm smile that had Brennan's heart radiating down to her kneecaps. Not that she'd ever admit that.

Brennan no longer denied the attraction she'd felt towards Booth. She denied it to everyone around her, yes, but she knew inside that there was something buried deep that went beyond friendship and partnership. For some odd reason, it was the last thing she thought about before she would finally fall asleep at night. It was the first time Brennan couldn't explain something as rationally as she wanted to. It was a mystery that needed solving.

"I have to finish up these reports and sign off on them, then I have a inbox full of emails to respond to." she said easily.

"Well, nothing wrong with a little company, is there?" Booth plopped down onto her couch, his grin never faltering. He knew better than to fight with Brennan when she was 'in the zone'. He decided baby-sitting her and making sure that she didn't work her fingers down to nubs.

Brennan looked up, apparently contemplating his words. "No, I guess it isn't." she replied.

* * *

Angela tapped a few more keys while Hodgins upper body was obscured by his gigantic television set, rigging wires so they had a good view of the show. Cam sat uselessly on the couch, happily munching on popcorn and watching her two employees set up.

"Alright, I'm tapped into the security feed." Angela announced as a picture became clear on the computer screen. She hit another key and switched cameras, ignoring the occasional 'ow' or curse word that emanated from behind the T.V. When Hodgins finally found the right outlets, the video feed from the lab was enlarged on the screen.

"Nice, but how about we get the ball in motion?" Cam asked.

"No problem." Angela said and gave a quick punch to the 'enter' key. They watched as the lab went black, then switch over to back-up power.

* * *

"What was that?" Booth's startled voice asked. All the lights in the lab suddenly went out all together for two seconds before the back-up generator kicked on.

Brennan hardly looked up. "Power outage." she said simply. "The back-up doesn't work anymore since we offended the maintenance people. Looks like were stuck." Brennan found it hard to care that the doors were locked when she had too much other work to worry about.

"How did you offend the maintance guys?" Booth asked. He knew she could go blathering about and not know when she said something insensitive, but why would people hold a grudge?

"I didn't do it. They got mad at us some months back when Hodgins and Zack used the main generator to test how much electrical current it would take to make certain markings on a set of remains." she flipped through the pages of the files.

"I know I'm gonna regret this, but what did they do that got them in trouble?" Booth inquired.

"They put on rubber gloves, connected two wired to the opposite poles of the generators when they were turned off, and phrmphemfle." she mumbled.

"What was that last part?" Booth asked.

"They blew out the Geology Unit's generator. Ever since then maintance doesn't get along with us." Brennan sighed as Booth chuckled, wishing he could see Hodgins and Zack wreak havoc among the rock squints.


"I remember that...that was a very good day." Hodgins laughed at the memories of the disaster he was behind.

"Shh!" Angela hushed him.


"Oh, happy day, trapped in the Squint's House of Mumbo-Jumbo all night." he muttered as he laid down onto the couch. "At least I'm trapped with my favorite squint," he thought to himself.

"I'm don't know what 'mumbo-jumbo' means." Brennan said while reading through another report.

"Didn't think you would, Bones." Booth kicked off his shoes and shucked off his coat. He had a feeling he was in for a long night.

I'm gonna break into the music come next chapter. I've thought up some great songs and I figured out how to incorporate them into this. Please let me know what you think so far.