The silence was tangible in the air.

It was done.

All they had fought for had been won. Lucifer and his Army of Darkness had been vanquished and all was right in the world.

It wasn't.

"Dean..." Sam breathed, glancing around the temple for his brother.

He had been there, right beside him with the knife Ruby had had so long ago. Then they grew farther and farther apart as the fighting grew to the climax. Bodies of the possessed hosts were littered everywhere. All of the carnage was filled in the room.


"Quiet, Sam," spoke a voice Sam knew too well.

He spun around to meet the eyes of Castiel.


"You are disturbing Dean's last silence."

"Last silence--" Sam's head throbbed and his heart pounded, "No. NO!"

He raced past Castiel, screaming his brother's name until he came to a room where a red haired Angel was kneeling over a body resting on the floor against the wall.

"Anna, is he--?"

"Not yet, Sam, but you have to leave," Anna said as she stood and turned toward him.

Sam caught a glimpse of Dean with his eyes closed, motionless and felt his heart beat so fast that he thought it would give out.

"Sam," Anna spoke again, approaching him, "Dean wanted peace in his final moments. You must leave so he can have his peace."

"No, I've got to see my brother," Sam protested desperately, "No! DEAN!"

Behind Anna, he could see his brother's eyes blink and heard him say in the faintest whisper, "Sammy..."

That was the last sight and sound Sam heard or saw from his brother before a bright light cast him away.