"DEANNNNNNN!!!" echoed across the lake.

Dean Winchester, thirteen years old, turns around to see a fishing hook embedded in his nine-year-old brother's hand.

Pastor Jim's head whips around and his breath intakes at the amount of yelling Sam is doing and the amount of blood pouring from the wound.

"Sam, hold still," Pastor Jim reached for the young boy's hand, but Sam whips it away and wails: "DEANNN! Get it out!"

Dean reached forward and took his brother's hand while speaking to Jim over his shoulder, "Row back to shore so we can fix this."

God, he knew that fishing wasn't a good idea.

"Okay, Sammy, this is going to hurt a little," Dean warned his baby brother, "You ready?"

"Y-Yeah..."Dean slid the hook out and Sam cried as the blood rushed out with it. Dean held his hand over the wound on his brother's palm. Once Pastor Jim got them docked, Dean scooped up Sam into a princess carry up to the lake house. Inside, Dean busied himself by cleaning and bandaging Sam's hand, putting an ice pack on it, and giving Sam a Popsicle out of the freezer.

"Feelin' better, kiddo?" Dean asked Sam.

"Yeah, De."

The teenager smiled and looked back at Jim, who was astounded by the display, "Crisis solved."