Sam sat on the bed, helpless and miserable.

His hands itched and they hurt like Hell. On their last hunt there had been a poltergeist that liked to play with fire. Is clothes had shielded him from the fire (after stop-drop-and-roll of course), but he had thrown his hands up to shield his face. Now in return for saving his pretty face, his hands took punishment.

Dean had went out to get some medical supplies and lunch, leaving Sam by himself. That was after he was convinced that Sam could press the speedial button on his cellphone just in case something happened. The younger Winchester was basically unable to defend himself without the use of his two hands.

Sam stared up at the ceiling until Dean burst through the door carrying grocery bags in both arms.

"Lunch is here, but I'm gonna wrap your hands up first," Dean announced.

He set the bags down on the bedside table and gently unwrapped Sam's banadages after sitting down on the little brother's bed. Sam winced at the sight and turned away from the throbbing mass.

"Okay, this stuff smells like crap, but I promise that you'll feel better," Dean said taking out a jar and dipping his hand into the cream.

Sam turned back to watch as Dean rubbed the white cream (that really did smell like crap) over his hands. Then Dean got up and rinsed his own hands with water before wrapping the wounds with fresh bandages.

"I bought you Caesar salad and tortilla soup," Dean told him next, "and....some really cold water."

Sam smiled at his brother and reached for the fork, but couldn't grip it.

He made an exasperated sighing noise and Dean quickly took the fork, "Thats obviously not going to work. C'mere."

For the next thirty minutes, Dean fed the food to Sam, an act that hadn't happened for about twenty years. Sam was embarrassed and ashamed at about the time Dean handed him a pain pill and held the waterbottle so he could drink.

"Sorry about all this," Sam apologized sheepishly once he had swallowed.

Dean put the cap back onto the bottle, "Its nothin'. It just reminds me to be there to save you next time."