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How did I get here? My life seriously sucked! I crossed my legs awkwardly and diverted my attention from the happy couple at the altar, Edward and Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Edward. Not Bella and Edward. Elizabeth and Edward. Oh shut up already!!! I yelled at my mind in my head. Thankfully Edward still couldn't read my mind even though I was a vampire. That's right, I am a vampire. Me, Bella Swan. Daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan. Granddaughter of- Ok! I think they get it!!! I sighed. I can see why Edward told me his kind are easily distracted.

"And do you, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, take Elizabeth Ann Richards, to be your lawfully wedded wife, for better or for worse…" I tuned out the priest and the happy couple. Elizabeth looked like she would be crying, if she could cry. Stupid vampirism. I've learned that it's not all that it's cracked up to be. Not at all. The only cool things are the speed and strength. Those are cool.

"I do." Edwards smooth voice felt like a gunshot to my chest. Of course he did. I thought back to the day he left me. I labeled it a New Moon in my mind because it was a new moon that night. Also because it was the beginning of a new life for me, a new cycle. There were cheers as the couple kissed. Everyone but me stood up and waved and laughed and dry-cried and acted like life was perfect. They walked back down the isle, beaming and arm in arm. His name hurt to much, and hers felt like a stab in the back. So from now on I'll call them They. I reassured myself. Edward's eyes swept the crowd and landed on me. His brow furrowed, he didn't expect me to come. Hell, I didn't expect to come! I swept my hair out from behind my ear and made a dark curtain between us. Like I did when I first met him in science.

"What am I doing here?" I muttered darkly to myself as soon as They were far enough away.

"That's what I was about to ask." I jumped at Jaspers voice. I looked up to see the all to familiar figure of Jasper Cullen. Actually Jasper Whitlock, or Jasper Hale, I wonder if he's ever combined them to make only one last name? Focus! I commanded myself. Jasper sent me a weird look.

"I'm uh, still getting used to all the extra thoughts." I shrugged. It all felt surreal, I was talking to Jasper! I hadn't talked to him since my 18th birthday party. I cringed at the memory and Jasper felt my emotions.

"Look, Bella, I just wanted to apologize for everything that happened and…"

"Jasper." I chuckled. "I do not blame you for anything! It so wasn't your fault. Blood lust is way harder than anyone gives credit to. I know for sure now." I smiled warmly at him, at least he wasn't trying to make painful small talk.

"I know, I know, it would just… make me feel better if you excepted my apology." He grinned sheepishly and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Of course. Besides, if there's anyone to blame it's probably Edward." I thought back to that last week before he left me, how empty and cold he was.

"Ahem." Edward cleared his throat and me and Jasper spun around quickly. Figures. The sarcastic part of my mind muttered. "It's nice to see you here Bella, I wasn't sure if you would come." He was icy politeness personified.

"Well, I wasn't sure either but yesterday I was like 'What the hell? It'll give me a good excuse to wear that one dress!' so I came." I tried to be nonchalant about it while Jasper was silently cracking up beside me. He probably could feel my emotions so he knew that whole thing was bull shit.

"Oh, that's nice. Jasper, since you can't keep your…unpleasant, thoughts to yourself, do you mind finding Alice?" Edward glowered at my new-found friend.

"See ya later, Jazz." I waved, smiling broadly. Anything to tick off my ex-boyfriend. Was I being shallow? Hell yes!

"So, Bella, what have you been up to since I saw you last?" I groaned. This was the dreaded small talk that I had been so grateful that Jasper had not started.

"Not much. After you left I just went into a depression and was attacked by Laurent but Jacob saved me so I was turned into a vampire. Your usual stuff." I shrugged and looked everywhere but his eyes because I knew that he would be glaring at me.

"I know that." He growled out. Jeesh, I guess he didn't want to uncover the past. "Anything else?" He seemed dyeing to get away. His family probably put him up to this, talking to me.

"Oh, I toured Europe and started a coven." Edward's eyes, that had been wandering, flashed back to mine.

"A coven?" He seemed so surprised it almost hurt.

"Yes, a coven." I sniffed indignantly. "I have a mate and everything." Edwards jaw fell open before he quickly closed it.

"Oh, well, good for you. I guess you've done a lot since our break up."

"Our break up." I mused to myself. I wouldn't call that a break up.

"So you have something to say?" He asked coldly.

"Yes, my heart can't take this cover up. You left me." If I thought he was cold before, he was ice now.

"I do believe I have somewhere to be." He turned and started walking away at human pace.

"Congratulations." I call just loud enough for him to hear. He just kept walking. I sank into my chair and sighed. Way to go, you blew ever having a relationship with him ever again! Even as just friends!

"Are you ready to go?" Asked a silky voice from behind me. I turned and threw my arms around Christopher. I wasn't lying when I said I had a mate.

"Ya, this was a bad idea."

"I thought you were really brave for coming here." We started to walk away, arm in arm when Alice bounced up. She started to try to hug me but stopped when she saw Christopher's look.

"Hi, Bella!" She seemed out of breath even though that was impossible. "Did you like the wedding? I planned it all!" I took in my surroundings for the first time. Every thing was perfect. This is what my wedding would have been like. My heart constricted at the thought.

"Let's go." Christopher lightly tugged on my arm.

"Oh! Wait! Edward, get over here!" Alice spun at vampire speed to where They were. Edward reluctantly sighed and started over at human pace, Elizabeth in tow. There was something weird about the girl, she- I felt my eyes dilate when her scent hit me. She was human! What was this! Was this some kind of sick joke? Did Edward really marry another human?!

I started backing up, the bloodlust hitting me hard. I hadn't expected any humans at the wedding, let alone the bride! Christopher's grip on my arm tightened in warning.

"Is there something wrong, Bella?" Edward asked, glaring at me because of the livid look on my face. He probably thought I just hated his new wife. None of them probably knew that I wanted to tear her to shreds and drain her of life.

My body involuntarily coiled on its own accord, like Victoria's did when we met playing baseball. I more than likely looked like Victoria to Elizabeth. I blinked as the last of my gold contacts dissolved, leaving my blood red eyes. Edward was immediately on guard and Alice stepped back, appalled. Suddenly all of the Cullen's were in a half circle around me, slightly crouching.

"Leave Elizabeth alone." Edward growled out, ready to take me down. All I was focused on was the human and her precious blood. Damn, she smelled good.

"You always go for the nice smelling, don't you?" I joked in a hoarse voice, not taking my eyes off of my prey.

"It seems there are some things we didn't know about you, Bella." Carlisle said in a cold voice. My gaze flickered between all of them. Esme seemed heart-broken but was on guard none the less. The only one not upset was Jasper. I had had a feeling that he already knew.

And then, in a blink of a human eye, my coven of 17 was there, finishing the circle on my side. The Cullen's straightened up a bit, not willing to take on all 19 of us.

"Cullen's, this is my coven. "Jessie, Micah, Rae, Faira, Tom, Jamie, Regan, Josh, Nina, Alex, Sarah, Iris, Tina, Arthur, Peter, Eliza, and Sydney." At each of their names they nodded, seeming very menacing. "And this is my mate, Christopher."

"It was nice to meet you all." Carlisle said, his tone contradicting his words. "But I think it's time for you to be going." My coven made no movement, they waited for my command.

"Head out." I growled, my eyes never leaving Edward's. It was clear that he was disgusted with me, well I was disgusted with him. In a flash the 17 were gone, only Christopher remained. I took a step back into darkness with my mate. His power is to control light. To a human eye we would have disappeared. "Hasta luego.*" I said before taking off, Christopher on my tail.

I pulled up beside my coven on the outskirts of Washington. "What now, Princess?" Asked Iris, scanning the darkness in which I had wrapped around me using Christopher's power. I grabbed Regan's power with my mind's hand and connected all of our minds. That was my power.

Stay close and don't ask questions. I said in my mind, knowing they'd here.

Yes, Princess of Black. Their minds all echoed at once, referring to my name given to me by Aro. I wrapped the darkness around all of my coven and we moved as one, like a storm cloud.

It's time to take back my thrown in Italy. There were evil laughs throughout the group, we had planned this. I would soon become Queen of Black, and the world would soon be mine. Dedicated to Edward, I thought only to myself. I hope you're happy.

*Hasta luego: See you later.

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