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Chapter 4

I sat in my thrown, starring at the ceiling. Yester day had been tough, I had gone through who was lost in the battle and who was coming back. Luckily, no one was burn except Aro and his brothers. I had enjoyed that greatly. But there was one shocker. Sydney had turned on us. One second she was fighting side by side with us, the next she was attacking Sarah. I couldn't believe it. And Regan said he had read her mind and she hadn't been put up to it. She thought we were going to lose and if she changed sides she would be regarded as a hero in the Volturi. Too bad the Volturi didn't exist anymore. She went in the fire with her leaders.

I sighed, remembering the confrontation of the Cullen's. After the battle and the storm of the castle, they all came up to me. Carlisle had wanted to pay respects to the new leader of the Volturi. I had laughed in his face.

"The Volturi is dead." I said in a bored voice, watching the rest of the Cullen's out of the corner of my eye. They looked furious. Good. "We are called the Blackness, and I think it's a suiting title.

"Of course it is." Carlisle mumbled bowing his head. "Let me correct myself. We, as in my family and me, would like to pay our respects to the Blackness and their leader. Can we meet him?"

I froze. Can we meet him? What the hell? "Of course, but first, who do you think I am?" I kept my tone polite as I fumed inside.

"Well," Carlisle glanced around at his family, unsure. "I guess we think of you as the correspondent, the one who gets things done." They all seemed pleased with his answer.

"Oh, well in that case, you're all idiots!" I roared, jumping up. "Did you think I was lying when I introduced my coven as mine? Do you honestly expect there to be someone else in charge when I was the one at the front of the attack?" The Cullen's looked stunned, every single one of them had thought there was someone else behind it all. Nope, just me bitch.

They had left soon after that, but not before Edward had a talk to me about insulting his wife. Who I then called every word that mean whore on this god forsaken planet. Ya, I was pissed. And now I was going through the long process of making all the old Volturi vampires swear allegiance to the Blackness. Not one had protested so far, but then again Jessie and Alex were helping out just a little.

Because we didn't burn anybody but Aro, his brothers, and Sydney, the process was extremely long. I hadn't realized how many people were actually in the Volturi.

"Well, that wasn't exactly fun." Said Christopher as I leaned against him, mentally tired. It had been hours and we were only halfway through the new orientation. I had to explain to everyone how I wanted my empire to be run. One word pretty much summed it up: fair. After that all the new comers split into group with one of my coven as there leader to discuss and evaluate everything further. It was a big change for them, but it was also a needed one.

"Hell ya. I can't believe it all. We had been planning this thing for years and now it's all coming to life. It feels surreal." I commented as me and my mate strolled though the streets of Rome. The city was still bustling even though it was pretty late at night. No one seemed to notice us, they were too wrapped up in their own worlds, where it was said that the old lineage of the Volturi had finally died out and Bella Princess had bought their old castle. That was me and that was the story I had put out there. I went with Bella Princess because Bella Black made me think that I was married to Jacob, and I obviously was not.

I inhaled the smell of coffee. Me and Christopher had stopped to get some, even though we weren't going to drink it. During my depression stage I had lived on coffee and caffeine to keep me feeling so the smell was comforting to me now. It was cold night out for humans, so we were dressed as the part, in coats and boots. Everything felt nice. Like I was a normal person in a normal relationship with a normal boy, not that when I got home I wasn't going to bed but going to start running a vampire empire. But for now I was just Bella and my mate was just Christopher, and we were just two people in a busy city in the big bad world.

"Life is good." Christopher commented, using his vampire vision to look through the glare of the city light at the stars. I followed his gaze.

"You know what? I think it is." I smiled in spite of myself.

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