Their feet pounded through the church corridors as the Winchester brothers made their escape from the Lord of All Evil, Lucifer.

Dean had taken the lead and Sam directly behind him. However, Sam began to slow. His head pounded and his vision swam. It was hard to breathe and hurt to move. After a minute, it was difficult to stand. His energy had been depleted with taking out Lilith and now he had no juice to spare.

Sam slowed down to a walk and then fell to his knees, slumping to the floor unconscious.

Feeling something was terribly wrong, Dean looked back and saw Sam sprawled on the floor a little ways behind him. Heart pounding, Dean felt for a pulse at Sam's neck just to be sure. It was there, but ragged from exhaustion.

"Sam!" Dean slapped at his little brother's face, "Sammy!"

Blue-green eyes blinked open and Sam lifted a hand to his head.

In the next moment, Dean's hand was in the one to his head, pulling him to his feet. They ran hand-in-hand, afraid of losing the other until they broke out of the church to freedom.

They were going to make it.