When Darkness Falls

Bulma quickened her pace down the street. She looked around the street. All she could see was the broken faces of the forgotten souls who sulk in their self pity. Bulma felt the same way, but she wasn't planning to lose herself, like most of the population had. She stopped in front of an old building and entered. The building smelled so musty. Candles dimly lit the room. She dropped the bags she was carrying on the table.

Bulma sighed and headed further in to the building. In the other room, she found her friends. Gohan was sitting on Chi Chi's lap. Piccolo was meditating beside her. Krillin and Yamcha were playing cards. Tien and Choutzou were just sitting there, lost in their own thoughts. Bulma sat down next to 18. She was reading the book Bulma gave her last week. Piccolo opened his eyes and nodded to Bulma, acknowledging her presence. Bulma smiled half heartedly and turned to the blond beside her.

"Hey how is the book?" Bulma asked.

18 looked up at the blue haired woman sitting n ext to her. She folded the corner of the page she was on and closed the book.

"Good. You got good taste Bulma," 18 answered.

"Bulma did you get any groceries?" Chi Chi asked.

Bulma shifted her gaze on to the raven haired woman.

"I did. They are in the other room," Bulma answered.

"What did you get?" Gohan asked.

Bulma got up and walked out of the room. Everyone stopped what they were doing when Bul

ma returned. She dropped the bags on the table where Krillin and Yamcha were playing cards. She started pulling out the contents of the bag. "I got water for Piccolo. Rice cakes for everyone, some fruit, Sake for Krillin and Yamcha, some meat, some supplies for Chi Chi, some chocolate for 18, and for you, Gohan, some chocolate chip cookies," Bulma handed everything out as she spoke.

"Thanks Aunt Bulma!" Gohan exclaimed.

"Bulma how did you get all of this?" Yamcha asked.

"I worked extra hard," Bulma answered, clearly indicating it was the end of the discussion.

Yamcha knew what she meant. Bulma did whatever was necessary to take care of the gang, whether it was selling herself to gain money or working the dirtiest jobs, Bulma would do rather than anyone else. Bulma blamed herself for what happened to Earth. Yamcha sometimes believed that it was her fault too. After all, she brought the evil in to her home.

Two years ago….

Bulma was returning home from her run when she saw something fall from the sky. She ran over to where it crashed to investigate. She discovered some kind of space ship. The door opened and there was someone inside. She moved closer to the ship to see who was inside. A man was covered in blood. He looked like he had been through hell and back. He had hair that defied gravity and was flamed shape. He had a beautiful body that was well built with olive skin. Kami he was gorgeous .What was most interesting was the brown fuzzy tail by the side of his right leg. He opened his eyes and their eyes locked on to one another. His cold, deep obsidian eyes locked on to her soft, warm cerulean eyes. He attempted to get out of the pod, but he collapsed immediately. Bulma put his arm around her shou lders and carried him back to her home a few minutes away.

Vegeta woke up in a bed that he did not recognize. Last he remembered was getting in to a space pod to escape the Colds' home planet before it exploded. Vegeta turned his head and noticed a woman with blue hair and pale skin asleep over a desk. 'So it wasn't a dream,' Vegeta remembered those blue eyes.

Bulma stirred and finally woke up. She turned her head to check the man she found earlier. She noticed he was awake and staring at her once again.

"I'm Bulma," Bulma finally spoke.

"Vegeta," he told her his name.

If only they had known then what type of man he was, things would have been so much different.


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