When Darkness Falls

Vegeta could not believe his ears. Was his woman insane? She must have been, because that was the only rational response to what she was blabbering on about. The Saiyan Prince was astounded by the plan his mate had plotted. All of it was just to get her friends to accept him and his relationship with the blue-haired beauty. Honestly, Vegeta did not care what her Earthling friends thought. She was his and that is all that mattered to the flame-haired Saiyan.

"So what do you think Vegeta?" Bulma asked as she finished her explanation.

Bulma stared into her lover's onyx orbs. She could see that he really did not care either way her friends went, but she just as well knew that he would go ahead with it anyway. He would because it mattered to her, and she mattered to him. But the truth was, Bulma was not sure if her plan would work. There was just too many ifs to forsee the results. Yet she was willing to try anyways. The blue-haired beauty wanted to be able to be with the man she loves, and keep her friendship with the Z gang in tact. And there was only one way Bulma could make that true.

"If Goku comes back to life, I promise never to leave you," Bulma stated with honesty shining in her azure orbs.

Vegeta sighed in defeat. The woman was crazy, but he was not planning on saying no. But didn't she understand that he had an empire to run. That he didn't have the time to go galavanting on a space adventure so he could gain her friend's acceptance. Then a thought occured to the Saiyan monarch. If he did go along with her insane idea, that means he would have months alone with her. A dangerous smirk began to form on his chisled lips. That thought most defintely intrigued him. Especially at the current moment where he could feel his hardened member beneath the thin sheets.

"And these dragonballs will be able to do this?" Vegeta asked.

The dragonballs were a most curious thought to the Saiyan. If they were able to grant any wish, the possibilites were endless. It was a very powerful weapon the Saiyan planned on having.

Meanwhile Bulma nodded her head. Earth's dragonballs had turned to stone permently when Kami and Piccolo fused together to defeat the androids Dr. Gero had created all those years ago. It felt like a lifetime to Bulma. It was those days that Bulma was still in her on again-off again relationship with the former desert bandit, Yamcha. And most importantly, her best friend, Goku Son was still alive and the most powerful warrior on Earth. She felt her crystal eyes begin to water. No, she wasn't going to cry. She had shed more than enough tears already.

"Since Kami was a Namek who created the Dragonballs," Bulma explained, "then I'm sure if we go to the Namekian home planet, there is sure to be another Namekian who created another set of dragonballs."

Vegeta rubbed the sides of his temples. There was no trouble in getting a ship prepared in no time. But he was unsure of where Planet Namek was located. It would be like the earth saying, finding a needle in a hay stack. But a chord was struck in the Saiyan's memory. He had heard of the magical Namekian balls before. But the Saiyan believed it to be just a story.

"Fine, we will head to Namek woman," Vegeta caved.

A wide grin spread a cross the blue-haired woman's face. She wrapped her arms around her lover's neck in a tight hug. She was so grateful to him. Her plan was sure to work. Everything will be so much better with Goku around.

"Thank you Vegeta," she spoke as she moved to look into his onyx eyes.

Suddenly her lips were on his in a passionate embrace. Vegeta quickly dominated the kiss as his tongue tasted her wet mouth, claiming her. Bulma moaned into the kiss and molded her body against his. Both of them knew how eager she got when he took control of things. Vegeta liked to be the dominant one in bed, and Bulma found herself loving to be dominated by him. As she pressed her body closer to his, she could feel his eagerness poking against her thigh. Maybe meeting the gang could wait a couple more hours. They broke the kiss after a while for some much needed air. Both of their eyes were hazy with the lust that currently consumed them.

Vegeta watched as Bulma laid back down on the bed, pushing Vegeta to lean above her. Vegeta smirked and claimed her lips in a searing kiss once more. He was willing to go along with her plan if it meant he never would lose his mate again. That was something he would never accept. Vegeta groaned as Bulma rocked her hips to his aching errection. Yes, the Saiyan monarch loved it when things went according to plan. Bulma was his, and always will be.

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