"Get outta here!"

"Like Hell I am!"

"Dean, GO!"

"I'm the older brother and I'm not leaving you here!"

Already the smoke was thickening and the flames in the next room were approaching through the door.

"Dean, I'm stuck! You can get out of here!"

"I'm not leaving you!"

"Yes--" Sam was cut off by a cough, "--you are!"

"Don't argue with me!"

Dean struggled at clawing the concrete support beam off his brother, but was failing at the effort, "Dammit!" Dean cursed when the beam wouldn't move.

"Dean, please, just go..."

"Sammy, I'm not leaving you here to die so shut your cakehole and help me get this damn thing offa you!" Dean grunted and coughed from the smoke that was filling his lungs.

Was this how his mother felt when she died so many years ago? The smoke choking her and the fire licking through her nightgown to her flesh?

Dean closed his eyes and yanked at the concrete until he thought both of his shoulders were going to dislocate. He could see the flames reaching where Sam was trapped and desperation gave him strength to roll the concrete beam off his brother. He would have cheered if he wasn't scared for his brother's life or coughing so hard.

Dean pulled his brother up, being careful with Sam's smashed arm and dragged him past pockets of fire as the ceiling continued to collapse.

Dean dragged Sam's unconscious body from the building and laid him out.

"Sammy! Sammy, come on!"

His little brother wasn't breathing. Suddenly an ambulance roared to a halt and paramedics rushed out. They led Dean aside and quickly brought Sam Winchester back to life before it was too late.