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"Hey hot guy" Gabriella said as she leaned down to kiss her husband. Troy turned around, leaned up and gave her a kiss back.

"That was my nose cheese fries. Try again." Gabriella said encouragingly. After a few more tries, Troy gave up so Gabriella swept down and placed a kiss on his lips instead.

Troy and Gabriella had met in college. For Gabriella it had been love at first sight. For Troy, it was love when he first heard the sound of her voice.

Troy is blind.

He had been blind since birth. The other children made fun of him in school. He hated it. But what could he do? Soon, with the help of his mother, he learnt to become independent. He stopped coming home crying after school but brought extraordinary report cards instead. He learnt to live.

"What time are you coming home today?" Troy asked Gabriella. Gabriella often worked overtime so they could have more money as Troy could not work. One day, they hope to become parents. When Gabriella worked, Troy would walk across the street to his best friend, Chad's house.

"I'll be home for dinner. I've got a little surprise for you." She said, swooping down to give her husband one last kiss before she left for another long, tiring day at work.

"Relax, Gabriella. I'm sure Troy will take the news well." Ryan said, after noticing Gabriella looking extremely worried.

"Thanks Ryan." Gabriella said, giving Ryan a small smile. Ryan was her best friend at work. He always knew when she wasn't happy and tried to make it easier for her.

As Gabriella got back to her work, Ryan peeked at the stunning lady at the corner of his eye, wishing he was in Troy's place.

Gabriella didn't know it, because he didn't show it. He had feelings for Gabriella, and he knew it was more than just a crush.

"Thanks for everything guys." Troy said, leaning down to give Taylor a hug. He loved going to the Danforths. He always had lots of fun there, singing along with Taylor and Chad and he always hated when he had to go home.

"You sure you can cross the street yourself?" Taylor asked.

"I'm sure. Normal people can cross the street. I won't take more than I will with someone with me."

"Okay. But stop at the edge. I'll look out for cars for you. Hold on for a sec."

Taylor ran back into the house to get a video camera. She knew it was stupid to film a grown man cross the street himself for the first time but Troy always had Gabriella, Chad or herself with him. So in a way, she felt, it was an achievement. She knew Troy would create a big fuss if he knew what she was doing but she did it anyway.

As Taylor watched from the front door, Troy slowly made his way down the steps. Taylor looked down the street and saw no cars. "You can cross now Troy." She shouted.

Troy gingerly stepped down from the curb, holding his stick out in front of him. He slowly made his way to the other side.

Suddenly, a car rounded the bend at an extremely fast speed. The driver widened his eyes in shock when he saw Troy and slammed on the brakes but even before Taylor could run down the steps and push Troy away, the car hit him.

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