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By: Tech-Man

"Your pelt shall adorn the foot of my bed, whelp." Skulker announced raising his left arm as the mechanical suit reconfigured itself into an ecto-cannon of unusual design. "This new cannon should prove wonderful against your pathetic hide," he mocked sending several shots directly at Danny Phantom.

Danny dodged as many of the small energy blasts as he could. He felt the burn as the energy missed his right ear. "You'll have to do much better than that if you actually want to provide me with a challenge."

"Ghost child, you have not seen anything," Skulker returned pressing a small red button on the cannon. Leveling the device directly at Danny's chest he allowed the energy to gather before releasing a single massive shot.

"Wow, you are completely lame," Danny laughed allowing himself to go intangible while remaining visible. Proudly he stood watching as the glowing mass of energy approached.

The force of the impact blew Danny Backwards. He could smell the acidic smell of burning hair and flesh as the mass of ectoplasm attempted to push its way through his body. He remained as intangible as possible falling through the buildings. In a last push of strength of will he managed to go invisible, using his blurry vision to guide himself to Sam's house.

Skulker switched to his infrared vision attempting to locate the disabled ghost child. "You can not escape from me. I will find you," Skulker roared to the skies above Amity Park. He looked down at his new cannon. 'Plasmius was correct this worked like a charm,' he thought before disappearing altogether.

Samantha known as Sam to those who wished to continue living had just settling down in her huge bed. Her room was huge with a bigger than King size bed sitting against the far wall. She had a set of double glass doors that led off to a balcony, one she, Danny, and Tucker enjoyed sitting on letting their feet dangle off the edge. She had started wearing a deep purple nightshirt to bed. It was easier and less embarrassing then some of the things she used to wear, and with Danny showing up for patch-up duty she needed something a little less revealing. With it she almost blended into her comforter. Sliding the facemask into place and grabbing a hold of her favorite pillow she slowly started drifting off to sleep.

The air began to cool as Danny entered Sam's room. Before he could stop himself he lost control and fell changing from superhero Danny Phantom into plain Danny Fenton. The sudden impact on the floor jarred Sam awake emitting a very un-Sam like squeal. She tore the mask off snapping the thin elastic band. The sight of her unconscious and severely battered best friend lying on the ground halted her reaction. "Danny," she screamed jumping out of bed any shyness forgotten in the moment. "Danny, are you alright?" she asked reaching down and carefully turning him over.

She pulled her hands away covered in blood. His chest had the appearance of freshly tilled soil. There were places that Danny's ribs showed through and the steady stream of dark red blood leaking out seemed to do nothing more than reinforce the concept she needed to get him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Moving faster than she ever thought possible she went to her phone calling 911. "This is Amity Park 911 operator, how may I assist you?" an almost monotone voice came over the speaker.

Sam's worry turned to fury in an instant at the operator for her apparent lack of concern. "I have a friend here that just survived a major ghost attack. I want paramedics over here this instant," she screamed into the phone.

Sam's urgency leaking into the operator, "Okay miss, I need your address. What is the condition of the victim?" Sam answered silently praying for him to be okay. The fire and police showed up almost immediately. "Because of the family name no doubt," she thought to herself as they placed Danny on a stretcher and began moving him out to the waiting ambulance.

It was pure luck that her parents had left that evening for an unexpected visit to Europe. They would have freaked out about Danny being in their daughter's room so late at night, but the site of him would have really made them loose their minds. Sam watched from her front porch as the ambulance raced down the street its siren screaming a piercing moan, one that echoed in her own heart.

Her grandmother had purchased a small bike several years ago and had given it to her for her eighteenth birthday. After a quick shower to get the blood off she raced to the garage and revved it up speeding down the awaking street as the first rays of sunlight begin to chase away the darkness. The hospital was new; a ghost fight had destroyed the old one pretty thoroughly. The new facility was state of the art. It housed one of the best trauma units in the country. Sam was immensely grateful for that right this moment.

The street and other cars melting into nothing as her need to be by Danny increased. Turning the final corner she shot up the ramp that led to the hospital's parking garage. Throwing down the bike Sam raced through the halls heading for the emergency room.

She reached the emergency room, looking frantically around for any sign of Danny. She caught a glimpse of black hair being moved on to an elevator. "Excuse me," Sam asked snagging a passing nurse, "Where could I find Daniel Fenton?"

The nurse took in the panicked girl and answered simple, "They are moving him to the ICU, and you won't be able to visit him for a couple of hours. They have to perform emergency surgery on Mr. Fenton. If you want to wait here I will be glad to come and get you when you can see him. Reluctantly Sam settled into a chair in the far corner of the sterile waiting room. The place was full of different people with different problems. She reached into her pocket glad that she had remembered to grab her cell phone and called Tucker.

One short conversation and twenty minutes later Tucker strode through the doors of the emergency room. "Is he alright," Tucker asked taking a seat next to Sam, his trademark beret sitting sideways on his head.

"They haven't told me anything yet. I know that he has been in the operating room for the last hour and they show no signs of coming out." Sam brushed her hand through her hair a nervous habit she had decided to adopt within the last half hour. Tucker settled back into the chair pulling out his PDA and involving him self in some game he had just recently acquired.

"Tick, tock, tick, tock," the clock seemed to exist strictly for the purpose of tormenting Sam. "Tucker, I am going for a walk. You will call me as soon as you know something," she said heading for the exit.

'Sam, he will be alright,' she thought to herself taking advantage of the new jogging track recently installed at the hospital. 'He will be okay and you can finally tell him how you really feel. He will be okay. He will be okay. He will be okay,' she kept repeating making continuous ovals. Finally she stopped slamming her fists down at her side. "This is not like you Samantha Manson. You will compose yourself and go back and wait for the nurse to advise you of Danny's condition," she said aloud to herself startling the couple sitting on the side of the track.

With timing that never seems possible until it happens. Sam walked through the emergency room doors and was met by the same nurse who had promised to alert her to any changes.

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