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Stronger Than That

By: Tech-Man

Danny continued to push as much of his power into his speed as was possible. The scenery around him made it appear that his wasn't even moving. The only indication that he was moving was his energy trail. Similar to the trail of a jet that's flying showing the path of the plane; Danny was leaving a trail of ectoplasm as he pushed himself faster and faster. 'What am I missing?" Danny thought as he pushed and pushed, the hazy green background never showing any sign of his passing.

A small speck appeared on the horizon. At first Danny didn't know what to think as he adjusted his course to intercept it. The small speck began to grow in size as he approached. Before long the tiny speck loomed over the horizon filling Danny's entire field of view. Danny stopped, looking over the enormous structure that stood before him. It resembled an old medieval castle with a huge iron gate stood before him; the only entrance in the massive stone wall. A series of towers and spires stretched as far into the sky as he could see.

Slowly, Danny floated towards the gate feeling the usual tingle as he willed himself to become intangible, and without a second thought he began moving towards the gate. As ghostly flesh contacted the ancient looking iron a searing pain lanced through Danny's arm bringing him to his knees; a yelp of pain escaping his mouth before he could shut it. Looking at his hand the silver glove that normally covered it was burned and pealing relieving the singed flesh underneath.

The sound of metal scraping on stone brought Danny out of his own pain. Looking up, the giant gate began slowly lifting into the wall over head as a young lady in a cerulean dress approached. Danny watched her approach; her eyes captivating him. Something familiar swirled beneath the surface of her green eyes. He would have sworn he knew her if it weren't for the fact that he could never forget a face like that. Her dark green eyes and porcelain skin seemed to almost glow with an inward power.

"The castle repels uninvited guests," she said as she came to a stop directly in front of Danny cutting his thought process short. "It has been a very long time since I have been graced with co…" She stopped short seeing Danny's hand as he cradled it to his chest. "Please come with me," she instructed turning smartly on her heel the cerulean dress billowing out behind her.

"Where is this place?" Danny asked straining to keep up with the young girls brisk pace.

She, however, never faulted in her stride keeping the pace with apparent ease. "You are in my home," she answered simply turning a corner and opening the first door on the left.

The place could have been called barren from what Danny could see as he made his way through what he now understood to be the foyer. The hall he now stood in was completely different covered in paintings and tapestries that looked to be centuries old. A small, "wow" escaped his mouth as Danny continued to hurry after the young lady.

She finally came to a stop outside a huge set of double doors. The fine oak finish looked to be well taken care of. Reaching out with both hands the young lady pushed and with little effort the two gigantic doors swung inward.

The room beyond was like nothing Danny could have ever imagined. The stone floor was covered with rugs of the most ornate design he could imagine. The walls held paintings of various scenes of nature and people. Along the far wall a massive fire place roared spreading its warmth around. Above the mantel of the fireplace a large portrait of a handsome looking older man. His hair beginning to show his age as the gray crept in. He was wearing a long flowing dark blue robe his arms held protectively around a small child. Her dark brown hair held high in a ponytail; a light smile graced her lips as she looked up at him. The rest of the room was decorated with chairs and couches of various sizes; enough to accommodate a large group

"This place is beautiful," Danny said in a low voice. His gaze continued to move about the room before once again settling on the young woman standing before him. His eyes seemingly of their own will traced the shape of her face, the smooth couture of her jaw, before arriving on those green eyes. Before Danny could become embarrassed at staring at the girl she commanded him to sit in one of the more comfortable looking chairs.

"Please, let me see your hand," she said reaching out with delicate fingers. Danny slowly moved his injured hand into her grasp; it was firmer than he would have imagined. With precisely controlled movements she began to pull back the charred pieces of the glove. The pain was suddenly gone when her hand touched his.

Holding his hand with her left she carefully brought her right and held it just above the burn. A light blue light began to emanate from her palm, and a soothing sensation covered his entire hand. As soon as she had started she released his hand. Danny looked down at the now healed skin of his hand. "Thanks," he barely said marveling at the skill it must take to heal that kind of damage.

"I trust you will not attempt to further invade my home without my permission," she said standing and moving towards a large cabinet located need to fire place.

Danny stumbled for an excuse for his actions, "I didn't know anyone was home." 'Wow, Danny, what kind of lame excuse is that,' he silently cursed himself.

Turning around she made her way back towards him a cup in each hand. "I will take it on faith that you are not opposed to a cup of hot chocolate," she said handing Danny a steaming cup.

"Thanks," Danny commented dryly. "What's your name?" he blurted out.

Stopping the cup just before it touched her lip she slowly lowered it back locking her eyes with Danny's. "My name is Angela, but that is really not important. What is important is why you have decided to intrude upon my solitude Mr. Phantom. I do not have many guests and even fewer in the last few centuries. So do tell me Mr. Phantom; how did you come to penetrate my world?" Lifting the cup once again to her lips she took a sip before leveling her eyes again at Danny.

Nervously Danny took a huge gulp of the hot chocolate and immediately wished he hadn't as the hot liquid seared his throat. "Well, I...I don't really know," Danny choked out. Danny filled her in on his battle with Skulker and his run in with Guide.

At the mention of Guide, Angela's mouth curved into a slight smile catching Danny's attention. "Ah, well that would explain quite a bit of your current predicament then wouldn't it?"

"I don't understand," Danny said taking a moment to locate the table next to the chair and sit his cup down.

Carefully Angela sat the cup down on a stand next to her chair. Leaning in as you would to explain something to a child she began, "The one you know as guide has been my counterpart within this realm for the better part of a millennia. We used to work as a team providing counsel to those who deserved the wisdom that we could impart." Leaning back she arranged herself into the chair folding her hands in her lap. "For the last several hundred years however we have not spoken. I erected the barrier that you are familiar with as a method of keeping 'Guide' out. There are only two methods of gaining access that I am aware of. Either your need is great enough that you move yourself into this dimension or Guide or myself bring you here. Tell me Mr. Phantom, why would he want you here?"

Danny stared at the young girl before him. His mind was having trouble understanding this latest revelation. "First of all, call me Danny. I have absolutely no idea why he brought me here. I was battling the ghost hunter and in the middle of the battle I got hit with one of his new toys and next thing I knew I was waking up in a small room."

"Well, it is safe to say that this 'ghost hunter's' weapon had nothing to do with you being brought here." Closing her eyes she took a deep breath holding it for a moment before slowly exhaling. "I see that you do not consider yourself a ghost or a human. If you are not one or the other than what are you?"

"I'm a halfa, you know, half ghost and half human. Like guide said, "Half alive and half dead." Danny's mouth turned down into a slight frown at the last before pulling up into a sad looking sideways grin.

A small chuckle escaped between tight lips. "Therein lays the problem that would make you of interest to Guide. Have you figured out where you are yet? Or more importantly why you are here?"

A look of complete confusion crossed Danny's features. "Well, Guide said that we were both in the ghost-zone and in the real world. He said that I was here to figure something out and that it was up to me to determine why I was here. He also told me that this place is influenced entirely by my subconscious." Danny's rapid fire responses left him almost out of breath.

"I see, well where shall I begin? You are in a dimension that crosses into both the ghost-zone, as you call it, and the world of the living. It is a place that only the most desperate of people come. However a word of caution, he was correct in that you are here to discover a truth within yourself, and if you should fail in that search," a wicked smile graced Angela's face, "our duet will become a trio."

Danny's face maintained a blank look a moment longer before his eyes widened in terror. "You mean I'll be trapped here?"

"Yes, as Guide was before me."

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