It's been six-teen years since Link the Hero of time had defeated Ganondorf and rescued the Princess Zelda. You would think they would live happily ever after wouldn't you, but that is not the case. For you see the king of Hyrule announced that Princess Zelda was to betrothed to a neighboring prince. So Hyrule would have a stronger front in case someone tried to attack them like Ganondorf did. Heart broken by the news Link exiled himself from the castle and headed back to the Kokiri Forest. Where he spent the past six years living his life and trying desperately trying to forget Zelda with little successes, till one day. Link was in the lost woods gathering fire wood when all of sudden his triforce started to glow. It shined a brilliant light that blinded our hero for moment. When he regained his sight the goddess Farore stood before him.

"What has been troubling you these past six years my son? You hardly leave the forest except to ride Epona and pratice your skills with the Gorons."

"It's just that I don't feel like I belong in Hyrule castle since my task was fulfilled a lifetime ago, and that the Princess has no more need of me since she will marry the Prince from Gondineum."

"I see so you feel that there are no more adventures for you have since your previous life was full of them. Very well my son I shall send you to another dimension where you will have your fill of adventure, and to heal a broken heart as well." With that she gave him a wink and waved her hands over his head and he was cast off into the sky. "Just remember to give the Headmaster my regards."

Link was unconscious in the middle of a strange looking forest where the trees were all dead and there where tombstones and skulls all over. He awoke when he felt the gentle nudge of his trusty horse Epona.

"Hey Girl where did Farore send us for our new adventures?" asked Link as he checked her saddle bags and make sure he was fully equipped, he had his Hylian shield, bomb bag, boomerang, bow and arrows, hook shot, and mirror shield. But what surprised him the most was when saw the Master Sword in it's sheath hanging from the saddle horn, with a scroll attached to it. Link grabbed the scroll and read it. 'Link since your on your way too new adventures I thought it be best if I gave you your rightful sword so you can protect the innocent and beat back evil in this new world. Take care my son and know if you ever need my guidance just say my name in you mind and I'll appear.' Link rolled up the scroll and stuffed it into Epon's saddlebag. Then strapped the Master Sword to his back and road off toward his new adventure. He reach the group of building that looked like a rundown school, a man was in white robes that reminded him of some type of priest.

"Welcome Hero of Time I'm the Headmaster of Youkai Academy, the goddess Faeroe has asked me to enroll you in my school since you think your role as Hero of Time has come to an end. I believe you will do fine here since you have had experience in not one but two grand adventures (referring to the events of the Ocarina of time, and Majora's Mask). But enough small talk, we have a stable where your horse will be kept and protected and you have a dorm room and school cloths waiting for you in the male dormitory. Since this is a school weapons are banned with exceptions of your sword of course, you may have that with you at all time, for your personal protection." Said the Headmaster as he walked next to Epona toward the dormitories.

"Thank you sir but what do you mean my protection, if this is a school how can I be in any danger? Asked Link as he looked around seeing all the normal looking students coming and going on their way to class.

"Well you see Hero of Time this is a school for Monsters trying to coexist in the human world. They get a proper human education and learn how to live with them and not just attack them when they feel like it." Link stopped Epona a while back when he heard the Headmaster say it's a school of monsters.

"Your saying that every student I see is a monster in disguise, and that they're learning to live peacefully in the human world."

"That is correct but don't worry once they see your skill with your blade, most will certainly think twice in attacking you. After all you Hylians are born with magic-infused blood, so you have more in common with witches and wizards then real humans. That is also why I'm letting you keep your sword with you, so have some protection. You see even though witches and wizards are technically monsters, the other monsters think of them as a mix breed and are cruel to them more then any other monsters." The Headmaster showed him where the stables where, which where a right next to the dormitory. As soon as Epona was settled in Link unsaddled her and brought it up to his room that was at the third story, with an oak tree right next to his windows. As Link settled in, he emptied all his saddlebags and put all his weapons under his bed and his hung his shields on the wall with some hooks the Headmaster gave him.

"Now Link I know you just settled in but since classes have started a week ago I was hoping to have you enroll in classes no sooner by tomorrow. Your school uniform is in your draws, there is also a map of the school and backpack full of the books that you need, and I've even got you some school supplies. I really do hope you enjoy your time here and work hard on your studies so you can become a finer man then you where in your other time line." With that the Headmaster bid his farewell and left, leaving Link settled in. The next morning he awoke at the crack of dawn like always, he made his bed and took a quick shower then put on his new uniform, which fitted him perfectly. He loved the color of it the most, (being that it was green) and headed for his homeroom. He was a little late since he got lost on the way their, but when he reached it his homeroom teacher made him announce himself to the whole class.

"Now Link why don't you tell us a few things about your self."

"Alright well I'm Link, I'm a Hylian from the kingdom of Hyrule where I was know as the Hero of time for saving the whole kingdom from an evil dark lord." Before he could go any further Komiya Saizou shouted at him.

"Hold on a minute you say you're from the kingdom of Hyrule, isn't that a human world?"

"It is but if I may continue~" Link couldn't get another word out as about half the men in the class lunge at Link including Saizou. Undaunted by the surprise attack Link pulled out his sword and in quick session parried and blocked all there would be attacks. "As I was saying my race in endued with magic so that would make me a wizard/monster."

All of sudden all the girls in the class where fangirling over Link and calling him to come sit next to them.

"Every settle down, Link would please have a set behind Moka Akashiya. Ohhh by the way weapons are forbidden so you will have to leave that in your dorm room." Said Shizuka Nekonome, as Link pulled out a piece of paper showing it to her.

" I have full permission from the Headmaster to carry my sword any where on campus." He put the paper back into his backpack and slipped into the desk behind Moka.

"Hello Welcome to Youkai Academy I'm Akashiya Moka it's a pleasure meeting yo~"

"Out of the way pinky hi their I'm Kurumu Kurono but you can call me Kurumu-chan, sweet heart, or lover I go by all of them." Kurumu shoved Moka aside and grabbed Links arm and started to press her massive breast in his chest.

"Kurumu do you have to do this to every boy I say hi too?"

"Of course where rivals after all, besides I'm a succubus alluring men to me is what I do best." She then turned her head toward Link and started to charm him. Link looked right back into her eyes and smiled.

"If your going to charm me you will have to do better then that we Hylians are immune to charms." Link looked back over at Moka. "Say Moka-chan if we have the same classes could you help me get around this place is a bit confusing."

"Alright." Replied a blushing Moka as the homeroom bell rang, Link grabbed his bag and sword as Moka lead the way to his first class. Leaving Kurumu not believing her charm had failed her for the first time since coming to Youkai Academy.