Moka and Zelda where heading back to the boys dormitories arm in arm.

"Come on Link can't you keep up with us I mean Moka and I only won a few little items and bough a couple of necklaces and jewelry." Farther behind Link was carrying two huge stuffed animals one a bat, the other a cute bear, and about a dozen or so some boxes filled with all sorts of jewelry and trinkets.

"A few things you call this, I say you almost bought out every booth in the festival and why are we heading back to my dormitory?"

"That's very simples Link where heading back their so Zelda and I can change into our evening gowns, and to have you put on a fashion show for Zelda so she can see all the wonderful outfits I picked out for you."

"You mean I got to put on all those cloths again."

"Yes, Link you do and if you do it without complaining you can watch me and Zelda get dressed into our evening gowns. That is if it's all right with you Zelda."

"Ohhh I don't mind Link seeing me naked at all I mean I've seen him naked a few quick time isn't that right Link." Zelda winks and gives a little wicked grin at him.

"Since when you see him naked?" inquired Moka as she looked over at Link who was hurrying up with all the bags and stuffed animals.

"Hmmmm let me see I just ditched my royal guards since I wanted to go out riding and went into the Koroki forest to see Link in his tree house when I saw him naked on his bed fast asleep.

"You didn't do anything too him did you Zelda?" A shocked Moka asked as her new best friend was telling her story on seeing Link naked and fast asleep.

"Well, if you must know I was a bit horny and I just couldn't help my self so I. Zelda leaned over and whispered into Moka's ear." Moka's eyes expanded and her mouth hung open.

"You did not! You did that and he thought it was the best dream he ever had. But if he did that wouldn't you have become pregnant?" Quickly asking Moka for more info on the what happened.

"Nope, for I know this certain spell that will keep me UN-fertile till I choose to have a child, so I could do him all day long and never get knocked up. But what about you Moka do you protect your self in some way as well?" Asked Zelda as she and Moka entered Link's dorm room and had a seat at his round table.

"Well, to be honest Zelda, Vampires can't get pregnant that easy. You see only from a Vampire that is much more power then me could ever hope to knock me up. Not even the Hero of time is that powerful." As she grinned, and looking up at Link as he put all the packages on the table, giving her a glaring look.

"You know I did hear that Moka and I so have you know I could take on and beat any vampire you put in front of me, even your eldest sister who is supposed to be here in like three hours so said in her letter to you." Zelda looked over at Moka to ask about her, but she saw how tense Moka got at the mention of her eldest sister.

"Moka do you and your sister not get along?" inquired Zelda looking concerned at her with sympathetic eyes.

"You could say that ever since I could remember I just know my eldest sister has scared and shook me to my core. For she is the strongest and fastest of all my sisters." Before she could go into any more detail Link came to her side putting a hand on her shoulder, as she look up at him he gave her that knowing grin that everything will be fine and he was here to support her and aid her in her dealing with her eldest sister. "Humph you always know what to do to make me confident in my self don't you Link, even without words I know you will fight by my side to the end even if it means your death." With a simple nod and stern look was all that was need to say as he went over to dresser and started to rummage through them to put on some of the cloths she picked out for him.

"Moka I will help to if you ask and so will the sages for if you sister is that bad as you say we can all help each other. That's what the sages are trying to do with the different races of Hyrule so I can possibly get out of this forced marriage with the Prince and come back home to Hyrule." As Zelda told her what there plan was Link's ears perked up as he pulled out a navy blue button down shirt and some khaki pants.

"Hmmmm don't you even think of dumping her if that happens mister you decided to be her boy friend and I would not take you back if you dumped her just come back to me even though it would fill me up with so much joy to be in your arms again. But I will not trade my happiness for another one's misery you hear me LINK." Moka was amazed that such a women was next to her,

'She would sacrifice her own happiness just so another would not be heart broken if Link dumped me to be with his rightful mate. Such an honorable person she is, that is a sign that she will make a great Queen and ruler one day.'

"Ok ok I get Z I promise I won't dump Moka if your father agrees to back out of you marring Prince Asshole. Oww! What the hell was that for?" inquired the young hero.

"That was for calling him an asshole you know you should show more respect to royalty then that."

"Ohhhh really well what about those time I whooped your ass in sparring Princess." While he came up behind Zelda and rubbed her butt teasingly as Moka watched on seeing the two old lovers flirting with each. Knowing they still did care for one another very much, and probably would still be together if it was not for the arrange marriage.

"Hmph well you certain have manage to delay us long enough so you did not have to put on a fashion show Link. Since it is almost a quarter too five, And me and Moka have to get change into our evening wear."

"Ohhhh geez it's that time already time sure does fly by when I'm entertaining two of my favorite girls." Said the grinning hero who still had Zelda in his arms tickling her, as she was defenseless to stop him. But secretly loved and missed this part about her true love and hero.

"I'm sure it is Link but since you wormed your way out of putting on a show for us that mean Moka and I will be going back to her dormitory to get change and ready and I want my Hero properly dressed in front of the girls Dormitory at six o'clock sharp. Ohhh and bring Epona with you, I want my hero to look his most dashing when he comes to pick us up and escort us up to the dinner." Winked Zelda as she and Moka left Links room to go get ready for the dinner and dancing in the Hyrule Princesses honor.

"So tell me Moka are you surprised a Princess like me would steal our lovers first time with him knowing about it Hmmmm?"

"To be honest I am quite surprised I thought a Princess where suppose to be noble and regal?"

"Ohhhh don't get me wrong I was like that when I was younger but a certain Hero had some bad intentions rubbed on me and I've been getting a bit more daring and naughty these past few years. Not that I ever did it with him while he was awake I think I would have feinted back then. But now that I'm older and a bit more mature I would love to be with him just once before I'm wedded off to Prince Rynrd. Ohhh but like I said he's your boy friend now so I would never dream of doing anything with him."

"Hmmm well then I guess I'll just have to give you my permission to screw or favorite hero then" Replied Moka as she opened the boys dormitory doors and exited outdoors leaving a stunned Zelda standing still. Coming out of being shocked she walked briskly to catch too Moka to explain herself.

Trotting up to the girls dormitory on Epona Link was not wearing his traditional outfit or school uniform, but instead he is wearing a forrest green shirt with gold stitching over his chest in the shape of the triforce, his pants are beige with a thick belt holding the scabber of the master sword, the boots where black and polished to a mirror shine, draping over his shoulders was cloak of a blueish-greenish color, and toping off his attire his trusty cap he always wore no matter the occasion. Coming to a halt in front of the girls dormitory he climbed off of Epona and waited for the girls to come out. Our Hero did not have to wait long with first Moka coming out of the girls dormitory wearing a long deep red dress that was strapless top showing off her bare shoulders and arms, and a slit up her legs all the way up to her lower thighs, and her hair was up in a bun with to sticks holding it in place. Zelda on the other hand was in a royal gown of blues purple and pink, with a jewel incrusted tiara with her hair let down ending about half way down her back

"Wow you girls look amazing I'm really glad I could escort both of you to the dinner, now if you ladies would hurry up and get on Epona I'll escort both of you to the Headmaster's home."

"Why thank you our Hero your such a gentle man." Taking Link's hand Zelda climbed up on Epona and sat sidesaddle holding the reins and waited for Moka to join her. Once they where on her, there hero took the reins from Zelda and walked next to Epona leading them to the Head Master's home. Which was set back deep into the forest away from the school. Upon reaching the Head Master's home was a few of the student police members stand on either side of the stairs leading up to the front entrance.

"Well, where here ladies I hope your ride was pleasant and enjoyable, and you two got along well." Before either girl could respond the was a loud tire screech, as Kurumu Mizore, Yakuari, Ruby, and all the sages gathered around Zelda, Moka and Link who was walking in front of Epona Drawing the Master Sword from his sheath on his right hip. All the girls gathered on either side of him getting ready for if the person in the limo was going to attack or behave.

"Sages we may have to do battle with a very strong vampire, if she does not behave for this party so be on guard and heed Links commands."

Of Course will listen to his commands he's our one and only hero and a fellow blood brother of us Gorons. Said Darunia who started to crack his knuckles and had a smile that seemed like he would enjoy testing his strength against that of a vampire. He had no fear of their fangs for Goron skin is as hard as Granite and only diamond tipped weapons could even have the slightest chance of piercing their skin.

The Limo stopped and the driver got out, walking around to the back door opening and holding out his hand for an elegant women in a ball gown climbed out.

"Imouto how good it is to see you it has been truly too long I've missed you so much." The tan skinned women skipped right up to Moka, Link stepped in from of her to stop her approach and was smacked up into the sky with lightning quick speed. The strange women gave Moka I gentle yet firm hug. As the shocked Moka held up her hand to stop everyone from attacking her at once.

"Ahhh Onee-chan I thought Akua onee-chan was coming instead of you?" questioned Moka as Link came sprinting back with fire in his eyes after being literally bitch smacked.

"Ohhh that I wrote the letter my self I thought it be fun to play a little prank on you for I know you two have had your problems in the past, but come there is a party and I love parties." Taking Moka by the hand she skipped up the stairs and headed inside.