Characters are OCC and are not cannon pairings. Story starts out in May 2009.

**** Please read the character development below to fully understand each person and the storyline.*****

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story line. The wonderful characters all belong to the amazing Stephanie Meyer. Football stats for Emmett and Jasper are based on the real college stats of David Pollack, Defensive End and David Green, Quarterback, both former UGA football players. A few of the dates have been changed in order to fit my timeline in this story.


Isabella Carlie McCarty: Born September 13, 1982 now age 27. Standing at 5'4" tall and weighting 110 pounds, she is the only child of Renee and Phil McCarty. Renee was a stay at home mom and Phil is now the QB Coach for the Seattle Seahawks. Phil is a retired NFL quarterback who is also UGA alumni. The family is VERY rich, but doesn't flaunt it. Bella has a degree in Culinary Arts with a Specialty in Baking and French Pastries from the Art Institute of Atlanta. She is also part owner of Creative Confections with Edward Masen, her best friend. Bella has been married to Emmett Cullen for 4 years and they are expecting their first child on October 31st. Bella is not clumsy in any way and LOVES to wear heels. She is a HUGE football fan; of course she is married to a retired pro player. She calls the baby her little QB.

Edward Anthony Masen: Born June 21, 1981 now age 28. Only child of Elizabeth and Charles Masen. Family comes from very old money, but Edward has had to make his own way with a little help from his mother. His father past away when he was 15. His mother owns Masen Designs, a custom dessert bakery in New York City. Liz mentored Bella 2003. He helped Bella open her bakery in Seattle in 2006 after they both graduated. Edward has a certificate from the Culinary Academy in New York as a Professional in Pastry and Baking Arts. He met Bella while she was working with his mother and they have been best friends ever since. Part owner in Creative Confections with Bella. Edward is a single gay man who is a little on the girly side. He doesn't flaunt that he is gay, but is always dressed to the nines and has had his heart broken one too many times to let anyone else in.

Alice Elizabeth Cullen: Born February 28, 1982. Adopted by Esme and Carlisle Cullen on March 1, 1982. She jokes that Emmett is her twin because they share a birthday, but the size difference is the real kicker. Alice stands at 4'11" tall and only weights 90 pounds, compared to her brother's 6'6" 310 pound body Her size has earned her the nicknames of Tink and Pixie. Design major in both Graphic and Fashion from the Art Institute of Atlanta where she met Bella. She is also Emmett's sister and jokes that he is her twin because they were born on the same day in two different states. She grew up in rural Georgia but prefers the city life. Alice of course is daddy's little girl and always gets what she wants, almost. She introduced Bella to Emmett at a Georgia game in 2002. Emmett was a sophomore working on a double major while playing ball. Alice is engaged to Rosalie Whitlock and the two are getting married on May 23. Alice designs paint schemes for the cars Rose re-stores, she also have a fashion line, Retro Pixie, she sales in the lobby area of Rose's garage. Alice designs are casual everyday clothes with a retro 80's flare.

Emmett Matthew Cullen: Born February 28, 1982. Also adopted by Esme and Carlisle Cullen on March 2, 1982. He is a 2004 graduate and former defensive end for University of Georgia with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Literature. He is one of the only players to garner All-American honors three consecutive years and was the 2004 AP SEC Defensive Player of the Year. Standing at 6'6" and weighing 310 he towers over his wife Bella, who is only 5'4". After he blew out his knee during his rookie year for the Seahawks he was unable to return to his beloved game. He is now sportscaster for the Seattle Seahawks and he helps out at the bakery with the deliveries. He was introduced to Bella by his sister at the Georgia/ Vanderbilt game in 2002 and it was love at first sight. He proposed one year later on the 50 yard line at Tennessee during half time. They were married a year later in Sanford Stadium at half time during homecoming. And yes he was in his uniform, dirt, grass stains and all; Bella wouldn't had it any other way. He is VERY excited about becoming a daddy and calls the baby his little linebacker.

Rosalie Samantha Whitlock: Born July 4, 1981 just 3 minutes before Jasper. Standing at 5'9" tall and weighting 128 pounds, she is the only daughter of Rebecca and Samuel Whitlock. University of Texas graduate who holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and owns a garage by the name of Rosie's which opened in 2005. She does general engine work and oil changes but specializes in classic muscle cars. In the process of restore a 1980 Porsche 911 for Alice as a wedding gift. Oil tycoon family from very old money and received a very large trust fund on her 21st birthday which she used to open her shop.

Jasper Samuel Whitlock: Born July 4, 1981 and is 3 minutes younger than Rose. He is a former Auburn University Quarterback and has a degree in art with a minor in art history. He was named SEC Offensive Rookie of the Year after the 2002 season, and was the 2003 Offensive Player of the Year for The Southeastern Conference. In 2004, he made 214 consecutive pass attempts without an interception, a record that still stands for SEC quarterbacks. Whitlock finished his college career as the winningest quarterback in NCAA Division I history with 42 wins in four years, eclipsing the record previously held by Peyton Manning. He is the Southeastern Conference all-time career leader in yards gained with 11,270. Jasper is moving to Seattle to open his own tattoo parlor and already has a location for his shop with an apartment above it. He purchased the building out right and has had it renovated by a locale contracting firm. Alice handled the decorating of his apartment. He started out tattooing by apprenticing under the supervision of Paul Rhodes in his shop 3 years ago and was hired on full time 6 months after he started. He is also a single gay man, but you would never know by looking at him. Standing at 6'6" tall and 195 he still looks like he did in college only now he is sporting several tattoos, a tongue ring and both of his nipples are pieced. He also received his trust fund at the age of 21 and has only used it to get Jazz Ink up and running.