Summary: Just why was Hermione so upset after the Yule Ball…the boys may think its just hormones, but it is actually something much deeper.

A/N(Again): This story includes rape, violence, and…possibly attempted suicide. The chapters may be short and the fic will…eventually, become HG/SS (Not sure if it will be romantically or just a friendship yet.) Please go gentle on me…this is only my second piece with anything sexual.

Chapter One: The Yule Ball…What Really Happened.

Hermione Granger smiled as she watched her date, Viktor, walk over to the punch table to retrieve them both drinks. She noticed Harry and Ron sitting at a table looking miserable and sighed, sitting across from them. "Hot, isn't it?" she asked, trying to stir up conversation. Not getting a reply from either boy, she attempted again. "Viktor's gone to get us drinks. Would you care to join us?" she asked.

Ron growled, his face reddening. "No! No, we would not like to join you and…Viktor," he spat.

Hermione opened her mouth to speak again when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Viktor smiling down at her. She returned the gesture and took the glass of pumpkin juice, sipping it lightly.

"Potter, Veasley…" he greeted, taking Hermione's hand in his own large one. He looked at his girlfriend and smiled, blushing lightly. "Shall ve take a valk?" he asked.

Hermione glared at Ron then nodded. "That sounds lovely, Viktor," she said, following Viktor as he led her out of the hall.

Viktor took her glass and threw them out as they left, heading towards the front doors. "Viktor…its almost curfew…we're not supposed to leave the castle." Hermione said.

Viktor stopped and turned to face her. "Her-mi-oh-ninny," he sighed. "Vhy not take a risk?" he asked. He bit his lip before leaning down and kissing her gently on the lips.

Hermione blushed, sparks of fire flying throughout her body. "Perhaps a quick walk around the lake," she agreed.

Viktor smiled broadly and led her outside. He led her to the far side of the lake before Viktor stopped. He sat next to the lake and pulled her into his lap, playfully. Hermione giggled. "Viktor!" she cried. "We're supposed to be going for a quick walk…no detours!" she teased.

Viktor leaned in and kissed her again. Hermione's heart was beating a thousand miles per hour as she stared up at him. Biting her lip, she leaned up to press her lips against his once more. Viktor's hand found its way to the small of her back, and he rubbed small circles into it as he deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into Hermione's mouth. He enjoyed that she was still slightly clumsy. He had been her first kiss, and he enjoyed teaching her the little tricks like tilting her head and how to avoid scraping teeth.

After a few minutes, Viktor's hand found the zipper of her fancy dress. He pulled the zipper down completely, and Hermione pulled away, slightly fearful. He had kissed her plenty of times, and she had allowed him to touch her a few, but never under her clothes…she was reserved and scared.

Hermione looked up at him questioningly, but he claimed her lips again roughly and pulled her dress completely off, leaving her in a red lacey pair of knickers. Her dress was designed so she did not wear a bra with it. Hermione pulled quickly from the kiss and covered herself frantically. "Viktor…" she cried, her face red and tears in her eyes.

Viktor smiled reassuringly. "No fear, my love…I vill not hurt you…" he promised. "Let me see you…you are beautivul." He placed his hand upon hers, wanting her to remove them from her body.

Hermione's face was completely red, feeling his hands on her own. She looked down and let her hands fall from her breasts, unable to look at him.

Viktor smiled. "Gorgeous…" he said, quietly, his eyes studying her. He moved a gentle but calloused hand to her breast, massaging it gently as a soft whimper left Hermione's lips. Viktor chuckled. "It feels good, does it not?" he asked. "So very good…" He shifted his weight and moved so she was laying on the soft grass beneath him. He leaned down and claimed her lips once again.

Hermione could not deny that his touches felt delicious. She could not stop herself from whimpering in want. She stared up at him and shook her head. "No…Viktor…I cannot…" she said, fear in her eyes. She felt vulnerable, and the situation felt completely wrong. "I'm sorry…I just-" she was cut off when Viktor's lips covered her own again.

The Bulgarian was very strong, and Hermione was unable to push him away. She struggled beneath him, fear filling her chest. She felt his hands move to her panties and pull them off. He wasted no time before shoving two dry fingers into her heat. She cried out in pain, fear, and betrayal. "Viktor! Please, stop…" she begged, tears pouring down her face.

Viktor growled. "No…I've vaited long enough…any other girl vould have given 'erself to me months ago…I'm not a machine…I need sex." he said, pumping his fingers in her ferociously.

Hermione cried out loudly. "Stop!" she continued to beg. She had never been brave enough to touch herself in such away, let alone let someone else do so. She gasped when he removed his fingers. She thought he was stopping but looked up to see him removing his shirt.

"If you do not do as I say, you will regret it…very, very much," he threatened, his voice dangerous and husky with arousal. He gripped himself through his pants, his cock already painfully hard. "Do you understand?" he demanded.

Hermione sobbed as she nodded.

"I said…do you understand?!" he yelled, gripping her hair.

Hermione cried out in pain. "Yes…"

Viktor smirked. "Don't struggle…this will be much easier for you." he said, moving back. "Get on your knees…NOW!"

Hermione sobbed and did as she was told. She wished Harry or even Ron would come look for her. She glanced up at Viktor, watching the boy unbutton his trousers. She held her breath and bit her lip. Other than the mandatory health/sex ed class they had taken earlier that year, she had never even seen a penis. She felt Viktor grasp her hair and pull her head up, coming face to face with his hard cock. "Open your mouth," she heard him say. She had trusted him, almost loved him. She sobbed and did as he said, terrified of him and of the consequences should she refuse.

Viktor smirked, watching her for a moment. He watched her get onto her knees and unbuttoned his dress pants, pushing them down. He smirked and pushed his boxers down as well, leaving them around his ankles. He grasped his cock and stroked it a few times before grasping the back of her head and thrusting deep into her mouth. He could feel her shake as she gagged. He pulled completely out of her mouth and thrust back in. He growled, feeling her teeth on his cock. He slapped her across the face. "No teeth," he growled, ignoring the tears on her face. He continued his actions for some time before pulling out of her mouth and pushing her back onto the ground.

"Viktor, please…don't do this." she begged, looking up at him after being pushed back onto the ground. She felt his weight descend upon her, his large cock positioned at her entrance. "Viktor…" Tears poured down Hermione's face as she begged.

But the boy said nothing of her pleas. He looked down at her and growled. "Look. At. Me," he demanded. When her tear filled eyes found his, he pushed her legs apart and thrust roughly into her, breaking her maidenhead easily. He began to thrust immediately, her screams egging him on. With every thrust, he sped up and pushed deeper, hitting her cervix with each one.

Hermione screamed as he thrust into her. The pain was shocking, burning, and unrelenting. "Stop!" she begged. "Stop, Viktor, please…stop!" Her tiny fists beat on his chest, but they had no effect. After what felt like an eternity, Viktor's thrusts slowed. His large hand closed tightly around her throat, cutting off her airway. He squeezed tighter and began to thrust ferociously into her, his free hand gripping her breast painfully. "Fuck…" he groaned before going completely still. Hermione felt his seed fill her and a new wave of tears cascaded down her face as she struggled to breathe.

Finally, Viktor released her neck, and Hermione gasped for breath. He pulled out of her and cleaned himself up with a spell. He pulled his clothes back on and looked down at her. "There's a good girl…" he said, caressing her cheek. He kissed her unwilling lips and stood, making his way back to the castle.

Hermione lay on the cold ground for several minutes, shaking as tears rolled down her face. After a while, she sat up, grimacing in pain. She could see dried semen and blood on her thighs. She pulled her wand from the pocket on her dress and cleaned herself up. She healed herself as well as she could though she was still sore and there was no healing her emotional wounds. Standing slowly, Hermione pulled her knickers back on followed by her dress. She staggered towards the castle, righting herself after several steps.

As soon as she made it into the castle, she saw Harry and Ron. All of her hurt and pain was turned into anger. Anger at Viktor for hurting her, angry at herself for trusting him, and angry at her best friends for not being there when she needed them most. "There you two are!" she yelled, tears still streaming down her face.

Ron grimaced, seeing her disheveled look. "Seems as though you and Krum found some fun to get into…" Harry elbowed him.

"Hermione…" Harry said. "Are you alright?" he asked, concerned.

"I'm perfectly fine," she snapped. "Now…g-go to bed…both of you." she demanded.

Ron was about to say something else, but Harry stopped him and the two boys stalked off.