A/N: This one is for Helen Bache. HAPPY BDAY!!!!! Hope you like this one. Lemme know what you think.

- Anjel

Dean was on fire. Literally…at least that's what it felt like. Three days after Sam had recovered from his bout of fever, he became the caregiver for Dean who now had a bout of fever. Where one goes, the other is bound to follow – their family motto. Apparently also works for sickness.

Dean moaned again, and Sam rolled his eyes. "Sam. Get me my fluids." He sniffed, his pale face, adorned with bright red splotches cheeks, scrunched in a poor imitation of Sam's puppy dog eyes.

"For the last time, Dean, fluids, does not include alcohol."

The silence lasted a maximum of two seconds.

"Get me some entertainment, Sam. Im bored. There's a strip club right across the street, you can hire one and make yourself scarce for a couple minutes." Dean grinned.

"Just go to sleep." Sam fervently hoped, Dean's flu doesn't last long as his did.