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Kingdom Hearts III: Battle of Light Chapter One

The Letter

Sora unfurled the scroll Kairi had handed him. It was written completely in Japanese- the first language the three had learned. His two friends read over his shoulder, idly comprehending the words.

"Another adventure, then?" Kairi asked softly.

Sora let out a small sigh. "Looks like."

Riku put his elbow on Sora's shoulder, a good half of his weight on the much shorter boy. "One more for the home team, I guess?"

Kairi giggled as Sora fell over. "Guess so."

Sora had thought the competitive, 'I'm better than you' Riku had faded a long time ago, after he realized his arrogance had led him into this mess. But as soon as Sora and Kairi made it clear they were in some sort of relationship, he was back. It was ignorable most of the time, but Sora had grown to believe they were equals. He sighed again and dusted himself off. "So we've got three days."

"Yeah. Who knows when we'll come back." Riku glanced out at the setting sun, and so did the other two, wondering if the worlds would ever be at peace again.


Dear Sora, Kairi, and Riku,

I hope at least one of you understands this, as the only way I can write this letter is in code. But that is the least of our problems.

I know it's only been two months, and I'm sorry. The worlds need us. It isn't the Heartless this time- in fact, their numbers are far fewer. I'm not sure what these creatures are yet- but they seem even more dangerous than anything yet. I've been enlisting the help of friends to get to the bottom of this and help eliminate them. On the fourteenth I'm sending Donald and Goofy to you with their Gummi ship. First see Merlin in Radiant Gardens; he may have more information. I'll meet you there.

-King Mickey

P.S Sora, see to it that Kairi gets some basic training. She needs to learn to use her Keyblade.


"Come on, Kairi. You can do this." Sora had his arms out in a T stance, completely unguarded. Practically ever since they returned to the islands, Sora and Riku had been teaching Kairi how to fight. She was a good fighter, but she refused to spar with Sora. She didn't have her Keyblade out at all. She chewed her lip and rubbed her arm sheepishly.

"If you have to, pretend I'm Riku," Sora joked.

Kairi smiled nervously.

Sora sighed in agitation. He had to see her ability in defending herself. He hoped he could cross it off his very, very long list of things to do before they had to leave.

So much to do, so little time…

He looked down, trying to think around the obvious 'We're going nowhere with this.' His quick thinking mind came up with something to help her fight, and he had to admit it wasn't pretty. "Sometimes I wonder if you can even summon your Keyblade," he said in a teasing way.

Kairi looked at him, like, 'Oh no you didn't.'

"Enemies find sheepishness an advantage," he went on. "Cowardice is what attracts them." He was being an ass, he knew, and he didn't like it one bit. Taunting was the only thing his guybrain could think of.

Kairi took a step back and a flash brought her weapon to light. She ran towards him, eager to prove herself yet angry. Sora noted in the two seconds before her blow hit him she had the right stance and guard. Instinctively, he blocked the attack.

"So you have been training," he quipped as she tried to beat him mercilessly. "Nice to see something soaked in."

"You're being such a douche!" Kairi cried.

"Kairi, you know I don't mean it."

"Yeah, sure… just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't fight! I just choose not to!" She smacked her Keyblade into his shoulder, and had there not been plates on his shirt, it would have hurt a lot more. Sora dropped to his knees, leaning against his own weapon, gripping his shoulder.

"I was wrong to doubt you," he apologized, even though he never had doubted her in the first place, she needed to hear it. He was smart like that.

The tip of Kairi's Keyblade touched his neck. "You're dead," she whispered. "Are you okay?"

"No, Kairi, I'm 'dead.'" Sora smiled. "Yeah. Just a scratch. I'll cast Cure on it later."

She dropped to his level. "You're bleeding."

"I've had worse."

Kairi pushed up his shirtsleeve, revealing a deep gash on Sora's shoulder. He winced, really feeling pain now. Kairi bit her lip, feeling guilty.

"I'm so…" she began.

"I told you to fight, Kairi, and you did. Don't apologize." He just didn't expect her to own him.

"I'll heal it," she said firmly. She ran her hand across the gash, moving her lips, and it healed instantly, as if it hadn't even been there in the first place.

It was then she noticed how close together their faces were. Automatically, they moved even closer, but as soon as their lips were about to touch, Sora pulled away. "How'd you do that?"

"It's called 'Healing Light.' I figured it out not long after I turned you back into a human," Kairi explained, blushing.

Sora shuddered, remembering his brief time as a Heartless. "I never thanked you for that."

Kairi blew a raspberry. "Please, Sora, how many times had you saved me at that point?"

He smiled, sitting normally now. He glanced at Kairi's Keyblade, suddenly noticing something. "When did you get a new keychain?"

"Huh?" Kairi looked for herself at the weapon. While it was still the same basic shape, it was now variating shades of blue, and the flowers were replaced with intricate swirls. "I never got a new keychain…"

"How did it change form?" he picked up the Keyblade to see for himself, but it went straight back to Kairi's hand, unlike her old one. "I guess… this one is really yours?"

Kairi smiled brightly. "I wondered why it came to me so much easier." She took another minute studying the weapon, obviously loving the feel of being a true wielder. She was then smug. "Probably why it was so much easier to beat you," she teased.

"Kairi, don't act like Riku. It's not cool."

"Please. You just can't embrace the fact that you might be less powerful than me."

"You've been a true wielder for about two minutes. Don't let it go to your head." He put a hand on her shoulder.

She turned around, smiling again. "Gees, Sora, I was just kidding. You are the Master, after all." She said the last bit with the same influence as a cheap Kung Fu movie. Sora laughed and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Come on. We have to go meet up with Riku."

Why is Kairi suddenly a true wielder? Mostly because her hearts is full of light. If she'd chosen to fight earlier, out of her own will, surely she would have received her real Keyblade. So far, she's only been using her other one for defense.
Ans sorry if this chapter was so crappy. i had no idea how to style it, but it will get better. I already wrote some real dramtic parts :).