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"My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation. I know that I should let go, but I can't…"

Foundations - Kate Nash

Chapter 1 – Siblings

I stared out of the car window in complete disbelief at the turn my life had taken.

Emmett was right; I was in no state to drive, I felt numb.

There was an wrapped itself around my shoulders soothing me. I knew it had to be Jasper. There was mumbling, which meant Alice was babbling.


I loved her to death, but there were times when I really just wished she just keep her damn mouth shut. I knew exactly what she was talking about, and I honestly didn't want to hear it, much less discuss it. It was already playing on repeat in my head.

He had fooled me again.

Who knew how many time James had manipulated me in the past, but this was icing on the cake. This was unforgettable. I was not one to hold onto animosity, but there was no way I could forgive James for this one.

I felt like someone had ripped my heart out; the pain was unbearable. I couldn't cry anymore, because frankly, crying would not change the facts, and I had already wasted enough tears on that man.

I just have to face it and figure out where I go from here. How did I get myself into this situation? How could I let him betray me like this again?


James and I had been tiptoeing around each other for weeks.

Hell, if I remembered the exact details of our disagreement. I just knew that bitch Victoria was more than involved. The first time I saw them together, he told me they were just friends hanging out. I was with James' sister, so it didn't seem strange for him to go Irina's side of the car instead of mine when I pulled up to his hangout spot. We had spent all night together and there was nothing more to discuss. I also had no reason to question James' friendships, as we both entertained the idea of friends from the opposite sex.

In hindsight, everything was laid out for me. I was just too blind to see it.

I was close to James' sisters, Kate and Irina, so being their house without him being present was a normal thing for us. James came home that evening and had insisted that I remain at the house while he went out to 'hang with my friends.' Since our argument earlier in the week, things had been strained, but he told me he wanted things to get back to the way they were in the beginning of our relationship. I didn't mind waiting at the house, I would have simply been home reading or on a rare occasion heading off to the reservation to see Jacob instead. If I couldn't be with James, it was nice to be around his sisters.

The girls and I were watching a movie when the phone rang.

"Hey Bella, can you get that? You're closer to the phone anyway," mumbled Kate, without even looking up from the television. "It's probably your lover boy, checking up on you."

"Ha! Whatever, you're just jealous I have a lover boy." I stuck out my tongue at her before giving the phone my full attention, "Wentworth residence, how may I help you?"

"Ah, yes is James home?" asked a female voice I could not place.

"He's not here right now. May I ask who is calling?"

"Um, does he have a number where I can reach him?" This heightened my interest. James had a lot of female friends, more than I was comfortable with, but I knew most of them. So why would a woman that I did not know, call the house asking and ask for his number? If she was a friend, she would have had it already.

"Yes, he has a cell phone number, but I'm certainly not going to give it to someone I don't know."

"Okay, I get it. This is Jane's sister. She was in an accident and I just wanted to let him know," she replied too casually.


This was not the first time I had heard her name in connection with James. I went to high school with her, and my friend Angela had told me she saw Jane with James a few weeks prior. When I asked him about it, he gave me the usual song and dance about them being just friends, and he was giving her a ride, because she didn't drive.

How does someone that doesn't drive get into a car accident? Oh, maybe she was a passenger.

"Why would he need to know that?"

"Because Jane is his girlfriend, and I think he would want to know."

My heart began to pound rapidly in my chest. My hearing became muffled. All of a sudden I felt extremely hot and the room began to spin, I had to grab a hold of the counter to keep from falling.

Not again.

"Hello? What the hell? Are you going to give me a number or can you get him the message?" By this time she was beginning to sound angry.

"Well…um...this is the first time I've heard that Jane was his girlfriend. I mean, being that I'm his fiancée, you think it would be important information for me to have." I have no idea how I was able to respond so calmly, considering inside I was being ripped apart.

Seriously, what else can you say to news like that?

The girls whipped their heads and began staring at me. Kate was by my side in a flash with her hand out for the phone. I refused to give it to her.

"What? Bitch, I don't know who you are or what kind of games you're playing, but this shit is not funny. Fiancée my ass!" She sounded more upset about the 'fiancée' revelation, than I was about the 'girlfriend' comment.

This gave me the jolt I need to respond with the same amount of animosity in my tone.

"You don't know who I am, but you're the one calling my fiancé's house and accusing me of lying? How much of a lie could my response be if I'm answering his home phone?" I paused to let the ridiculousness of her statements absorb into her mind before continuing, "Don't worry. I'll be sure to deliver your message. However, I highly doubt that Jane will be seeing or hearing from James tonight. He'll be too busy explaining why a man who is engaged to be married would need a girlfriend."

Kate wouldn't take no for an answer anymore. She grabbed the phone from my hand, while Irina came behind to hold me for support. I didn't realize until she touched me that I was on the verge of collapsing.

"Who the hell is this?" Kate inquired. "Well, Janine, you can tell Jane my brother is not here, and don't call this fucking house again. He has a fiancée who can call here, is welcome here, practically lives here and I am pretty sure the bitch knows that already. Their engagement is not a motherfucking secret, unlike Jane's relationship with James."

I could hear yelling coming from the phone.

"Yes, this is his sister! Kate! K-A-T-E! That was his fiancée Bella. Do you want me to spell that one, too? Okay good, just making sure you got it all correct to relay back to your whore of a sister. Do you need me to repeat any of it for you? No? Then get the hell off my phone!" With that she slammed the phone down, muttering obscenities under her breath.

"Bella, are you okay?" Irina asked.

I couldn't respond. All I saw was red. The words kept playing over and over in my head.

'Jane is his girlfriend.'

I felt physically ill. I didn't even remember getting back to the couch. Yet, there I was, Irina on one side and Kate on the other, threatening to beat the shit out of someone. Who? I was not sure. Her brother, the girl on the phone, or Jane; it didn't matter which one. She was out for blood.

I bolted from the couch and grabbed my cell phone from the counter. I dialed James' number; he was number two on my speed dial, behind Emmett. It went straight to voicemail. I left a message telling him to call me as soon as possible. I grabbed my car keys and was about to head for the door when I felt sturdy hands on my shoulders.

I turned and looked into John Wentworth's sad eyes. The look on his face told me had heard everything.

"You're not going anywhere like this, Bella. The Chief would have my neck if I let you kill yourself."

I relaxed and he released me.

"But I need to talk to James. This…this can't be true. I mean, James loves me. He wouldn't do this to me. Right?"

"Bella I have no idea what my son is capable of anymore. He's…he's changed. He's not the sweet boy I used to know." His voice matched muted expression of his eyes; I could imagine his heart was breaking just like mine, but not for the same reason.

If his own father didn't know who he was anymore, then how did I stand a chance?

"I agree that you need to speak with him, but that conversation will take place here or at your house. Not out in public; we live in a very small town, Bella. It would be best if you spoke with him here. I may not like my son's behavior, but I still love him. I wouldn't want Charlie to use him for hunting practice, at least not before you got your answers," he said with a wink. His attempt at joking actually got me to smile.

John was a very loving man. He had accepted me into their family from day one. He became like a second father to me and treated me like one of his own.

I agreed to stay, for his sake. I knew he was worried about me not being safe on the road. However, I decided I would keep calling James until I got him on the phone. It was desperate, but in that moment, desperation was all I felt, along with intense panic.

John suggested using the house phone, which made perfect sense to me. Given what had just occurred he could have just be ignoring my phone calls. Sure enough someone answered the phone on my first try.


"Paul, why the hell are you answering James' phone? Where is he?"

"I … ah. He's not here right now, Bella."

"What do you mean he is not here? Where is here and why aren't you with him? You left together."

"He should be right back. He just ran down the street real quick to grab a pack of cigarettes."

"Bullshit! Paul, I'm not in the mood for this crap right now. Tell me where the fuck is James."

"Bella, I'm telling you the truth. I have no reason to lie to you."

I could feel my blood boiling. I knew my face was overly flush, it felt like I was on fire.

"That's funny coming from you. You have no reason to lie? Want to know how I know you're lying? It's not just because your lips are moving in defense of James, which it seems to do a lot lately. It's because I gave him two fucking packs of cigarettes when he got to the house today as a peace offering. Now, cut the shit and tell me where that asshole went. So help me, Paul, if you lie to me again, I will let my brother kick your ass. In fact, I'll make sure both he and Jake have some fun at your expense. You know they don't need an excuse. Where is he?" I screamed into the phone.

I had pretty much expected the girls to have grabbed the phone from me, but they didn't. Irina was in love with Paul, unbeknownst to him, and to hear me going off on him like that must have hard in her.

I wasn't too concerned though, they knew I only cursed when I was really pissed and on the edge. Interrupting me at this point would have meant physical damage to something or someone. While the girls loved their brother and Irina cared for Paul, neither one wanted to cross me.

"Shit! You didn't hear this from me, Bella, but he's...he's with Victoria."

"Victoria? He didn't mention going to see her when he left here. What happened to hanging out with the guys?"

There was silence on the line. "Answer me, Paul."

"The shit is about to hit the fan isn't it?" he asked.

He sounded so defeated, as if he had been fighting a battle that he knew he could no longer win. I could tell that he had more to add, but it was up to me to drag it out of him. He wouldn't lie for James anymore. Paul was a good guy, I didn't like putting him in the middle, but he was already there.

I relaxed my shoulders. Paul was just as much my friend as he was James'. If there was something going on he wouldn't tell me because of the "guy code." Though tonight he sounded like he was finally done keeping James' secrets. I would lay it all on the line for him. If James was truly cheating on me, it would hurt him to have to sit back and watch. Paul was close to my brother, who he idolized, and my family, who treated him as if he was one of our own.

"The shit already hit the fan, Paul. I just got a call from Jane's sister who proceeded to tell me that the man I plan to marry is her sister's boyfriend." I stated in the calmest voice I could find.

"What? Fucking Jane, too?"

"What do you mean by 'too,' Paul?" There was no longer a point in beating around the bush. Either he would tell me or he wouldn't. Either way the truth had to come out tonight. If I didn't get my answers from him, then I would get them from James.

"Ah…Bells. You know what I mean. You're a very smart woman. Don't make me have to say this. I don't want to break your heart worse than it already is right now."

He was right.

"It's ok, Paul. I knew the answer the minute you told me where he was. I…I need you to do something for me. You're my friend, too and you owe me this."

He gave a quiet okay.

"Don't tell him anything. We never spoke and under no circumstances should you give him the phone until you're almost here. Whoever called tonight was hell bent on getting his cell phone number. This ends tonight, and he will not talk his way out of this one. I want my fucking life back. I can't live like this anymore."

There was a loud sigh, and I knew he was weighing his options. Either betray his friend, or sit back and watch the sister of one of his best friends continue to be humiliated and heartbroken.

"Alright, Bells, we'll do this your way. It's just too much, he's gone too far. You don't deserve this." With that I hung up the phone, raced for the bathroom, and released my dinner.

I sat on the couch with my knees to my chest. Now that the anger was gone, I was feeling weak again...displaced. Considering their brother was responsible for my physical and emotional state, Kate and Irina were very attentive and compassionate. I wouldn't have expected anything less. We had all become very close, like sisters. It started out with preparation for my impending marriage to James, but at some point it became real.

Irina was the mediator of the family. She never took sides when there was a disagreement. As the youngest member of the family, she felt it was her job to hold everyone together. She also worshipped the ground her brother walked on and he could do no wrong.

Kate on the other hand, was ruthless. If there was ever a friend to have in your life, it was Kate Wentworth. She was loyal to the bone. However, she didn't fear telling you when you were wrong. Nor did she have a tendency to sugar coat things to make you feel better. Her favorite saying was 'What's wrong is wrong and what's right is right.'

We continued to watch the movie, but the three of us were too involved in watching the hours tick by on the clock to pay attention. My mind was a jumble. I kept trying to find reasons why all the information which had just been passed onto me was incorrect. There was no way that James would cheat on me with not just one, but two women. There was not a day that went by when he didn't tell me he loved me. He had given me no reason to question his feelings. However, I could not ignore the doubt that would creep up about his infidelity. To make matters worse, I could only imagine what he was doing with Victoria.

I thought of all the other times he'd disappeared to go spend time with the guys and came home late. The time he crawled into his bed late, and I had the overwhelming feeling to be close to him, so I reached into his pants to pleasure him, but he pushed me away saying 'it's dirty.' I never second guessed that because he was a man, and sometimes they didn't bath everyday. My nasty brother sure as hell didn't bath every day.

I didn't suspect anything was wrong that night, until now.

James had always been a ladies' man. I knew that the day I decided to get involved with him. He had that bad boy thing going for him. He was extremely charming and didn't take no for an answer. His charismatic ways resulted in him being able to have any woman he wanted. That was part of the reason we started dating. I was the girl he did not stand a chance with because I had no interest in dating anyone. James was relentless in his pursuit, and he pulled out all the stops.

He would show up at my job, on my lunch breaks, at school in between classes, and at my house when my parents weren't home. He did not stop, until I agreed to go out on a date with him. In fact, it was my best friend Rosalie that finally sat me down and suggested I give him a break. Rose was dating James' friend Royce. While Royce was not my most favorite person in the world, Rose had been a part of my life since Junior High. She was a loyal friend, kind of like a big sister to me and she had no reason to steer me wrong. So in my sophomore year of college, I decided maybe I should go out on one date with James, just as an experiment.

The experiment went great. James was the perfect gentlemen; we went out on a couple more dates, ending with James requesting that we dated exclusively. A year after we started dating right down to the day, James proposed and I said yes. Kate was there, at her own request, as she had assisted James in choosing my ring. Both our families were overjoyed, except for Emmett. It wasn't that my brother disliked James as a person; he just felt James was not right for his little sister. He also didn't hide his feelings from anyone; including James.

My brother Emmett could be described a "simple guy" as he liked to put it. He liked fast cars and gorgeous women. He spent more time on the stereo system in his car than anything else; including studying and considering he was pre-med that was saying something. Calling him a "player" would have been an understatement. The women in Emmett's life knew exactly who he was and what he had to offer. No one could complain that he was inattentive or uncaring. He was one of the most relaxed people in our circle. Emmett's girlfriends - yes, girlfriends with a capital S - knew more than to expect a commitment from him. They were all important to him and he treated them all with respect when they were together. They all knew about each other, and I don't know how he made it work, he just did.

I didn't believe being involved with more than one woman was showing them respect, but my brother was a hard person to reach on the topic. We basically agreed to disagree, as constantly arguing with my Emmett was not high on my priority list.

Emmett never told me why he didn't feel James was not right for me. I tried to show him James was a good guy to no avail. The conversations of my defending James always ended with Emmett saying 'You will find out when you need to.' That was Emmett. When it came to me learning a life lesson, he remained cryptic until I learned it. While he protected me when it pleased him, he did not shelter me from the harsh realities of life.

I remember when we were kids there was a lamp in our living room that Charlie begged Renee to throw out. There were a couple exposed wires on the cord, which meant it really should have been thrown in the garbage years before. Renee refused saying she had had the lamp since her teenage years and would not part with it. One day, I was playing with the lamp just as I was about to touch cord Emmett grabbed my hand and pulled it away. He told me it would shock me, but I didn't believe him. So he encouraged me to touch it, needless to say it shocked me. After making sure I was okay, he simply stated 'I told you so' and went on his merry way.

That was a life lesson learned, Emmet style.

I heard a car pulling up to the house, and I knew immediately it was James. I looked at the clock and realized it was close to one o'clock in the morning. It had been more than three hours since I had spoken to Paul.

The car doors slammed.

Kate stared at me as if she was trying to read my mind through the expression on my face. I knew there was no way she could read it.

There was no expression to analyze.

My body felt numb, as if I had been anesthetized.

I wondered if he would enter the house through the front door or his rear entrance.

My first instinct was to meet him in the driveway. However, I decided against it. I wanted witnesses to his lies. Irina had already gone to bed and so had Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth, or at least that was what they stated. Both parents were now aware of the incident from earlier, since Kate refused to shut up once her mother came home from work.

Whether they decided to sleep or remain awake for the confrontation was not my concern. It was my intent to get my answers once and for all.

I sat silently as a key was pushed into the front door. James coming through the front entrance meant Paul had kept his mouth shut. If James was trying to avoid me he would have entered through the back. On occasion, I would fall asleep in James' bed, but I never spent the night. I would go home very late in the morning, but I never spent the night. He often asked me to stay, but I refused. In reality, James valued his privacy. I figured he could enjoy it some more until we were officially married.

The front door opened and James strolled in with Paul behind him.

"Hey, babe. You're still awake?" He came over and kissed me on the lips before hugging me, while I tried my best not to vomit in his face.

Where have those lips been tonight?

"Yes, I was worried about you. I called you and Paul answered the phone and said you went to buy cigarettes, but I was a little confused cause I gave you two packs earlier."

"Oh, I went to buy some food. I was starving and Garret didn't have any food. You know I didn't eat dinner before I left."

His lies were so smooth, it was no wonder I had rarely ever suspected his actions to be other than what he said.

"Oh yeah, that explains it. So why didn't you call me when you got back?"

"Paul didn't tell me you called and when I took the phone from him, I saw that the battery was dead again. I think we should look into getting new cell phones, babe. The battery on that one dies too much." I knew Paul wouldn't have told James that he had spoken to me because he agreed not to, but he would have at least told him I called. I looked at Paul for confirmation. He simply shook his head, indicating that was lie number two since James had stepped through the door.

"Hmm, I think that's what the car charger is for, James. I've been having some issues with mine, too, so I guess I should look into new phones." It was taking everything in me to stay calm and not attack him with all I knew. Rose would say I was channeling Emmett. No one could stay calm in a stressful situation like my brother. He was the master of Zen.

"Honey, I have a question to a—"

"Fuck this shit! If you're going to play nice, then I'll ask the damn questions." Kate interrupted before I had a chance to finish. "Who the fuck is Jane? And why would someone feel the need to call here looking for you when she got in an accident; like you're her goddamn emergency contact?"

James was shocked. Actually, panicked would be a more accurate word. He looked from me to Paul and back to his sister. "I don't know what you're talking about. I know Jane, but we're not close like that. I wouldn't even call her a friend. She hangs out at Garrett's sometimes. I think she is dating one of Garrett's cousins."

Lie number three, wow he is on a roll tonight. I guess he forgot he told me she was 'just' his friend a few weeks ago.

"So why did someone tell YOUR fiancée that Jane was your girlfriend when she answered the phone?" Even I was shocked by the way she spoke to him, and it was in my defense. While I felt this was my relationship and I should be handling the interrogation, I was also happy she had taken over. I was a bundle of nerves and the last thing I wanted to do was show him that. With my heart pounding so hard in my chest that I was having a hard time concentrating, I would surely have asked the wrong questions in my attempt to be calm and forget all the important things.

"Why did Bella answer the phone? This isn't her house."

Here we go, onto the deflection.

He glared at me and asked again. "Why are you answering the phone, Bella? You never do that, and you don't live here."

"Oh, I don't live here now? Just this morning you texted me asking and I quote 'When are you coming home as in our home?' end quote."

His words only suited his purpose.

"Answer the fucking question, James. Bella answering the phone has nothing to do with it. I told her to answer the damn phone and she practically lives here because of you, so she can answer Mom and Dad's phone if she chooses," Kate said bringing the attention back to him.

"I don't know what Janine is talking about. Jane's just my friend."

"I thought you just said you wouldn't consider her a friend. And how do you know Jane's sister's name? I never said it, and neither did Kate. In fact, we didn't say it was her sister that called," I said as calm as my sweaty palms would allow.

Kate seemed to know how to handle his attempts at deflection, and with our tag team questioning, he was starting to trip himself up with all of his lies. The three hour wait had caused me much anxiety, but in that time my anger had subsided and the rational part of my brain had taken over. I didn't want to be angry when I confronted James because I knew in my anger, it could become physical and that was just a disaster waiting to happen.

James looked like a deer caught in headlights. He turned to Paul as if he was looking for help; there was none to be found. Paul was glaring at him. I knew he was pissed at James for trying to cover his ass by using Paul as a scapegoat.

"Look, I'm tired. I'm going to bed. We can talk about this in the morning. You coming or what? If you are I don't want to talk about this. I mean it."

He looked at me as if he actually expected me to cower and forget all that had transpired.

I was flabbergasted.

Here he was caught almost red handed cheating with another girl and he had the nerve to play it off like I was the bad guy.

I could feel both Paul's and Kate's eyes boring holes into me. If I backed down now and let James get away with this, they would lose respect for me.

I would lose respect for me.

I could also kiss any chance of them ever standing up for me against James again goodbye. While this was the first time the truth had smacked me in the face so blatantly, I suspected there had been many signs before and I was not the only one that saw them.

I had to send him a message. I was through with his crap!

Even though my heart was breaking at the thought, I had to finish this tonight.

My engagement was going to end tonight, and tomorrow, I would be single and alone again.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What the fuck do I look like to you? You seriously expect me to let this go and sleep with you tonight. I am not your whore, toy, or plaything. I'm a fucking human being with feelings."

I began to remove the ring, his ring, from my finger.

"Here, take your fucking ring. It's over!" I screamed, turned and headed for the front door. I had to get the hell out of there before I started crying. He would not get the satisfaction of seeing my tears.

"Bella!" Oh shit! Mrs. Wentworth stood at the top of the hallway.

"I set up the guest room for you. John and I don't want you driving home in this state. You can leave in the morning if you are up to it. If not, call Emmett to come and get you. One of his friends can drive your car home. Come now, dear."

What's with this family and preventing me from driving tonight? I swear they're worse than Charlie.

She put her arm around my shoulder, stopping only to glare at her son in disgust, before guiding me towards to guest room.

I stopped for one last statement, which needed to be heard more than I needed to say it.

"Oh, James. I hope you enjoyed your night with Victoria. Was it worth it?" I didn't wait to hear his response. I entered the guest room and locked the door.

I heard some arguing for a few more minutes and then the house was quiet.

The only sound was my soul ripping sobs into the guest room pillow.

I didn't sleep that night. I cried and dozed. Every time I fell asleep, I would startle myself and wake up to the lonely horror that was now my life.

I woke up from one of my naps early in the morning to hear Mr. Wentworth telling James to get out of the house before I got out of bed. He didn't want me to have to deal with the man that broke my heart in the light of day. I didn't stay to hear the end of the argument, I went to bathroom adjoining the guest room to wash James' scent from me.

When I was done, I dressed and walked straight through the front door. I heard someone call after me as I got into my car and sped away in the rain.

I didn't need to look back to know it was James.

***End Flashback***

James had called me earlier today when I was visiting Jake in La Push.

He had just gotten into an argument with Rosalie over Victoria.

He needed to tell me about the argument. He felt it necessary to 'get to' me, before someone else did.

Someone else meaning Rosalie.

He didn't want me upset by anyone in my state. At two months pregnant, he wanted me to know he was going to be a father of two. The problem is…I wasn't having twins.

Rose had discovered that Victoria was pregnant as well.

How did I get myself into this? I broke off our engagement almost two years ago with no plans to look back.

"He broke my heart and now it's raining just to rub it in..."

Lesson Learned - Alicia Keys

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