Author's Note:

This is just a short one-shot featuring Kakashi and Rin. I don't have much to say, except that I hope everyone enjoys. Thank you for reading, everyone!

Disclaimer: I hold no rights or ownership of Naruto. The original characters and plot belongs to their rightful owner.

"It was cute, Kakashi."

"It was embarrassing!" he snarled in irritance, earning giggles in response. Despite his obvious foul mood, she still somehow smiled at him.

"You're a natural."

"At what?"

"Attracting squirrels."

One could say that, which was why the Jonin was prepared to bribe her at costs if it meant it'd keep her quiet. For goodness' sake, he was trying to be more "humanly" so Rin could stop lecturing him about his negative attitude!

"Who keeps a squirrel as a pet, anyway?" It's stupid," he remarked bitterly eventually, kicking at a pebble that was just unfortunate enough to have been stumbled upon by him. It was true, wasn't it? Bonds were still needless to him with most people, so why on Earth would one care to befriend anyanimal? In all honesty, Rin was probably the only person he could even consider as a friend.

She chuckled - and later he'd regret his words when he learned the owner of the squirrel was her cousin - giving him a pat on the back. "It was very kind of you, Kakashi. And I wasn't meaning to pick on you. It was just adorable to see it crawl up your leg." And by 'adorable', she probably meant 'funny'.

"Next time youcan let a squirrel crawl up your leg."

She laughed. Maybe it was okay to find the humor in something just this once, he mused.