I own nothing except a few characters and the plot.

I haven't worked on this story in a while, but decided to dust it off. This was set during NCIS Season 6 (hence Ziva being Mossad), but will contain references to events in NCIS Episode 8.22 "Baltimore". The Law & Order Criminal Intent references are correct for between Seasons 7 and 8 of that show.



Trumble sat in the interrogation room with Gibbs across from him while Fornell paced. Outside, Tommy and Tony watched.

"What is Gibbs doing?" Tommy asked.

"Staring mostly." Tony replied. Michael joined them and took a sip from a cup of coffee.

"Truth By Imtimidation. I'll watch, you go deal with Keith and his class-cutting pals." Michael told Tommy.

"Anything I need to know?"
"He had a gun and stolen liquor in his car."

"Nice felony robbery case." Tony added as Alex walked in.

"Who pulled off a felony robbery?" Alex asked.

"One of our local teenage troublemakers. My sister's bringing his school records over." Michael said.

"You can get that? It always took me three days for paperwork."

"Haddonfield High has a real problem with truancy. We use the disciplinary records of any student caught skipping school to determine the proper course of action. In Keith's case, we have other charges against him and his pals. The records would then be used by the court to determine bail. In short, the number of truancies. The higher their bail will be. They also hate my sister." Michael explained. Gibbs had decided to use the camera in the room as a place to hang Fornell's jacket.

"Not good. Gibbs hanging up Fornell's jacket. Means you don't want to know what's about to happen in there." Tony said.

"Should I leave?" Alex asked.

"Torture's top secret." Tony told him earning a head-slap from Michael.

"I'm surprised that moron hasn't shown up yet considering he's got a bug in his butt about this department." Michael told Tony.

"He's afraid of Gibbs." Andros said walking in.

"Are we talking about that Thompson character who left NCIS Headquarters by jumping through a window three stories up instead of taking the elevator after Gibbs caught him going through people's desks?" Tony asked. Michael answered him with another head-slap.

"My brother wants to kill that man big time. He keeps poking around NCIS and I wonder who's gonna kill him first. Gibbs or my brother." Andros told Tony." Inside the interrogation room, Trumble confessed to everything after Fornell told him that he could be charged as a terrorist for the murders in Russellville.

"Could he even be charged as a terrorist?" Alex asked.

"Local Probie, did you not see the remains of Russellville PD?" Tony asked.

"I didn't think that would fall under the category of terrorism." Alex said.

"It's a good threat and it worked." Michael said. Gibbs opened the door and signaled to a deputy.

"Book him for 15 counts of murder and tender him to the Empire when they get here."

"I guess we're going home soon then?" Tony asked.

"No DiNozzo, I thought we should stay for the trial." Gibbs said sarcastically.

Outside the building, Ziva was with Alex and McGee showing them how to throw knives while Tony and Tommy watched.

"Bet you $20 that McGeek is going to hit something he shouldn't hit with that." Tony said.

"Bet you $50 that Martinson throws like a girl." Tommy replied. Hill and Gibbs appeared behind them.

"If you bet on McGee, he collects." Gibbs told them.

"Same for Martinson." Hill added. Alex threw the knife, it landed on the target Ziva had set up. Hill held out his hand.

"You both owe Alex $50." He said as McGee threw the knife. It too hit the target. Gibbs held out his hand.

"You both owe McGee $20." Tommy and Tony were speechless.

"That's the other part of the rule. Both parties have to pay the person they made a bet on." Hill said.

"Boss?" Tony said.

"You can fork over the cash, or I'm sure the Sheriff here has some cells that need to be cleaned." Gibbs said.

"The drunk tank needs to be mopped for starters. I also have squad cars that need to be washed and gassed." Tommy and Tony quickly produced the money.

"Has anyone seen Andros?" McGee asked.

"Has anyone seen the notes for the next Deep Six?" Tony asked McGee as Alex and Ziva joined them.

"Make sure my brother gets a copy of this book. He can use it to fill his bookshelf." Andros said.

"As soon as Abby and Ducky are ready, we are out of here." Gibbs announced.

"Hopefully before the CIA's psycho shows up." Tommy said, earning a head-slap in response as Michael appeared.

"I do not want to see, hear, or even smell that guy. Last time he was in town, he was digging through the University's trash and we ended up with two dead bodies at the town dump." Michael turned to Gibbs.

"We think the guy operates under a leave no witnesses policy." Tommy was about to say something, but thought better of it. Abby and Kelsey joined them.

"Gibbs, we need to stop at the Haddonfield Market before we leave. Guess what they have there." Abby said.

"Caf-Pow for the road Abs?" Gibbs replied.

"Mr. Shin said he's going to stop selling it if he doesn't get more people buying it. The customer base dried up when Four Loko hit HU's campus." Kelsey said.

"Kelsey, that stuff is malt liquor and shouldn't be anywhere near much less on HU to begin with. Michael's trying to run that stuff out of town after HMH treated some people who drank way too much of it at a party that we had to shut down." Tommy said.

"Michael is not Elliot Ness during Prohibition." Hill said.

"Which would make you Sean Connery to his Kevin Costner Tommy? Sorry, Boss." Tony said as Gibbs slapped him for making a movie reference.

"We're raiding HU's dorms because the school asked us to do it." Michael said. Ducky and Ben joined them about an hour later.

"HU had an overdose. We're waiting to find out what caused it. I suspect our favorite malt liquor disguised as an energy drink may have something to do with it." Ben said.

"I certainly hope this does not become more of a problem then it already is in the future." Ducky said.

The NCIS team left later that day. Michael sat down at his desk and began doing something on his computer.

"Harold Trumble is dead. He attempted to escape from Imperial custody and some Stormtroopers opened fire on him. Someone hung a terrorist tag on him." Hill said as he entered the room where Michael, Tommy, and Alex worked.

"Probably Gibbs unless someone saw the crime scene photos from Russellville." Tommy said.

"Empire just had a work release detail rebury the bodies of the Bowles Family in a different cemetery. They want to know who to contact regarding moving those bodies to another state to keep the freaks who worship cold-blooded murderers guessing. They're leaning towards a location in New York City." Alex read from an email.

"I say go ahead and do it. Make that whole mess someone else's problem." Tommy told them.

"Bryan Khayman already has one problem with this department's fingerprints on it. I don't think he wants another one of our problems. But, I'll ask him if he wants three bodies from an old murder case that have a following of cult worshippers with them." Michael said.

"Unless he has them buried at Potter's Field. Which is probably what the Empire wants to do with them anyway." Alex told them.

"Michael, have Khayman get the box numbers from the city and email them to us. Loomis left paperwork with the bodies so that they can be matched to a name." Hill said.

"On it." Michael sipped his coffee and began typing an email. Hill watched as his three detectives finished up their end of the case or at least he knew Michael was working. Tommy was probably playing a game and Alex was still learning the ins and outs of the department's computer systems.


"Mr. Palmer, I trust that nothing happened in my absence?" Ducky asked his assistant Jimmy Palmer as he walked into Autopsy.

"Just a two pack a day smoker here and Doctor Loomis sent the bodies from Haddonfield here." Palmer pointed to a table with a body on it as Gibbs walked in.

"This poor fellow died of natural causes Jethro. The Haddonfield bodies are in the coolers waiting to be claimed." Ducky said without looking up from the table.

"Myers just told Khayman that the Bowles Family is being reburied by the Empire. They want to move the bodies to New York."

"That should keep the freak shows from finding them." Jimmy said earning looks from Ducky and Gibbs.

"That sounded a lot more inappropriate then it did in my head. I'm going to get an instrument tray ready." He said and walked away as Gibbs' phone rang.

"Yeah? On it." He turned to Ducky.

"Two Marines beaten to death outside a bar." Gibbs said and left.

"Mr. Palmer, put this poor man in the cooler and get the van ready." Ducky said.