Okay, um ... I don't know why I'm so nervous w/ posting this ... it may have something to do with the fact that it is VERY graphic. Not this particular chapter, but upcoming ones b/c it gets into it very quickly. Anyway, the logic of how this story works may be a little confusing. If it is, just ask and I'll explain. To rid myself of this obnoxious nervousness, I'm also working on another story. This one is actually more on the normal level. Here's the synopsis:

Atem and Yugi are together and are happy. Yugi's mother and Grandfather are happy to see him happy. But then the announcement that his father and his twin sister, Yoko are coming into town and staying for a month while his father is temperarily re-located, Yugi is very nervous. Why? His father is very traditional and very narrow-minded. Yugi fears that his sister has picked up this trait and will not except him for whom he truly is. Yugi's father favors his sister over him, claiming that Yugi did not turn out to be the son he always envisioned. Will Yugi be able to win the approval of a father that has always ridiculed him? And what about Yoko? Will they still be as close when she finds out?

Okay, so that's basically the summery for that one. Let it be known that Yoko is completely normal and has no ties to ancient Egypt whatsoever. Normally, when I draw "relatives" for Yugi, I don't make them look like him, but for Yoko, I had to since they're twins. Once that story is up, I'll give you a profile of her so that you can get to know her better. Okay, with that said, read with causion.


Atem sat on the stone throne in his soul room with an evil smirk on his face. Oh, the information he had just found out was so, very sweet. He had just found out that his little, innocent lighter half, Yugi, had a strong crush on him. The ancient one had been 'accidently' eavesdropping on Yugi's conversation with his good friend, Ryou, and picked this little bit of information up.

Atem's smirk grew. This was actually a good thing, in a twisted way. Atem had been lusting after his little light for some time now. Now he had the perfect excuse to finally draw the little one in. As a wielder of the shadows, Atem was an expert at mind manipulation and hypnosis. If the former Pharaoh played his cards right, figuratively speaking of course, he could turn his lovely little Yugi into his own personal servant.

Sixteen-year-old Yugi Moto waved good-bye to Ryou as he walked down the road. He felt a little bit better by finally telling someone about the problem he had been having for a while now. It felt as if a huge weight was lifted off of his shoulders. Now that problem did not bother him so much and he could concentrate on other things now.

Just as Yugi turned around to make his way back into the living room, he ran into the object of his affection. Instantly, his cheeks flashed a bright red and his heart skipped a beat. The way Atem came and went so quietly was so mysterious.

"Yami, you scared me." Yugi said, holding a hand over his heart. Atem smiled; not a smirk, but the smile that he reserved only for Yugi. Sometimes the boy was too cute for his own good.

"I thought I'd come and see how you were doing. We haven't talked since this morning." Yugi began to fiddle with his fingers, a nervous habit he usually fell into when under stress.

"Oh, um … okay … well, R-Ryou just left, s-so … if you want … w-we can talk …" That stutter was very noticeable. Atem's face held a confused look over it, but inside, he was smirking about it. He was having fun already.

"Is something the matter, Yugi?" The blush on the boy's cheeks increased again.

"N-no, why?" Atem placed a hand over Yugi's soft cheek, noting how truly soft it was.

"Are you sure there's nothing you want to talk about?"

"Y-yeah, I'm sure." Atem smiled again.

"Then come with me; I want to tell you something." The darker said, ushering his lighter half into his room and locked the door so that he would not be interrupted. Once Atem started the spell, he had to continue or else he could cause some major damage to his victim's mind. Yugi sat on his bed, still performing his nervous habit.

"So … w-what is it that you w-wanted to tell me, Yami?" Atem slid next to Yugi, almost on top of him. He leaned in pretty close to Yugi's face, causing the blush to increase even more.

"Actually, it's something I wanted to ask you." Atem whispered huskily. Yugi shifted nervously. Atem was really close. The situation just made the younger even more nervous when Atem began to run his fingers through Yugi's hair.

"So soft …" The ancient one silently inhaled the scent of his light's silky soft hair. Yugi's gaze was glued to the floor and Atem could feel Yugi shaking under his touch, so he decided to get down to business.

"Look me in the eye, Yugi." Yugi finally lifted his head to do as his dark told him.

"Well why--" The moment Yugi looked into his dark's mysterious eyes, he was captured. Atem's ruby red irises seemed to glow and swirl. There was something about them that Yugi could not look away; it was so hypnotic. His eyes began to feel heavy and his body started to relax. Little did the little light know that he actually was being hypnotized.

Atem kept his intense gaze on Yugi until he was sure Yugi was completely under his spell. Atem blinked to adjust his eyes and played with Yugi's hair again. When the boy did not even blink, he knew he had his light under his influence He looked into the sleepy eyes of his little one and his smirk increased.

"Tell me, Yugi, is what I heard true? Do you have a crush on me?" He asked in a calm voice, already knowing the answer. Yugi did not even nod. He just spoke one word very softly.

"…Yes…" Atem licked his lips in anticipation. He twirled on e of Yugi's golden locks around his index finger.

"Wrong, Yugi. You don't just have a crush on me; you are completely in love with me." Yugi gasped a bit as his unfocused, dilated pupils closed in ecstasy. Atem was enjoying this a little too much. "Every time you see me, you start to become hard. You feel complete arousal when I speak." When this was said, the hypnotized boy began to squirm. The dark gave him a soft kiss on the temple and whispered very seductively in his ear.

"I own you now, Yugi."

"…Own me…" The boy repeated.

"That's right. That means that you belong to me."

"…Belong to you…"

"You want to make me very happy, Yugi. Your main priority is to make sure that I am always pleased. My pleasure is what you live for."

"…Your pleasure…" Yugi continued to squirm as he continued to become aroused, just as Atem suggested.

"There is nothing you love more than making your master happy."

"…My master…"

"Yes; I am your master and you are my slave. As my slave, you obey me without question."

"…Without question…"

"Now, bow before me, Yugi." Without a word, Yugi knelt on the floor at the ancient one's feet. Atem smiled. "One more thing; being my slave, along with obedience, includes that you always submit to me."

"…Submit…" Atem circled around Yugi as the relaxed boy continued to stay perfectly still. He rubbed the younger's shoulders, which sent Yugi into another round of ecstasy.

"Yes, Yugi; you love being controlled by me. You crave it. It's wonderful to know that you will never have to make another decision by yourself again. You want my control. You want me to dominate you. To be a good servant, you must always submit."

"Must submit…" Yugi's relaxed state increased at the rubbing of his shoulders. Atem was happy with how well this was going. He was almost finished.

"When we are alone, you will address me as 'master'; but when we are in the presence of others, you will address me as you normally would."

"Yes, Master…" Atem circled Yugi, examining his work. Yugi was completely under his control. This was quite easier than it had been in the past. Well, Yugi was always one to do as he was told, so Atem let that thought pass. As he thought, he figured that there might be times when he may need to put Yugi under again; so just to be safe, there should be a way to retrieve it.

"Also, when I say the phrase, 'sleep my Little Light Slave', you will fall back into this trance, completely relaxed, and completely obedient."


"And when I say the words, 'wake up, my Little Light Slave', you will wake up with no memory of the trance."

"…Yes, Master…" Yugi looked so relaxed that he would have fallen asleep if he had not been under a mind control spell at the moment. Atem smirked; finally, Yugi was his and his alone. There was only one thing left to do: check to see if the spell worked. Atem stepped in front of his light in the exact same spot he had been when Yugi went under.

"Wake up, my Little Light Slave." Yugi's eyes blinked rapidly for a second before his dilated pupils returned to normal. He looked at Atem and smiled.

"Hi, Master." He said, not really sure why he had called his dark that. It just felt right to call him that. Atem's smirk masked itself as a real smile.

"Hello, Yugi." Yugi blushed. He started to gain pressure in his lower regions as Atem spoke. The boy pressed his knees together, trying to hide his little problem. But Atem saw, and was pleased to see that he was still a master at spells. Yugi nervously brushed a bang out of his face.

"D-did you want to ask me something?" Yugi innocently asked. Atem gave him a slight confused look before remembering that that was the last moment before he put Yugi in the trance. The confusion from his face lifted so quickly that one would have completely missed it unless they were really paying attention.

"Yes, actually …" Atem moved to stand directly in front of his light's face; which he gently cupped and gave a long, soft kiss. Yugi's eyes instinctively opened. Whether it was from the shock of the kiss or the fact that the kiss was coming from Atem, he did not know. Slowly, Atem pulled away, leaving Yugi in a state of bliss. At some point, the boy's eyes must have closed because they opened until they were half-lidded.

"…Wow…" He whispered without even knowing it. Atem slowly stroked the boy's blushing cheek.

"Did you enjoy that, Yugi?" Said boy began to squirm as he continued to become aroused.

"Y-yes…" Yugi whispered, still in his wonder-state.

"Good. I did as well." Yugi smiled, loving the fact that Atem was happy. The former Pharaoh cupped his light's face again and stroked both cheeks with his thumbs. Yugi nuzzled into the touch. It was so gentle, yet so dominate. "My Sweet Little One; would being with me make you happy?" The lighter half's stomach was doing flips inside of him. This had to be a dream; no way could the one thing he wanted most in the world be happening right now! He resisted the urge to pinch himself to make sure he was not dreaming.


"And you want me to be happy, correct?" The boy nodded.

"Yes." Atem gave him another kiss on the lips, one that made the little one crave more and in waiting for another one.

"Then you'll serve me." It was more of a command rather than anything else. Yugi nodded again.

"Yes." Yugi whispered. He would do anything to make his master happy, no matter what. Had Atem not hypnotized him, Yugi may have heard the hidden meaning in all of this. "I'll serve you forever and will always please you. I want you happy, Master … that's all that matters." Atem smiled and caressed Yugi's cheeks again as a reward.

"Good. You can start by getting me a glass of water." With the presence of his first command, the haze in Yugi's mind vanished.

"Okay!" Yugi exclaimed happily before he ran off to the kitchen. When he was out of sight, Atem's smile turned into a smirk. Oh yes, this was going to be so much fun.


For the first week, everything was going according to Atem's plan. Yugi was completely obedient and never questioned any of the commands that Atem gave him; it was always obeyed with a smile. The ancient Pharaoh's main thought was that hypnotizing Yugi was the best idea he had ever had. So far, no one suspected a thing. Yugi thought that being with Atem was the greatest thing in the world and Atem was happy to go along with it. It kept everything in his control. Yugi was always so happy to make Atem happy. It was as if he never stopped being a king. Yugi literally was Atem's best slave ever. However, there was one activity that Yugi had yet to show any skill with.

It was no surprise that Atem wanted Yugi … badly; but he had held off on having sex with the small boy for two reasons: one, to let the thoughts that he had planted in Yugi's mind settle for a while; and two, to tease the little one until he burst. Although he knew that Yugi always became hard when he was around, he could tell that the boy still tried to hide the evidence, which was pretty funny in Atem's eyes. Yugi was not the only one that was about to explode. Atem's lust was in overdrive. It took all his willpower just to keep himself off of Yugi when he was serving him. Luckily, the end of the week was nearing and there was a light (metaphorically speaking, of course) at the end of the tunnel. The weekend had finally come, and Yugi's grandfather was going to visit the Hawkins' so that meant that the two boys would be alone for at least three days. Atem was very excited; this was the perfect time to pluck his ripe little virgin.

The last bell of the day had already rung. Yugi inhaled the cool, crisp air as he made his way out of the schoolyard. He needed to get home as soon as possible. His boyfriend/master had told him to come straight home after school. Why, he had no idea; but if that was what his dark wanted, that was what his dark was going to get. Yugi only took one step when he heard a street-accented voice call his name.

"Hey, Yug'!"

"Wait up, Pal!" Another, sharper voice added. Yugi turned around to see his three friends, Joey, Tristan, and Téa running to catch up with him. As much as Yugi would have loved to stop and talk with them, he had to get home; he had to obey Atem. But he did not want to be rude to his friends either. Such a dilemma … Yugi cracked a small smile.

"Hey, Guys." His friends finally caught up to him. Joey bent on his knees to catch his breath while Téa leaned on Tristan. Yugi smiled to see his two friends together. Yes, Téa and Tristan were a couple***; have been now for a month and a half. Ever since the two got together, Yugi noticed that they both seemed happier than they were before.

"Hey … wanna hit … the arcade?" Joey asked, still trying to catch his breath. Yugi's small smile faded.

"Sorry, Guys; but Yami wants me home right after school." Téa raised a brow.

"Why?" Yugi's response was a simple shrug.

"He just said that he wanted me home; that tonight was going to be a special night." Joey and Tristan snickered to each other. Joey leaned in and elbowed Yugi in a playful way.

"So t'night gonna be the night you two start bumpin' uglies, huh?" He and Tristan laughed at the comment, and Téa could not help but giggle as well. Yugi's cheeked turned red. He hated being teased … especially about something like that. Yugi pushed Joey away as the blonde boy continued to chuckle.

"Eww, gross, no, Joey!" Joey raised his hands in defense.

"Just playin' man; chill." Yugi glared a little at his blonde friend. He could not really be angry at Joey for being his own joking self.

"Even if we were, it's not like I'd tell you guys …"

"Relax, Yugi. You know we're joking." Tristan replied, giving Yugi a harsh but playful slap on the back. "But if tonight does happen to be the night, don't forget to shave your legs, 'kay?" The two taller boys laughed out loud again. But Yugi failed to see what the humor in suggesting that he was a girl. He cringed.

"That's it!" He ran away from the three down the road that would take him home.

"Yugi, wait!" Téa called. But the small boy just continued to run, not even looking back at them. Once Yugi had turned the corner, the girl slapped her two male friends on the backs of their heads.

"Oww!" They yelled in unison.

"Dude, control yo' woman!"

"You two are such idiots! Did you really have to tease him about that? You know how uncomfortable he is with the subject of intimacy!" Téa yelled, getting so close to their faces that Joey and Tristan had to take a step back, probably in fear. Tristan gave her a kiss on the cheek and put an arm around her.

"Chill out, Babe; he knows we were only kidding." Téa's temper seemed to diminish, but she still felt this uneasy feeling. She looked down the direction that Yugi had run. The girl seemed to have this feeling that Atem was getting more out of his relationship with Yugi than the latter was; and that was unfair for her small friend. It was not that she was jealous; far from it, actually. After trying for so long to win Atem over and getting nowhere, she eventually gave up. Now she was with Tristan and she was happy. But there was this annoying feeling she had that she had to protect Yugi, even if it be from Atem himself. Ever since Yugi had announced that he and Atem were together, Téa had noticed that Yugi was bending over backwards to do anything Atem wanted. She found that odd. As kind and gentle as Yugi was, he had proven that he was no longer the push-over he once was. Téa did not really know, there was just … something that did not seem right.

"Oh well," Joey's voice brought the girl out of her thoughts, "anyone up for pizza?" The two boys started walking in the opposite direction that Yugi had gone.

"Okay, but no pineapple this time; I hate fruit with my tomato sauce!" Tristan said.

"Dude, the pineapple gives it flavor!" Joey contradicted. As the two continued to walk, they did not notice that Téa kept looking down the corner with a worried look on her face. After a while, she joined the two.


Meanwhile, Atem was clearly bored with looking after the Game Shop. Solomon had left for the airport early in the morning and had asked Atem to watch over the shop just for the day since it was Friday. He had given Atem permission to keep the Shop closed throughout the weekend. The ancient one was leaning against the counter with his head being supported by his hand, reading the only magazine he had found in Solomon's office earlier that morning.

Few people had come into the store and even less had actually purchased anything. It did not really matter. If things went bad for with the Game Shop's profits, then Solomon usually dipped into Atem's money to pay the bills. Atem had been given the treasure found in his tomb and had God only knew how much money from the recent tournaments that he had won on his own. It was basically his way of paying rent. So the family was well taken care of.

Atem glanced at the clock and saw that the time was 2:15 p.m. (that's 14:15 for those of you out of the US.) Yugi was let out of school at 2:20 (14:20) p.m.; so he would be home soon. Atem smiled. He began to think of all the things he would do to Yugi that night. Not just that night, but all weekend. He would have the little one all weekend long and Yugi would have no choice but to obey. He snickered to himself in a semi-evil way.

There was only one person in the shop at that time; a 12-year-old kid looking at a pack of cards. He had been doing so for the past 20 minutes. Atem groaned; he was beginning to wonder if the kid was ever planning on buying the pack or not. Finally, the kid came up to the cash register to pay for it. Atem put on his fake smile he used for customer service.

"Find everything you were looking for?" He asked in a friendly voice, although he did not feel like being friendly at the moment. The kid smiled.

"Yes, Mister!" Atem held back the urge to roll his eyes. Did he really look like a 'mister?' He rang the card pack up and took the money from the kid.

"Thank you, enjoy." He said.

"Thanks, Mister!" The kid said with a smile. When the kid's back was turned, Atem let his fake smile go and actually did roll his eyes.

'If that kid calls me 'Mister' one more time, I'm going to scream!' Just as the little kid was leaving the shop, Yugi came right in. Now Atem felt better. He put on a smile; a real smile this time.

"Hi, Yami!" Atem came out from behind the counter and stepped closer to his light. Yugi continued to stand in the same spot and smiled as his master took his soft face in his hands and slowly pulled the boy into a deep kiss. Yugi closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss; especially when Atem's tongue entered his mouth. After a few seconds, Atem pulled away. It was a bit of a tease for the teenage light. He let his annoyance be known by grunting in frustration. Atem just chuckled.

"I missed you." He whispered. Yugi smiled, eyes half-lidded.

"I missed you too." The former Pharaoh's hands caressed Yugi's arms.

"Go put your bag away; we're going to the grocery store."

"Okay!" Yugi sprinted up the stairs and put his bag by the couch in the living room before sprinting back to his master. "Okay, all ready!" Atem smiled again. He took the drawer to the cash register into the office, locked the office door, and grabbed his keys. Atem then ushered Yugi into the car. The first thing Atem had ever bought with his tournament money was a black, rand-new mustang convertible. He had always liked those cars ever since he had first spotted them back when he and Yugi were still sharing a body. He loved it. As Yugi was putting his seatbelt on, he had to ask his next question.

"Why are we going to the store?" The purr of the engine started as soon as the question was asked.

"To get some ingredients for dinners this weekend." Yugi tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"We're going to cook?" Atem pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street. The ancient one had a bit of a lead foot, but not enough to jeopardize their safety.

"No, I am." Atem looked at Yugi and winked, which just caused the little one to smile with a blush. Atem continued to smile. He knew of some ancient recipes that were usually used as aphrodisiacs. He was going to tease Yugi as much as possible; the way he used to do with the girls in his father's harem when he had first reached puberty.

But there was no comparing Yugi to anyone else; Yugi was the most beautiful person Atem had ever seen. Not only because they were dark and light, but in general. The boy's sweet and generous nature gave him that golden aura that attracted so many. But Atem refused to let anyone have his little light; Yugi was reserved for him and no one else. The Pharaoh was not oblivious to Téa's advances when she used to make them. He was just more interested in Yugi. The boy had a lean, thin body; a feminine figure with a slight masculine build. It drove Atem crazy every time he saw it. The dark one had to shake his head to rid himself of those thoughts. The last thing he needed was to become aroused while behind the wheel. He looked over at Yugi who was looking out the window with the usual smile on his face. Oh, if only the little light knew what his dark had planned.

'But if he knew, it wouldn't be as much fun …' Atem thought to himself.

Finally, they arrived at the grocery store. Atem ordered Yugi to get them a cart. As they walked through the store, the older would point out a product and the younger would pluck it from the shelf. No one really said anything, but a couple of people started at them. Yugi did not notice, though. To him, everything was normal.

When they returned home, Yugi seemed a little tired; so Atem told him to go take a nap. After all, he was going to need the little light with full energy. As Yugi slept, Atem made his dishes. He made food from his own time. The kitchen began to carry the scents of several different spices. He made sure to make a special kind of rice. Yugi loved rice, and it would be even better when Atem had them specially made. Atem made a big dinner so that Yugi would be nice and hard by the end of the night. He also had a few rules that he wanted the little one to follow. The ancient Pharaoh began to excite himself again with his thoughts. They were going to pay a nice long game all weekend. Atem chuckled to himself. This was going to be the best weekend ever. He was broken out of his thoughts by a soft yawn. Atem looked behind his shoulder to see Yugi scratching his unruly hair.

"Hi, Master." Atem smiled.

"Dinner is almost ready; go turn the thermostat up." Yugi did not question, he just obeyed even if he was wondering why he had to obey this particular command.

"Okay, all turned up…but why?" Atem turned the stove off and walked to his little slave, hips swaying in a seductive way. Yugi noticed this and blushed. Before he could run away, Atem placed a hand on Yugi's cheek, and then slowly brought the boy into a kiss. Yugi began losing himself once again.

"Good; now go upstairs and take your clothes off." Yugi's eyes widened in panic at hearing this. His master just chuckled and twirled a lock of Yugi's hair around his finger. "Just do it; we're going to have fun." Atem gave the younger another soft kiss on t he lips for reassurance. "Now, I have to lock up down here," his gaze seemed to intensify as he gazed into Yugi's eyes, "I expect you to be naked when get up there. And don't forget to close all the blinds when you get up there." Yugi nodded nervously as he climbed the stairs. He looked back at Atem once, but when he saw the older's commanding smirk, he continued his journey to his room.

Atem was not lying when he said he had to lock up. He locked the Game Shop door, the door to the apartment, the back door, and closed all the blinds on the downstairs level. This way, they were completely alone, and no one would bother them … or so he thought. Just as Atem finished isolating the lower level from the outside world and was about to make his way upstairs, a small buzzing sound came from Yugi's bag. Atem raised a brow and dug into the bag to see what it was. He pulled out Yugi's cell phone and cringed when he read the caller ID. It was Téa. Soon the buzzing stopped. Atem was about to put the phone back down when it buzzed one more time. There was a text message. The ancient one opened the message. Of course, it was from Téa.

We r going 2 the movies wanna come?

Atem rolled his eyes. He could not stand how pathetic it was that people could not take the time out of their lives to spell words out when they texted. He glared at the screen again and was about to erase it when he stopped himself. If he did nothing, then she would just continue to call or send messages until she received an answer. So he took it upon himself to reply.

No. Yami and I want to be alone this weekend. I will call you later.

As soon as the message was sent, he turned the phone of completely. Before he made his way upstairs, he went into the Game Shop and unplugged the phone. The dark one relocked the door and unplugged the phone to the apartment as well. No there was no way to contact them. Smirking and licking his lips, Atem finally made his way upstairs.

While waiting on his bed, Yugi fidgeted a little bit. No one had ever seen him naked before, and he did not exactly have the highest self-esteem. He was scared that his master would not like what he saw and leave him. Yugi began to sob at that thought. He did not know what he would do if that were to happen. He loved his master so much and wanted nothing more than to make him happy. The little one was so caught up in his thoughts that he did not hear anyone enter the room until he heard two soft words.

"Oh my …" The startled boy looked up to see his master looking at his body and licking his lips. Yugi swallowed the lump in his throat and quickly got down on his knees then bowed his head to show respect and submission. He could hear the soles of Atem's boots on the carpet as they made their way to him. Yugi's blush intensified when he felt two fingertips under his chin, tilting his face to look at the older. The boy expected the worst: he expected his master to slap him, scream at him, tell him he was ugly and useless. But what he did not expect was to be pulled into a deep, controlling kiss. The lighter of the two instantly melted into said kiss. It was pure bliss that made him lose all control of his common sense.

"You're beautiful." Atem whispered in a seductive tone.


End of Chapter

*** I don't know why people never thought of this; it's a great way to get the two out of the way when you barely use them.