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As Yugi got ready to go out, Atem contemplated why he was feeling the way that he currently was. Seeing Yugi happy—truly happy—made him feel happy …and guilty. Happy for making his light's eyes sparkle, but mostly guilty for how he had been treating him. That thought made way for the confusion for he had thought that that was what he originally wanted. Then finally, sadness came. Sad because he just realized that what Yugi thought was real happiness, was fake. It was only caused by the spell that Atem had placed on his light's mind. "Why am I feeling like this?" The dark one asked himself.

When this first all started, Atem felt nothing but pure lust for Yugi. He did not realize that as time went on that lust … evolved … into … Ruby eyes widened in realization. "Oh no …."

Footsteps came down the stairs. Atem looked up to see that Yugi had changed clothes and was talking on the phone with a smile on his face. Seeing that smile only brought the ancient one's guilt back ten-fold.

"Okay, Tea. We'll meet you at the theater in half an hour, okay? See ya then." The little one then hung up and plopped himself down on the couch next to his master. He tried to cuddle up to him, but when Atem did not give Yugi the attention that he desired; this caused the younger to worry. "Master, are you okay?" Atem did not answer.

The look on his master's face felt out of the ordinary. Atem sat in his seat, leaning forward with his right hand rubbing his temple and a look on his face that suggested that he might throw up. What really caused tension was when Yugi tapped his master on the thigh and the older jumped so suddenly that it surprised Yugi. After recovering for a few seconds, Atem finally spoke.

"W-what?" He was still panting form the surprise. That tone made Yugi feel that he had done something wrong. He instantly became concerned.

"I-I w-wanted to see … if you w-were … okay …Y-you w-weren't s-speaking …" The boy fiddled with his fingers and kept his gaze away from his master; just in case he did do something wrong.

Seeing this, Atem realized his mistake and brought his little slave into his lap, wrapping his arms around him and nuzzling his face in his neck.

"I'm fine, Little One; just thinking." Yugi turned to face Atem with pure curiosity in his eyes.

"About what?"

" … You." The older answered with a smile on his face. At least he had not lied to those amethyst eyes while he was feeling the way that he did.

Yugi blushed first, and then smiled. His arms wrapped around his master's neck as he adjusted his position in Atem's lap. "I'm open for anything that comes into your mind, Master. As long as it makes you happy." At that Atem's smile fell and the look of guild had replaced it for a second. But before Yugi could ask any more questions, the master spoke.

"Go get me the keys so we can go." He ordered. Yugi responded with the usual happy 'okay!' that he always gave. The boy sprang off of Atem's lap in an energetic flash to find the keys. Once out of sight, the older knew that he only had a moment to think things over.

Why was it that he felt so bad all of a sudden? This was what they both wanted, right? Yugi got to be with Atem, and Atem had complete control over Yugi … just what they wanted. So why did it feel so … wrong?

The drive to the theater was a tense one; at least for Atem, it was. Yugi gazed out the window, smiling and humming a song that was stuck in his head.

From time to time Atem's eyes would wander to his light and he would watch as Yugi bobbed his head to some tune only heard by him. The feeling in the older's gut was getting worse—he could not even think of any sexual things about his little one without going back to the thought that everything that Yugi thought was really a lie. Ouch. The twisting in his stomach got worse whenever that thought came up.

Every few thoughts would tell him that he should probably undo what he had done.

Yugi's side effects are damaging his psyche … and when he finds out … he will hate you…

Atem violently shook his head. No! Things were fine! Both Yugi and he got what they wanted out of this whole relationship!

But it's not real

Stupid little voice in his head! No, things werereal! And Atem would prove it. He looked over at Yugi and it looked like all was right in his world. The ancient one wished that the feeling was mutual.

Soon, they reached the theater and Yugi jumped out of the car to go see his friends. Atem was thankful to be out of Yugi's presence for a few seconds. That was how awful the tension felt.

After a few minutes, Atem caught up with Yugi and his friends. They were laughing and talking with each other. He actually began to calm down a little bit … until he looked at Yugi. There it was … that smile … the realthing. It was as if that small symbol of emotion was there just to spite Atem; to remind him that all the smiles that Yugi gave him were fake. "No … no …" Without realizing it, the dark one clenched his fists to the point where his knuckles were turning white.




The sound of laughter seemed to amplify in volume as everything went into slow motion. The noise of happiness pounded like a drum in his head. Noises that he used to treasure now haunted his conscious mind. It was so loud and mocking that it was giving him a headache. "Stop …" He held his hands over his ears, as if that were enough to block everything out. "Stop it …" Tears were starting form in his ruby eyes. He thought he was literally going to lose his mind.

"… mi …" It was muffled, but the voices had to mock him further by imitating the nickname that Yugi used for him.

"… ami." Make it stop! The pain was beginning to overthrow him. The laughter and happiness in that angelic voice was too much for him to bear.

"Yami!" Suddenly, all the noise stopped. Atem opened his eyes to see Yugi looking at him with concern. "Yami, what's wrong?" Atem was so caught up in the insanity that it took him a moment to realize that his breathing was labored. "Is something wrong?" No answer to the question was made for a few seconds. In stead of answering, Atem just smiled and started stroking Yugi's cheek lovingly. The boy closed his eyes and nuzzled his master's hand with a purr.

"No, Yugi; there isn't." The boy just continued to relax at his master's touch. But he started squirming in place, trying to get closer to his master. The older knew that his light was becoming aroused. Normally, he would have jumped Yugi then and there. But then he remembered that they were in public. A little bit of attention was being attracted. So he had to calm his light down before the little one lost control of himself. "Calm down, Yugi …" Atem whispered, giving embarrassed looks to their onlookers.

Yugi moaned and backed away a bit. "Okay …" He whispered with a hint of disappointment in his hushed voice.

"Yo, Yug'!" The sound of his name being called by Joey woke Yugi up from his hazed state and startled both dark and light.

They looked over to the ticket line to see Joey waving them over. Yugi instinctively took Atem's hand and went over to hid blonde friend. Once together, the five of them entered the theater. Joey looked down at his ticket and did a double-take.

"'The Last Song'? Téa! We agreed on 'Clash of the Titans'!" Téa ignorantly shrugged her shoulders.

"I bought the tickets, so we're going to see what I want to see." Joey could not argue with the girl's logic. After all, it was her money that bought his way into the show; but that did not stop him from grumbling profanities under his breath as they entered the theater. Once seated, he had to turn the profanities off since there were little kids around him. But he did sit in his seat and pout for a while.

All of a sudden, as if something had pushed a button, Joey froze. It was about five seconds before he regained motion. "Dude, I gotta go pay the water bill." Before anyone could say anything, he sprang up out of his head and was out of the theater.

Tristan rolled his eyes and sighed. "I better go make sure he uses the right bathroom this time …" He followed his blond friend's example and headed in the same direction.

Yugi felt a slight tingle in his bladder at the mention of 'bathroom'. That happened a lot. He looked at Atem with a smile and pleading eyes. "Is it okay if I go with them? I don't wanna disturb the movie." He asked with an innocent tone.

On the other side of him, Téa narrowed her eyes in suspicion. Why would Yugi need Atem's permission just to pee? Atem smiled and rubbed Yugi's cheek again, which just made Téa even more suspicious. It looked like Yugi was nothing but Atem's pet. Neither dark nor light noticed her glares.

"Sure. Be back in five minutes." The red-tipped haired dark said. Yugi placed a kiss on Atem's cheek.

"Okay!" He ran out of the theater just as fast as Joey had a few minutes earlier.

Once Yugi was gone, Atem tried to get comfortable in his seat, which meant placing his feet atop the chair in front of him. However, something felt off. Slowly, he turned his gaze to the right. There, he saw two cerulean eyes glaring at him. "What?" He asked in a snotty way. Téa did not speak for a moment then she finally answered.

"I know you're up to something." Atem slowly raised a brow without moving another muscle.

"I beg your pardon?" Tea's glare just intensified.

"Yugi has been bending over backwards to do your bidding ever since you started going out! What did you do to him?" This time it was Atem's turn to glare. He had forgotten all about Téa's suspicion.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Téa threw the popcorn bucket, which was in her lap, into Tristan's seat. A few kernels fell out, spreading along the floor.

"Don't you give me that! I know you, Atem, and I know what you can do! If you so much as hurt Yugi at all, I swear I will personally castrate you!" Her voice was hushed, so as not to gain attention from other movie-goers, but the tone was so hard that had it been anyone else, even Seto Kaiba himself, he/she would have flinched. Atem shrugged rather casually. The dark was rather surprised at the girl's threat. This was a little fun. It rekindled his desire to control his light.

"I give you my word that I have not done a thing to Yugi …" a smirk crossed his face, "at least not without his consent." Partially, it was a lie, but his legs were crossed at the ankles. Téa pointed a pink polished finger at him.

"Gross! I know you're up to something, and if it breaks Yugi's heart, you'll be sorry!" Thinking she got her point across, Téa sat back down.

"Are you jealous of Yugi, Téa? I think I see the green-eyed monster in your eyes." Téa scoffed. Just this attitude of his, alone, was enough to make her wonder why she ever had a crush on him in the first place.

"Of course not, I'm glad that Yugi found someone, but if that certain someone is playing with his heart, than I have no choice but to step in."

"If you feel the need to protect Yugi from something that's not even there, than that's your problem." Téa scoffed again.

"Whatever. Just don't mess with him." To signal that the conversation was over, she took a sip of her Sprite soda. Atem's gaze slid to her again.

"Besides, if I was the one suspicious of my best friend and former crush," his voice was low and caught Téa's attention again as Atem just stared at the screen with a smirk, "I'd stay out of my way and keep my mouth shut, unless I wanted something to happen to me." Téa's eyes widened at the threat. Atem smirked evilly at her. But before she could retaliate, the boys came back and the previews were starting.

"Okay, let's get dis damn movie over with …" Joey complained.

While the three boys took their seats, Téa continued to glare at Atem while the latter just smirked at her. Yugi noticed this as he sat down.

"What's wrong?" He whispered, glancing back and forth. Téa and Atem just continued to look into each other's eyes; Atem threatening her silently, and Tea telling herself that she really needed to watch over Yugi.

"Nothing, Yugi. Popcorn?" She said. Atem looked back at the screen with that smirk still on his face.

The movie was over with very quickly. Joey even ended up crying and standing up at the end, clapping and cheering: "Bravo! Bravo!"

After the movie was over and the others went home for the night, Atem and Yugi drove to the airport to pick Solomon up. They did not have to wait long, since the old man's plane had already landed and the two boys were so late that Solomon had to call Yugi's phone at the end of the movie to remind them that he was home.

They soon reached the house. "Boy, it is great to be back home!" The old man cried out. Atem and Yugi both had bags in their hands. Atem was the last one in, so he closed and locked the door. "And it seems that you've managed to maintain my shop as well." Yugi laughed.

"Of course we did, Grandpa; we're not two-year-olds." Solomon laughed and gave his grandson a hug.

"Well, I'm off to bed. It's been a long trip, so would you boys mind putting the cash register up for me?"

"Sure, Gramps." Yugi said.

Once the old man was gone, Yugi began the chore asked of him. He had not noticed that Atem had creped up behind him.

"Sleep, little light slave." Atem whispered. Yugi gasped and fell right back into the trance; eyes dilated and body relaxed. Atem waited a moment before saying anything. He ran his hands lightly up and down Yugi's arms. The boy moaned in pleasure. "There is no need to ever trust anyone but me, little slave."

" … No need …"

"They're trying to place us against one another. We can't let them do that. So I am the only one you can trust."

"… Only one …" Atem pet Yugi's hair. He leaned into Yugi's ear and whispered before licking Yugi's lobe.

"Trust only me …"

" … Only you …" Atem pulled away a bit, placing his hand on the back of Yugi's head.

"Good, now let's go to bed."

" … Yes … bed …" Yugi slowly said, still deep in the trance. Atem lead Yugi upstairs, never once noticing the person outside the game shop window.

Téa gasped at what she saw. She watched Yugi drop the register and watched Atem speak seductively to him. "I knew it! I knew he did something to Yugi! He hypnotized him!" She stated to herself. She now knew what Atem had done and she had recorded the whole thing on her camera phone. She now had the proof. "I gotta tell the guys!"

End of Chapter