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Chapter One: I Could Get Used to This

I'm feeling it comin' over me
With you it all comes naturally
Lost the reflex to resist
And I could get used to this

If there's a dark side to you I haven't seen it
Every good thing you do feels like you mean it


For the third time in my life, I am moving away from the place I had come to call home. With each place I have lived in, something major has happened that has changed the course of my life. Moving from Oregon to Washington, it was because my mother had died in a car accident and she basically begged a man she didn't know to take me in, make sure I was okay. Little did she know that the man she asked was the head of a family of vampires. It was this move that led me to a small town where for just a little over two years, everything changed.

I came to that small town with adoptive parents and brother but still feeling somewhat alone and incomplete. I left that town with an extended family, knowledge of more supernatural beings and events, a man who I love more than anything and…and changed; literally.

The last fact is perhaps the most crucial for this next part of my life. As hard as it has been, I have never regretted what Jasper did. When it came down to it, this was really the only option. I honestly wasn't ready for my life to be over, I wasn't ready to leave all the people I loved behind.

It hasn't been easy; it's been extremely difficult for me to get used to this whole new lifestyle. It was the reason for the second move; the move to deserted and cold Alaska. For the past seven months, it has been my home. It took awhile for me to get used to living there at first but, with all the people I love there, it made things much easier on me and before I knew it, I had grown quite used to all the snow. Besides, what girl doesn't love playing in the snow, making her feel like a little girl again.

Of course, it wasn't all play while we were there. We moved there so that I could work on my self control so that I wouldn't snap at anyone if they got to close. Being as we are all vampires, the only choice we had was to venture out little by little into crowds of people. There was always two or three people with me whenever I was out, just in case. It was extremely difficult in the beginning. The burning sensation I've come to known as thirst was sometimes so overpowering that I couldn't even form a coherent thought or sentence.

However, that seven months really changed everything for me. Slowly but surely, I was able to be around people without wanting to drain them dry as well as able to hunt with a hint more grace without making a big mess.

All in all, my family has stuck by side, trying to help me in their own ways. If there was anyone though that I depended on the most though during those months, well hands down it would have to be the man that I'm completely head over heels for.

True to his word, Jasper has never been too far away the entire time. If anything, we've grown even closer during the past few months. Which, that's definitely a good thing being as we're engaged now. Engaged! Sometimes I still can't believe it. That one day, he and I will be married. Of course, I know I will always be with him but the idea of marriage seems absolutely amazing to me.

Now here I was, the third move. A move that is both exciting and a bit nerve wracking to me. The time has finally come where things and people are going to be split apart. Before we even left Alaska, our family began parting ways.

Last month, Emmett and Rosalie finally had their wedding; a wedding that had been in the works for over two years. Those two are completely in the newlywed stage right now and have decided to take a year away for just themselves. I'm going to miss them so much. I see Rosalie as a sister and Emmett as my big brother, always wanting to protect me but at the same time the one who always wants to have fun. They're going off to travel, explore things together as husband and wife.

We're currently in route to our final destination; Hanover, New Hampshire. Yes, by some sheer miracle, I was once again accepted in Dartmouth university. This time, I couldn't say no; the opportunity was too great to pass up again. While Jasper and I will be meeting up with Alice and Jacob in Hanover, the rest of the family will be continuing on to Rhode Island where Edward and Bella are going to be attending Brown University and Carlisle has accepted a job at the hospital there. He and Esme are so proud of Edward and I. Even though we will probably be going though this whole college process again, it's all still very exciting for them. Personally, it all seems surreal to me. I mean how is it possible that me, Natalia Cullen, was able to get in to a Ivy League school? Things like that just don't happen to people like me. However, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I am going to make the most of it.

"Darlin?" all my thoughts immediately shifted when I felt someone grab my hand, gripping it tightly. Looking away from the window, I turned to find to find a very amused Jasper looking straight back at me "you now you have been staring out the window since we left the airport without so much as even blinking?"

I shrugged, smiling a bit sheepishly at him "I was just thinking about everything."

"It's understandable" he squeezed my hand "you're about to start a new chapter of your life, it's only natural to be nervous."

"I'm not.." I began but when he looked at me with that knowing look, I stopped talking, knowing he'd be able to feel my every emotion. "well, of course I'm nervous. I'm starting college while at the same time dealing with being a still somewhat newborn vampire." I smiled.

"Natalia" another voice joined the conversation and looking up, I saw Carlisle staring at me from the rear view mirror as he continued to drive, his 'dad' look on his face "what did we talk about honey? You're doing so much better, there's nothing to worry about."

"I know" I sighed, blowing some hair out of my eyes. The rest of the car ride was relatively silent as we drove through town, me gazing out the window again, watching all the people and buildings we passed along the way. Before I knew it, the car had stopped right in front of a long row of old looking apartments.

"What do you think?" my parents looked at me once we were all out of the car, walking up the stairs.

"Um" I looked around "it's a bit…old?"

"Natalia!" Esme looked slightly shocked "you should never judge a book by it's cover honey." she smiled, leading me into the building. I knew what she was talking about right away when she opened the door. It wasn't an apartment building at all. In fact, each one of these buildings were townhouses; two stories and completely restored to look both modern with a vintage twist. The door gave way to an amazing living room, completely furnished. Much to my excitement, all the furniture that Alice and I had spent months mulling over was now here in front of me, just how I wanted it. Everything had a simple quality to it. There was no need for extravagance here. It was just going to be me and Jasper.

As everyone waited for Bella and Edward to swing by, I took the liberty of just walking about the rest of the first floor of the apartment, taking note of every single thing. There was a kitchen which looked positively pristine, untouched and I was pretty certain that it would stay in this exact same way unless we had, for some reason, some humans visiting. Which, I guess that would be the 'normal' college thing to do so who knows. There was a door in the kitchen that opened up to what I guess would be the back yard. Though, it wasn't much of a backyard as it was a small lounge area. The patio was covered so there was no need to worry about the lounge chairs getting wet when it rained. It was pretty much secluded and each apartment seemed to have just the right amount of privacy. Which, that was always a plus.

By the time I came back out to the living room, my brother and Bella had already arrived and were standing talking with my parents and Jasper.

"Like it so far honey?"

"It's amazing" I shook my head, in a bit of disbelief.

"And you haven't seen upstairs yet. Come on." Esme took my hand, leading me up the staircase, Bella following closely behind us. The second floor was just as fabulous as the first. Though there wasn't much, it was everything I envisioned. We walked by one bedroom that was set up simply with just a bed and a dresser. I didn't know why there was an extra room but I guess you can never be too prepared in case someone wants to stay over. There was a bathroom next, the guest bathroom Esme pointed out. And then we finally came to it; a closed door which was just begging to be opened. Pushing it open quick, I had to do a double take of the room in front of me. A huge, dark brown sleigh bed was the first thing I saw. Even though I didn't sleep anymore, the bed with the insane amount of pillows, sheets and blankets so inviting that I had a feeling I would just lay in it for hours.

"Oh come on Natalia" Bella nudged me, having heard my thoughts "you know you'll be doing much more than just lying around in that bed. "She laughed, Esme giving her a look.

I didn't answer her, I just continued to explore around the room, running my hands over the nightstand and the vanity dresser. It was a deep mahogany color and it looked extremely old. No, not old, it was vintage. Vintage and beautiful. There was a large painting over the bed, depicting a sunset over the ocean, giving off the sense of serenity.

"It's all so beautiful Esme, thank you so much." I hugged my mother tightly once we made it back downstairs.

"Don't thank us darling, you deserve it. Your father and I just want you to be happy." She kissed my cheek before pulling away "now" she pulled a camera out from nowhere "let me take you picture in your new home."

"You're not serious are you?" I laughed at her in disbelief.

"I am not!" she shook her head "now, go stand over there with your brother." She pushed me slightly away towards Edward who was just standing there with an amused look on his face.

"Indulge her Natalia." He wrapped an arm around my shoulders "she is our mother after all."

He had a point. We posed for what felt like a hundred pictures. Ones with my brother, my parents, Bella, Jasper and by myself.

"She always does this, so don't think it'll be the last time." My brother forewarned me.

Before I knew it, it was time for them to leave. To go catch their flight to their new home. There was a lot of sadness floating around the room, something Jasper tried to ease as best he could which I was thankful for. It was difficult saying goodbye to Carlisle and to Edward but when it came to saying goodbye to Esme, I was a mess. Though we shed no tears, the emotions in our eyes and voices made it pretty clear that we were having a tough time. Even though they wouldn't be that far, this would be the first time that I would be away from them.

"You call me, everyday." Esme hands were on my face, a sad smile on her face "promise me?"

"Of course mom, everyday." I hugged her once again tightly.

"You be careful with my sister." I overheard my brother telling Jasper who just nodded. "she means everything to her and if one thing goes wrong.."

"Edward!" I playfully hit his shoulder "I'm not a little kid. Hell, I'm not even a human teenager anymore." I winked, trying to make him laugh.

"That may be so but you're still my little sister so I'm always going to protect you."

"From Jasper? I'm pretty sure I can handle him." Jasper glanced at me, a knowing look on his face that, if possible, I'd have blushed tremendously.

After a few more minutes, they all finally left, leaving just Jasper and me in our new home.

"So, what do you think of all of this?"

"It's all so amazing. I just can't really believe that we're here, you and me. We're starting school tomorrow Jasper!" the thought hit me and I couldn't help but feel bother overjoyed and anxious at the idea. He simply nodded his excitement not on the level as mine apparently. Which, that would make sense being as this wasn't his first time in college. "are you excited?"

He shrugged "to start school? No, not really. Though, it'll be a nice change from the high school curriculum I've been doing the past six years." He must've noticed the slight falter in his smile because he was soon in front of me, arms around my waist "but, being here with you? That's all I need, everything else doesn't really matter."

"You're such a smooth talker you know that?"

"Oh yes, I know." He leaned in, kissing my nose just as my cell phone started ringing. Frowning, I pulled away from him slightly, my smile getting brighter when I saw who it was calling.


"Nat!" a high pitch laugh came from the other end of the line. So loud that Jasper backed up away from me, wincing at her over enthusiast voice, shaking his head.

"Are you here already?" I plopped on the plush couch in the living room.

"Yes, me and Jacob just finished unpacking the things we brought. God Nat, I can't wait for you to see it, it's so me!"

"And Jake? How is he handling everything?"

"Well, if he hates it, he sure hasn't said anything. Not like he would anyways." She giggled "anyways, I called because I wanted to if you wanted to come with us?"

"Come with you where?"

"The airport?"

"Airport? Alice I just came from there, why would I want to go back? Why are you going back is the better question though."

"Well, there's been a sort of a change of plans."

"I'm listening."

"Well, it's not that huge but two of Jake's friends are going to be coming here too."


"Why? Is that a problem?" she seemed suddenly nervous.

"No, well, it's not for me." I cautiously looked up at Jasper, knowing he could hear everything we were saying. He didn't look upset but I knew him, he was very good at hiding things. He was just staring back at me, making me feel a bit uneasy.

"Great! I think you'll really like them Natalia. So, do you and Jasper want to come with us to the airport?"

I opened my mouth to answer her but my cell phone was no longer in my hands.

"Alice, dear" Jasper lay the charm on thick, knowing it always won her over "I'm afraid Natalia and I already have plans for this evening, I hope you don't mind and we will meet your friends tomorrow, would that be alright?"

"Oh" she laughed "well um, yes that's fine. Tell Natalia I'll see her in the morning. Have fun you two!" she hung up the phone, Jasper shutting mine and tossing it on the coffee table.

"Since when do we have plans?" I quirked an eyebrow at him as he came closer, him not saying a word before picking me up quickly in his arms.

"Oh, we've had them for about two minutes."

"Oh is that so?" I was definitely intrigued now as he hastily made his way upstairs and into our new bedroom. He took a good ten seconds to look around the room before making a bee line towards the bed and just like I thought, it was amazingly comfortable.

A moment later, he was kissing me deeply, lovingly while his hands found their way to the hem of my shirt. Things all the sudden caught up with me, knowing now just what these plans were of his. As much as I wanted it, craved it, I wanted to know why now.

"Why the sudden change of heart? I broke the kiss long enough to get his attention.

"Easy" he pushed me back, somehow managing to take the shirt off at the same time "I'm not quite ready to share my beautiful fiancee with anyone just quite yet. So I figure that Alice, Jacob and whoever their friends are can wait until tomorrow. Tonight though" his hands skimmed over my cheek, down over my chest and to my sides before coming to a brief rest on the waistband of my pants before slowing working on those too "you're all mine." The way he said the word 'mine' was enough to send my mind into overdrive.

"Is this what you want Natalia?" his hands moved down my now exposed legs, his eyes watching me with a hint of teasing mixed with a whole lot of desire.

What kind of question was that! This is what I've wanted for months, to be with him like this with no restrictions or hesitations.

"Oh god yes." I leaned up, not caring how desperate I sounded as I fervently undid all the buttons on his shirt, trying really hard not to rip it to pieces. My newborn strength may be wearing off these days but when my mind wasn't too focused, I could be careless. When he noticed my urgency, he gave me that heart stopping smile before assisting me.

Before I knew it, I was filled with this inexplicable feeling. It was borderline addicting with each passing second. I knew that being with Jasper was amazing but this was taking it to a whole other level.

Every touch, every moment that passed it was… oh god, there weren't even words to describe it. All I know is that if I were human, I probably would've been bruised and battered in the morning. Teeth raked across certain areas while hands roamed around others.

I honestly don't know how long we were up in the room, lost in one another but, I do know that when it was all over, I felt both satisfied and with an odd wanting to do it all over again.

Trying to regain the breath I didn't really need, I placed both hands over my face, trying to hide the huge smile on my face. Luckily for me, Jasper didn't seem to be bothered by it. He gently took my hands in his, pulling them away from my face, a smile of his own on his face.

"See darlin'" he looked down at me "I told you it'd be worth it."

My mind still reeling from this incredible high, I just nodded like a fool.

"Oh my god, yes" I mustered out "god! You've got to be kidding me right?" I glanced up at him.

He laughed, prompting me to tell elaborate.

"Is it always going to be like this?" I felt a bit juvenile in asking him that but, let's face it, when it came to sex, I was still a bit new at all this, and definitely inexperienced when it came to all this.

"Oh, I was taking it easy on you Natalia. You just wait, I'm going to show you things that you're going to love and enjoy tremendously."

I swallowed nervously, the mere thought both nerve-wracking and extremely exhilarating.

"Well I hope that it'll be soon."

"Patience" he laughed "we're going to have all eternity together to explore all kinds of things, physically and intimately with one another. I can promise you now though that you will love every second of it."

"Was I…" I frowned a bit "you know…good?"

"What?" he seemed shocked by my question "you were better than good, you were amazing Natalia."


"Though you are the only woman I've ever been with…" he began but he stopped real quick when I shot him a venomous glare. "and I love you." He recovered swiftly and smoothly, giving me another smile before arranging us on the bed, wrapping one of the blankets around us as we spent hours lying there, talking about anything and everything.

"Do you think I'm going to be able to handle being around all those people tomorrow?"

"I think you will. Just remember Natalia, we're all going to be here for you and now with the addition of whoever it is that's coming, there should be someone around you at all times. Not to say you will need it but just in case you know?"

"I guess that's a good thing. Do you think Alice's and Jake's friends will like me? I've never met any of them before? What if they aren't so accepting like Jake?"

Jasper rolled his eyes before answering "I have no idea how they will treat us. They, I'm sure, treat Alice like a friend since she is their leader's imprint but that doesn't say much for us. We'll just have to wait and see Natalia."

"You're right. God, I just hope everything goes okay tomorrow. I would hate for everything to have been in vain."

"Nothing has been in vain; you're so much stronger now. I doubt anything will happen tomorrow other than us starting school." He kissed my forehead, sending me some waves of calmness, allowing me to relax against him. And that's how we spent the rest of the evening, wrapped up in one another, talking about school and our new life here together.

This was certainly something I could get used to; this, being with Jasper and him having utter confidence in me that things were going to be okay. If he said so, then I sure believed him. This was us, officially starting our new lives together.

Like he said, tomorrow was all about starting school…what could possibly go wrong? As long as I had him by my side, everything would be okay.

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