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Chapter 3: I've Just Seen a Face

I have never known
The like of this, I've been alone
And I have missed things
And kept out of sight

But other girls were never quite like this


I have been the university system countless times before and it hasn't changed all that much.

Things were virtually the same. The classes, the majors they all were repetitive.

The only thing that was different this time around was the fact that I was living with the woman who loved me and who I loved in return.

While that sounds like an utter cliché, I cannot deny it. From the first day I met Natalia, I knew there was something about her. Something about her that drew me in.

Of course there was the fact that I imprinted on her, something that vampires weren't supposed to be capable of doing. We of course had singers, but that was about it.

Even if I had wanted to, I would've never been able to stay away from her. She was bound to me before either of us could even realize it. It was that fact that still plagued me, even now that we were engaged and living together.

I wondered if I had ever given Natalia the proper chance to fall in love, or did I just stake my claim on her without giving her any other option. She is such a selfless person so I didn't really know.

I tried not to think about it too much though. It was completely absurd for me to even think about questioning the love that we had for each other.

We had been through so much that not being together wasn't an option anymore.

Hell, I had changed her. It was something that I'm still not sure that she wanted. She had such a hard time adjusting to life as one of us. She did without too much complaining, endured it because she knew because she had to.

Because she had to. It was that very thought that made me constantly question things.

I couldn't exactly focus on that today though. Not when it was the first day of classes and Natalia had been nervous about this moment for weeks now. I knew she'd be strong enough to make it through the day, but until she saw it for herself she wasn't going to believe me.

We spent a good part of the night in the bed, the two of alternating between talking and laying there in silence. It was a comfortable silence, especially given all we did last night.

I had told Natalia that when the time was right, I would be with her intimately. Though we had been together when she was human, this was taking it to a whole new level. I wasn't exactly sure why I had waited so long to be with her. It wasn't like she was this fragile human anymore and God knows I wanted her.

I just wanted to make sure she was focused on getting strong and control her bloodlust. Her mind needed to be on that and not on sex.

Whatever my reasoning, it was worth it in the long run. Being with her, allowing her to feel every single emotion was positively euphoric. I could be a bit rough with her and she was able to enjoy it fully.

Showering this morning, I ran through my list of classes in my mind. I only had one today so that was good. Being as it was her first day, I wanted to be there for her just in case something happened. Not that I doubted her, it was just I had to ready for everything. I remembered what it was like to be unable to control the desire, the desire to attack an innocent person.

As I finished getting ready, the thought of what would happen if Natalia were to ever attack someone stuck in my mind. I knew she wouldn't handle it well. She was an extremely compassionate person and for her to take a life would be life shattering, something she'd live with for all eternity. I would try to not let that happen, but I knew I couldn't be with her every hour of every day.

The chance of her encountering her singer while attending school was also a very real possibility. If it were to happen, she would in no way be able to control that urge. Not right now at least. She was still in that in between phase. While she had tremendous control, she still had her weaknesses like everyone else.

I pushed all of those thoughts to the back of my mind and tried to focus on just being there for Natalia. She was nervous. I could feel her anxiety before I even saw her.

She was tapping her foot as she surveyed all the items in her closet. Clad in only her bra and underwear, I almost immediately forgot about everything and all I saw was her. I thought back to previous night and how she looked as she basked in every ounce of pleasure she was receiving. The look on her face as she reached that peak and the way she breathed heavily as she came down from that high.

I attempted to calm her nerves for the next half hour without using my gift. I tried to hold back when it came to her, knowing she wasn't exactly fond of it.

I succeeded somewhat and the two of us finally headed out for our first class. Though, the second we stepped outside, it was my nerves that caught up with me. Quickly grabbing her and pulling her back to me, I reminded her that she hadn't hunted. The last time was two days prior when we were still in Alaska. For someone who was older and had better control, there'd be nothing wrong with this, but Natalia was still in that volatile stage and could snap at any moment.

I blamed myself of course, thinking about how irrational I had been. Instead of making sure she was fully prepared, I had taken advantage of all the swirling emotions between the two of us. Too caught up in pleasure, I had completely forgotten about what was really important.

She somehow convinced me that she would be fine, but I knew she was hesitant about everything still.

Before we parted I made her promise me that she would call me if even the slightest of problems arose. She agreed, but I had a feeling she wouldn't call me if something like that happened.

After kissing her goodbye, I walked away from her. I knew she was watching me. I could feel her confusion and love towards me. I knew I was being a bit overprotective, but I knew Natalia better than a lot of people and I just wanted her to be safe and happy.

The only reason I was able to actually leave her was because I knew Alice would be seeing her after her first class. Though I wasn't fond of Alice's relationship with Jacob, I was just going to have to make that work. Especially now that two more of their friends were moving here as well. I didn't know how much wolf interaction I could handle, but I was going to try my damndest to endure. Not so much for me, but for Natalia. Alice was her best friend and she adored Jacob so I didn't have much of a choice.

The friends on the other hand I was going to try and avoid as much as possible. I didn't need any unwanted stress. It was already going to be a handful, dealing with Natalia as she continued to adjust to things.

I walked to my building where my first class was to be held. I decided to major in Psychology this time around. Even though I had taken courses in it before, there was always some new theory or experiment on the horizon and I liked to be in the know. I admit, I enjoyed the lectures at these large universities. Yes I was good, but I actually liked learning new things.

My first class was in one of the bigger lecture halls, being as it was a freshman class. It was an introduction to Psychology so there would no doubt be a mixture of Psych majors and students seeking to fulfill their general education requirements.

I, as always, took a seat at the top towards the corner. I may have been around for centuries, but one could never be too sure. Bloodlust was bloodlust and it could strike at any moment. Thankful there was a door at the top of the stairs as well, I was all set.

I sat back and just watched everyone. All the emotions around the room were typical. There were feelings of nervousness as well as excitement.

The class commenced and I spent the next hour and a half listening to our professor explain the syllabus and the types of things we'd be covering this semester. Our teacher was a woman in her mid forties, but attractive. Some lust swirled around the room as she spoke. No matter how old one is, there are always those guys who are going to be attracted to their professors.

I tried to block out those emotions and actually paid attention. Unlike most students, I was quite disappointed when the lecture was all over. I wished this class was longer, but I knew that I'd be back on Wednesday so that gave me some satisfaction.

We were dismissed and thought briefly about what to do next. I could go wait for Natalia and walk her to her second class or I could go home and come back her when she was done. I didn't really think she'd be fond of any of those, but chose to go with the latter one. As much as I knew she desired to be independent and do this on her own, I couldn't shake the feeling of something bad happening when I wasn't with her. Call it the imprinter sensor or what, but I was always on nerves end when it came to her. I'd do anything to protect her, but that'd be hard if I wasn't always with her.

I exited the building and headed outside. I must've been too wrapped up in my thoughts because I reached for the door at the same time as someone else and I ran right into them, causing their things to fall to the ground.

"What the hell?" A young woman's voice hissed at me as I bent down to recover her books. I noted briefly that she too was coming from our Psych lecture. "Why don't you watch where you're going asshole?" She continued her rant even as I stood up to her hand her things. She opened her mouth again, but immediately shut it when she met my gaze.

I handed her all her books. "I apologize for that."

She didn't say anything. "Are you alright miss?"

She shook her head, her jaw tense and her eyes burning with intensity. I didn't understand why she was looking at me like that. Was she really that upset because I dropped her things? "Did I hurt you?"

Her emotions suddenly shifted and were hitting me full force. There was anger, confusion and longing mixing all together. The first two I could understand, but the last one threw me for a loop. We didn't know each other and this was way more than a simple lust induced emotion.

I stepped closer to her and she moved away from me, her nose wrinkling in disgust. "Don't touch me leech." She murmured lowly so that I could only hear her as people walked around us to exit the building.

I froze. She knew what I was? How was that possible? I had never met this woman in my life and yet here she stood, calling me out on the very secret we hid every day.

I took her appearance. She was tall, but still shorter me with long black hair and tanned skin. Standing closer to her, I bit back the sudden growl that built in my chest.

Her scent that of spring rain, I knew that she was one of them. I knew that this was one of Alice and Jacob's friends, which would make her a…

The realization hit me quicker than I was prepared for. Hate and understanding swelled in my chest the longer I stared at her, the two of us unable to break this gaze.

The look in her eyes was no longer foreign now that I knew what she was.

The second she caught my glance, I was, whether she wanted it or not, hers.

I had to get away from this girl and fast. I knew how it worked, having endured it myself.

Without another word, I turned and walked straight of the building. She didn't follow me, much to my relief. I knew she wouldn't. She was confused and angry. Those two emotions seemed to overrule everything else.

I crossed the campus and found a group of benches and sat down and just waited. Natalia would still be in class for another hour or so and I was going to wait for her. I needed to see her, needed to wrap my arms around her and know that everything was okay. If I could touch her, I knew it'd be alright.

That was complete wishful thinking. The second I saw her and Alice emerge from their class, I felt Natalia's wariness and nerves. Quickly wondering what happened to her, I nearly ran to her and pulled her into my arms.

"Are you alright?" My question was twinged with anxiety. She assured me was and I knew she could tell that something was up, but didn't question it further. We said goodbye to Alice and began walking back to the apartment. As we walked, I could feel her eyes on me and the slightest trace of fear coming from her. Fear from what I wasn't exactly sure. I didn't ask her about her day, knowing that she would ask me about mine in return. I wasn't prepared to tell her what had just happened to me. I didn't know how she would react and I needed to figure some things out before even attempting to tell her.

By the time we got to the apartment, my mind was all over the place. Stepping inside, I offered her a smile and she did the same, but we both knew they weren't genuine. We knew that and yet we accepted them without question.

It made me wonder if something had happened or if someone had something to her during her time away from me. As much as I wanted to know, I couldn't find it in me to ask her.

I couldn't, not when that young woman was still in my mind. Her emotions plaguing me like no other, not allowing me to think of anything else.

I knew that I would have to tell Natalia at some point, but it wasn't going to be right now.

There was only one thing that I was somewhat sure of.

While I may have just become that young woman's world, she was most certainly not mine.

I didn't think that something like this was possible. It didn't seem fair.

How could someone who's already imprinted on someone become the imprint of another?

It was cruel really.

I was going to have figure something out, and fast.


I wasn't exactly fond of this whole going to college idea. If it were up to me, I'd still be in Washington with the pack and doing what I did best, protecting the people I love. However, my father thought differently. After graduation, he said that I needed to do something with my life other than stick around the reservation.

I didn't see anything wrong with that. I loved it in fact.

But when Leah, my bitch of a best friend, decided that she was going to go off to college, I didn't really have much of a choice.

While Leah and I aren't exactly a couple, we are definitely friends with benefits. We've been hooking up for a couple years, but it's never been more than that. Leah hates the idea of commitment and, after what happened with Sam and Emily, hates the idea of imprinting. She hardly left the reservation after she started phasing for fear of imprinting on some poor guy.

I absolutely hate that idea as well. The thought of being bound to someone forever scares the hell out of me. Who would want that? Talk about taking away your freedom. I see the other guys with their imprints and it's almost disgusting. Those girls never stood a chance because once one of us imprints, they will do almost anything to get those girls to be with them. Sure, they'll play it off as they'll be whatever they need, but we all know what they're really after.

So, the decision to go to college with two of my best friends didn't seem like that bad of an idea when it came down to it. If someone were to ever tell me that I was going to be attending an Ivy League school, I would've laughed in their face. Me and academics have never been friends, but apparently I was good at it. Go figure right?

It was an easy decision, deciding to move in with Jacob and his leech. Ok, ok so that little pixie isn't all that bad, but it's still weird to be around her sometimes. To think that Jake imprinted on a vampire is just crazy. I didn't even know that was possible, but I guess you can't fight fate or whatever they say.

Arriving last night, they were both there to greet us at the airport. Alice, as always, was thrilled that we were here and that we'd be living together. Leah and I weren't so excited.

Our apartment wasn't too far from campus and was two stories. There were three rooms and they were already decorated. Thankfully, the pixie didn't go overboard with my room. I didn't like people doing all that stuff anyways.

After we were all settled in, Alice cooked dinner for the three of us. I had to admit, she could cook. Which, she better know how to given how much Jake and I ate. Not to say I couldn't handle it on my own though. As we had dinner, Alice ran through everyone's schedules and was more than excited when she saw that me and her best friend would probably a lot of classes together. I didn't know what she was so excited about. I could endure Alice because she was with Jake, but the other ones I don't think I could.

The rest of the evening passed with all four of us downstairs just talking. It was actually surprisingly easy to talk with the pixie around. She never judged and was always doing what she could to make Jake happy. Those two loved each other so much it was ridiculous. They were complete opposites and yet they fit together.

When it was time for bed, Leah asked if she could come sleep in my room. I told her yes and she told me that sleeping would be all that we were doing.

"Do you think everything will be okay Paul?"

"Hey," I turned over so I could see her better, "that's not the Leah I know. You're a tough bitch and can handle anything. You'll make it through this college thing easily babe." I kissed her forehead and allowed her to curl in closer to me. There was never need for a lot of words between the two of us. We just knew things, understood each other. We were best friends after all.


Morning came too quickly as far as I was concerned. Being as neither Leah nor I were morning people, it took almost an hour to get up. We woke up around nine and our classes were at ten.

I showered and got ready in a matter of twenty minutes and headed downstairs where I was greeted with the scent of scrambled eggs and toast. Jake and Leah were already done there eating while Alice stood when she saw me to fix me a plate.

Alice, in a way, reminded me of Emily. They were always taking care of us, making sure we had enough to eat and whatnot. I'll admit, the pixie was growing on me.

"Now Paul, please don't start anything today." Jake joked half heartedly with me.

"Yea, don't be phasing in the middle of a lecture or something." Leah added.

"Well thanks for being so supportive you two."

"We know you better than anyone else Paul, any little things sets you off." Jake reminded me and I knew he was right. My temper wasn't exactly something I had under control fully, but I was working on it. It was just in my nature to be this way.

We headed off to campus around nine thirty, the four of us heading off in different directions once we reached the center of it. Alice and Jake went one way while Leah went off to her Psych class which left me to head to my Bio lecture. I never would've thought that I'd be majoring in science to one day become a doctor. We'd see how long that lasted.

I was almost late to class, being as I couldn't find the damn lecture hall. Who knew it'd be the big room where most of the people were headed. By the time I got there, nearly all the seats were taken. I glanced up towards the top and saw a few empty seats. As I walked, I wondered if Alice's friend was in here. I tried to find a girl who had golden eyes like Alice and was paler than most people.

About halfway up the stairs, I found her. Found her and just about ran the other way when I did.

She must've seen me because she was looking at me with an odd look on her face. She seemed tense and angry and it all seemed to be geared towards me. What the fuck?

However, whatever the hell she was thinking didn't matter because the second those gold eyes caught mine, I knew I was completely and utterly screwed.

The urge to walk right up to her and spill my innermost feelings was almost as strong as the urge to break her.

My worst fear, my fucking worst nightmare was coming true right before my eyes.

This girl, this leech, was my god damn soul mate. My fucking imprint!

I hated vampires, they made me sick and I absolutely despised the idea of imprinting.

And now I had those very two things combined together in the form of a beautiful and horrible goddess.

"Fuck," I cursed under my breath and tore my gaze from her, long enough to find a seat towards the front of the class just as it started. I tried to pay attention, but I could only think about her. I hadn't seen her fully, mostly her eyes, but she was beautiful.

I knew leeches were supposed to be good looking, but she took it to a completely different level. Her hair was long, dark and had lips that were just begging to be kissed. She was a leech and that made her pretty much unbreakable. God, the things I could do to her and not worrying about her breaking a bone or crying out in pain nearly did me in.

I was thinking way too much about her and I hated her for it. This wasn't supposed to be happening! I didn't want to be tied by down, bound to someone. Especially her.

I had no idea what the teacher said or what he assigned us. I just knew that as soon as that bell rang, I was out of that damn class room and practically running to my next one. I had Stats next and I prayed to God that she wouldn't be in there either.

She wasn't and I found myself being able to breathe easier. I was able to take that seat in the back, wanting nothing more than to just fall asleep and wake up to find out that I hadn't just imprinted on that girl. I knew that wouldn't happen though, no matter how badly I wanted. I did close my eyes for a few minutes, but all I saw was her.

Damn it, she was already consuming my thoughts. I couldn't let that shit happen, I needed to do something about this.

What could I do though? I couldn't break the bond that had just been created.

This was just ridiculous!

I attempted to listen in math and I somewhat succeeded. I was good at math, so I was in my element here. Every time my mind drifted, I brought it right back to math for an entire hour and a half.

When class was over, I tried to make a quick escape to the apartment so I could think.

It wasn't so easy. On the way there, I spotted Alice along with her and what I assumed to be the other leech.

That's when it hit me. Alice was always talking about her friend, the one who some vampire imprinted on.

As much as I wanted to deny it, I knew that she was that friend. The girl who I just imprinted on already had her own bond with someone, already belonged to someone else. Well fuck, this just made things a hell of a lot more complicated than I thought.

I walked home as quick as I could, marching into the house just as I saw Jake walking out from the kitchen.

I was so angry, so confused by everything that happened that I needed to take out my anger on the first person I saw. Jake happened to be that person.

I was on him, pushing him against the wall in a matter of seconds, practically choking him.

"I'm going to fucking kill you Jake! This is all your fault! You and that damn leech of yours!"

"I…what the hell are you talking about?"

"If you hadn't convinced us to move here this wouldn't have happened! I can't stay here, I refuse to have this stupid ass connection with some leech!"

His eyes softened in understanding, but at the same time confusion.

I dropped my arm from him, releasing my hold on him.

"I can't do it Jake, I just can't." I felt defeated, angry and confused as hell.

This was so not what I fucking signed up for.

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