"Hey Penelope! What's up?"

Looking up from my last piece of homework (ever!), I saw one of my friends, Suzie standing over me. She was grinning from ear to ear, hiding something behind her back.

I replied just as excitedly, "Hi Suz! Nothing much, just finishing homework. What's up with you?"

Suzie grabbed a seat next to me, smacking down a piece of paper that was probably behind her back the whole time.

"Take a look at this."

Pushing my homework aside, I peered down at the bright yellow paper. It read: 'Have a unforgettable summer! Just for three thousand dollars, get on a plane and travel out of the states! See beautiful sights, meet new people and most of all enjoy the sunny weather!'

I stopped reading, "Okay, Suz. What's the point of this?"

Suzie encouraged me, "READ on! Look at the place the school is offering to take us!"

Rolling my eyes, I returned to the yellow paper. Let's see...blah blah blah--need to sign up on board, cash and checks only--....'You have the chance to travel around Italy!'

I started, "Again...I don't see the---."

Woah! What?! My eyes were glued onto the paper for several more seconds, I didn't notice the smirk that grew on Suzie's face.

She teased, "Do you see the point now?"

Jumping up, I almost knocked down all my books, "Yeah yeah! Can I have this paper!?"

Suzie leaned against her chair causally, "Sure thing."

Sticking the paper in my mouth, I collected my books and gave Suz a nod before sprinting out of study hall. I ran down the hallways, ignoring the shouts from teachers. Arriving at my locker, I threw all my stuff in it and slammed the door.

I mumbled, "Where would Earl be at twelve thirty?"

Aha! He said something about finishing up a science project in the lab! I decided to fast walk there because I really can't afford detention just because I was overly excited. Throwing up the lab doors, I practically screamed to no one in particular, "Where's Earl?"

A boy who was trying to untie his apron replied, "Near the closets."

Bidding him a 'thank you', I stalked passed many tables until I reach the closet. Standing there was Earl in really HUGE goggles, he was cleaning out glasses in the sink.

Getting his attention, I squeaked like a mouse, "Dude! Guess what I found out?"

Earl jumped three feet and spun around, obliviously startled.

"What the hell Penelope?! You almost made me drop Mr. B's glass!"

Walking forward, I grabbed the slightly dirty glass from his hands and slammed it on the table. I was surprised it didn't break. Without a word, I handed Earl the yellow paper. His expression was confused, before he looked down and started to read. I waited a few minutes before Earl snapped his head up, grinning, just like Suzie had.

He coughed out, "Are you serious!?"

I nodded, "They haven't offered that trip in TWO years."

Earl's grip on the paper tightened, making it rip and crumble. Laughing, I snatched it away and flatted it on the lab table.

"...Do you want to go?" Earl asked.

Looking up at him, I smiled brightly, "Wouldn't miss it for the world."


After I finished signing my name to the board, I watched Earl step up. He changed a lot of the three years. Earl got taller, his braces officially came off in the middle of junior year. Surprisingly, Earl grown more muscles and overall became less shy. I'm very proud of him.

Earl placed the pen back on the clipboard, "Done!"

I laughed, "This time I actually thought about signing up than just doing it out of instinct."

"Oh yeah! I remember that! Your parents were so mad."

I sighed, "Yeah don't remind me. I still don't get an allowance."

Chuckling about the memories, my brain focused on Scipio. We've got really close over the years... Suddenly a voice broke me out of my daydreams. Turning around, I saw it was Suzie, who was bouncing over to the board.

Earl asked, "Are you going to sign up too?"

Suize smirked, "Hell yeah! The boys in Italy are probably hella hot!"

Earl nudged me in the ribs teasingly, "Penelope would know."

Three years later and he's still 'HELLA' annoying.

Suzie questioned, "Oh really Penelope?"

Feeling my face heat up, I stumbled with my words, "Uh-no. I don't think that I would know that."

Suzie and Earl replied at the same time, "Riiiighhhtt."

Earl shouted, pointing at her, "Jinx! You owe me a soda!"

"No thanks." Suzie rolled her eyes as she reached out to sign her name right under ours.

I started up another conversation, "Hey Earl, did you tell Mikayla?"

As if on cue, Mikayla came running around the corner, holding a sharp pencil. Hasn't anyone told her that's unsafe? She jumped over a janitor bucket that was in her path before finally stopping in front of us, out of breath.

Earl greeted casually, "Hey hun." He kissed her on the cheek.

I gotten used to that.

Mikayla panted out, "Am I here in time?"

Suzie stepped back from the board, "Yup!"

Mikayla yelped in glee as she dived to the board, only one thing on her mind; to get her name on that sign up sheet. Once that mission was completed, she straightened her hair and sighed contently.

One of my other male friends, Brad, passed by us. I uttered, "Hey Brad!"

He stopped abruptly, seeing us, "Hey guys....?"

We all met Brad in sophomore year. He has very blonde hair, baby blue eyes and a lean body. Overall, he's awesome. Not like most of the boys in our school.

Suzie asked, "Are you interested in going on a trip to Italy?"

Brad's eyes went wide, "Really? How-"

"You can sign up right here. It's for the whole summer." I interrupted him.

Brad continued to stare at us, probably considering the idea. Finally he replied, "Oh f*ck it." He grabbed Mikayla's pencil and wrote down his name quickly.

Earl pumped his fists in the air, "Little thieves here we come!"

Brad gave Earl a surprised yet questioning look while Mikayla rolled her eyes and Suzie stated more than asked, "What the heck is he talking about."

Seeing the bewildered look on my friends faces, I laughed, "Long story."

My friends are dorks, but I love them.


Throwing my slightly empty backpack on the couch, I announced to my mom who was busy cooking in the kitchen, "I'm home!"

Mom's voice floated into the living room, "How was your day dear?"

Walking in the kitchen, I stated, "Very good actually."

She turned around, holding a kitchen whisker in her hand, "Why's that?"

Feeling the same nervous panic attack I felt back in freshman year when I first told my dad that I 'accidently' signed myself up to a five thousand trip, I said, "Well, my high school is finally supporting another trip to Italy."

Mom raised her eyebrows, seeing where this was going, "Oh?"

Nodding, I continued, "Yes..I was wondering if I can go? It's only three thousand this time!"

She still stared at me with a blank expression before shouting to dad who was probably in the dining room reading the afternoon paper, "Honey! Whip out the check book!"

I smiled, fully relaxed that my mother said yes. She knows all the friends I made back in Italy, she also knows about Scipio. She calls him, 'the future husband'. How embarrassing.

Suddenly another scary thought came to mind, "Wait---you're not going to take out the money from my college fund are you?"

"Of course not dear."

I bet she's lying.


I shut the door to my room and flung myself on the bed. I probably got some emails by now! Opening up my account, it revealed that I got four new messages. Yay!

I sighed in annoyance when I noticed one of them was just an advertisement. Don't you just hate those? My eyes rested on the email below it, guess who? Double clicking on the email, I found out it was from Scipio. No surprises there.

I smiled as I read through the somewhat humorous email. He was talking about how he caught his fifty billionth suspect. Just by asking for the time. Yes. The time. That suspect must have been so guilty that he would spill his guts to anyone who talked to him next. That person happened to be a assistant detective. How unlucky. The next email was from Prosper. He talked about Bo and everyone. He now owes the magazine stand. How ironic? Finally, I clicked onto the last unopened email. It revealed to be from Hornet. She asked how I've been and if I'd be coming soon. Oh man, I can't wait to tell everyone the news.

Refreshing the page, I replied to Scipio's first. Italy...here I come. Wow, deja vu much?

A/N: I'll give you a picture of what Mikayla and Suzie look like.

Mikayla-She used to have brown hair in the last story, now she dyed her hair black and wears color changing contacts to make her eyes look blue. She's 5'4, curvy but skinny.

Suzie-redhead! Bright green eyes, light freckles on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She's 5'5, strong body since she plays volleyball.

Penelope's new appearance will be explained in the next chapter!