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by mrtysh

Chapter 1: Preparation: There's always tomorrow

"Come on, Samus, we've been training all day! Dinner's in one hour, and I smell like filth! Let's go back up to the room and shower, please?" Zelda complained to her best friend and ruthless bounty hunter Samus Aran. They had indeed been training all day, what with the tournament coming up the next day.

"Okay, fine. I guess a quick shower would be nice... This sweat really sucks. Let's go," Samus, in her Zero Suit, turned in the opposite direction and ran out of the small excuse for a training room.

"Well, hey wait for me!" Zelda cried, chasing after her to their group-shared room to freshen up.


Princess Peach sat quietly in her spot in the dining hall, awaiting the arrival of her best friends Samus, Zelda, Link, Marth, and...


She knew he thought of nothing more than friendship when Peach's name was mentioned. At least that was what she thought. What she wanted was entirely different. So different she felt she could only tell Samus and Zelda about it.

She was absolutely, extremely, madly in love with that handsome, flaming red-haired swordsman. His features, of course, were amazingly delightful, but that wasn't even the half of it. He could make her laugh effortlessly with his great sense of humor. His battle skills were spectacular; he was one of the best fighters in the mansion. He was always so kind and courteous to anyone.

Peach had loved Roy right after she got to know him well. The task wasn't too difficult, Roy was a very social person. She perceived him to be little less than perfect.

That was exactly the problem! Perfection just didn't mix well with a flawed, careless princess. Peach knew and admitted that she wasn't very skillful; her technique lacking power and purpose. She was too dainty for him; he deserved someone like... Samus. Or even Zelda....

Peach succumbed to the thoughts that raged a battle in her mind as she saw Roy and Link heading her way for dinner time.


"How do I look, Samus?" Zelda inquired, scrutinizing her appearance carefully.

"Zelda, you always look amazing. If he or anyone else can't see that, then they are a bunch of dumb-shits," Samus stated bluntly. That was her personality; Samus had always been and would continue to be very up front about her thoughts.

With a small chuckle, Zelda replied, "Thanks, Samus. I do like this dress..." She was wearing a deep blue hued dress adorning the Hyrule symbol on the front and her shiny tiara perched atop her head; light chestnut hair braided down to the small of her back. Her sparkling eyes were gleaming with mixed, unreadable emotions.

After all, if he wasn't as much in love with her as she was with him, life would go on. Samus had already reasoned with her that he would be foolish not to be completely smitten already. He was just hiding it, showing his emotionally strong side, which Zelda liked enough. But one never knew for sure...

"Come on Zelda, we don't want to be late for dinner. Everyone is probably waiting for us anyway!" Samus stood at the door, sporting her memorable light-blue Zero Suit.

"All right, let's go, then..." Zelda glanced at herself once more, smiling. She always hoped for the best, after all.


Marth wiped the last tear from his blotchy cheeks. He knew he shouldn't think about her after all this time, but it still hurt. She had meant so much to him...

Elice was his sister, the most beautiful, kind, and caring sister he could wish for. She had always been there for him ever since he was a young child and continually as they grew up. Sure they had their fair share of squabbles, but they had a really close relationship.

If only she wasn't gone from his life... forever.

She had died about three years ago; the causes unknown, which hurt even worse. Even though it had been so long, Marth couldn't ignore the fact that she was gone. He wouldn't know what to do without the tiara she had given him before he left for the Smash mansion.

Reluctantly, he stood from his navy blue bed in his room, sniffling once more. He headed out the door to dinner, which was rapidly approaching.

He admitted it, it was time to move and and become emotionally strong again. That's one reason why he remained at the mansion after her death.

The other was because of the amazing friends he had made. Link, Roy, Zelda, Peach and...


For some odd reason, when he thought her name, his heart seemed to flutter excitedly. She was one of his best friends, there was nothing there. Was there?


"Hi, Link, Roy!" Peach greeted cheerily, covering up her hidden depression. "How did training go today?"

"Hi, Peach! I think everything was fine, I'm ready for that tournament tomorrow!" Link replied happily, glancing to Roy.

"Fine, I guess..." he muttered unenthusiastically, plopping down into the chair in front of Peach.

"What's up with you?" Link asked, gently sitting in the chair beside his irate companion.

"It's nothing, Link. We'll talk later," Roy snapped gruffly.

"Okay...So how did your training go, Peach?" Link let Roy stew on his thoughts.

"Oh, me?... Fine. I'm hoping I'll do okay in the Tournament. I know you guys will be great!" Peach smiled encouragingly.

"Peach, you'll be great, don't underestimate your skill. We'll all be cheering for you; right, Roy?" Link was so supportive. He glared at Roy to put in his two cents as well.

"Mmmnnhhh..." was what Peach heard from him. She truly worried about him, he was never like this! Maybe Link would tell her what was wrong with him...

As that was said, Samus and Zelda approached the group. Zelda sat beside Peach in front of Link, and Samus sat beside Zelda.

"What did we miss?" Samus inquired.

"Nothing, really. Just Roy being an ass," Link glared at his friend once more. He didn't even know what the problem was, unless it was because of... no it couldn't have been! That never bothered him this much.

Roy remained silent on the matter.

"Oh, forget it. Hey, have you guys seen Marth at all? We haven't seen him all day," Link wondered.

"The last time I saw him was a few hours ago when we were training together... he said he was going to his room for something, and left before I could think twice about it," Zelda shrugged, and Samus nodded in agreement.

"Oh. Well, then he'll probably be here soon. It's almost time to eat anyway," Link thought Marth had always arrived much earlier than everyone else. He hoped nothing was wrong...

As they silenced, they looked down the table to see who else was there. They could see Pikachu, a giggling Kirby, Fox, Falco, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, an irate Ganondorf, and Sonic. Everyone else had yet to arrive.

"Hey, everybody... What are we staring at?" Marth approached the group, sitting beside Link.

"Nothing, in particular," Samus said. "Where were you?"

"Oh I was just in my room upstairs. I failed to notice the time, so I got here a little late. Sorry about that," he replied, looking down; away from questioning gazes. He didn't want to tear up again, not in front of them...

"It's okay, Marth. But could you see about knocking some sense into Roy? He's acting like a total jackass right now..." Link glared at Roy again, becoming frustrated with him.

Hearing a grunt from Roy, Marth suggested, "Why don't we switch places; I'll talk to him." Link eagerly complied.

Samus, Zelda, and Peach didn't know what to think as Marth whispered a few things to Roy, and Link sat in Marth's seat. Men...

At least the meals were being served so everyone could just relax and maybe the hostility would lighten up a bit. They were served pot roast with carrots, potatoes, and celery, and iced tea to drink.

As the group ate and socialized, everything became normal again; everybody was laughing and talking together. Soon, they finished, and went their separate ways to their rooms; except for Peach, who was going to visit with Samus and Zelda in their room until later that evening.


"So, Roy, what did Marth say that made you snap out of that mood?" Link inquired when they made it back up to their room and said goodbye to Marth.

"Oh, that... I guess I never told you before. See, lately when I'm around Peach, I... I'm in love with Peach, Link," Roy whispered the last so faintly that Link had to strain even his own Hylian ears to hear it.

"Why did you never tell me that? That's a good thing, Roy. You can trust Marth, but not me?" Link acted hurt.

"No, I just never did, I can't believe Marth didn't tell you. So... sorry if I caused any problems for you. I'm such a dork, I can't even tell a girl-" he began.

"I know what you mean. I have the same problem sometimes with her. I end up feeling like a complete idiot a lot of the time. But in the end, it's all right, because we can always find something that's enlightening," Link said.

"All right, I get it, you don't have to be a fortune cookie anymore!" Roy smiled good-naturedly. "Well, I'm pretty tired, I think I'll go to bed early. Night, Link!" he stripped off his tunic and removed his heavy-weighted attire.

"Night, Roy..." Link switched off the light, removing his own clothing. Boy, Peach would love to be here right now... Link smirked in the semi-darkness, eyelids becoming heavier by the second. I would love to be with her...

Why don't we just call her by her name anyway? Roy wondered, but sleep took him on a trip before he could finish the thought.


Marth lay under the pale blue sheets on his soft, warm bed; clutching the pillow, fighting off the threatening tears. He couldn't stop thinking about his dearest sister...

He thought of what she would have told him in a time like this:

"Marth, I know it hurts; it hurts me too. It's okay to show how you feel. I'm here for you, cry on my shoulder for a little bit. Express your emotions..."

Marth did what she said. He cried; let the tears flow freely.

Eventually, the tears subsided, and he slept, though lightly.


Peach, Samus, and Zelda were in Zelda and Samus's room sitting cross-legged on the floor in their pajamas, having somewhat of a 'sleepover,' except Peach would be leaving soon.

"So, how about we play some classic Truth or Dare? I know it's lame, but it's a great way for us to talk," Peach asked giddily.

"Sounds like fun! Who goes first?" Zelda was unusually enthusiastic about the childish game.

Samus groaned in exasperation. When she was involved in 'activities' like these, it usually ended in a big secret being revealed to Peach and Zelda. Not that she didn't trust them, she trusted them with her life. But certain things a woman such as herself liked to keep hidden away in her massive brain...

"I'll go first!" Peach decided. "Okay, Zelda, Truth or Dare?"

"Umm, Truth," Zelda replied.

"Okay, have you ever cursed at someone?" Peach knew it was a dumb question, but she was smart; that's how you start the game. Then you get down to the core of the exercise...

"Hell, yes!" Zelda giggled at her own response, even Samus joined in. "So, Samus... Truth or Dare?"

"Dare!" Samus answered, feeling bold for once. This way she didn't have to tell them anything...

"I dare you to... do twenty push-ups?" Zelda shrugged and shook her head, unable to think of anything better. Yet...

"Oh, come on!" Samus boasted, assuming the position and fulfilling the dare with overwhelming ease. She truly was in good shape.

"Well, that was no challenge..." she sat cross-legged once more and eyed Peach; thinking of a real question or dare. "Peach, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," she whispered, her cheeks turning slightly pink as if she suspected a more personal question. Samus was smart about stuff like that.

"When did you have your first kiss?" Samus smirked mischievously, though this would be giving away nothing specific. She already knew a lot of specifics about Peach...

"When I was... s-sixteen," she muttered, this being a little older than normal first-kiss occurrences.

"That's not that bad. I didn't have my first kiss until I was eighteen!" Zelda blurted out, regretting it when she saw the looks on their faces. She did not have to say that.

"Oh," Samus smirked again. This will be interesting...

"Okay, Samus. Truth or Dare?" Peach turned back to the current task.

"Truth," she would have to say it sometime or other.

"Okay..." Peach pondered this deeply, scheming up a way to avenge that little embarrassment. "How about you share with the two of us who you are interested in?"

Samus felt her cheeks turn cherry red. She didn't like the way Peach used so much emphasis on the word interested. Usually, that wasn't a good thing.

She actually had to think about this... Was there anyone here she was interested in?

"Oh, Peach, you'd better go before Master Hand calls 'curfew!' I wouldn't want you to get in trouble," Zelda glanced at the digital clock eating a hole in Samus's side, causing more anxiety. Saved by Zelda.

"Oh, gosh, you're right... We will continue this tomorrow night! See you ladies for the tournament! Good night!" Peach stood and left, eyeing Samus suspiciously, expecting an answer soon.

"Whew," Samus muttered when Peach was well out of earshot. "I need to get some sleep, Zel. Good night..." In one fluid motion; she stood and fell onto the bed clept as her own.

"Good night, Samus..." Zelda got up and lay in her own bed. She pondered Peach's question. It was true, Samus had never informed them of any interests. Great, now she wanted to know too...

Oh, well, she thought. There's always tomorrow. Moments later, her calm, rhythmic breath could be heard; the sound of slumber.

This left Samus seriously thinking; clutching the covers protectively. I do love someone... I just haven't found them yet... And sleep took her with it as well.

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