Well, I decided that I want to upload my writing comp entries up here as well, mainly because I'm of the opinion that there's just not enough Ober fiction in the world. So each chapter of this story will be an entry to a different competition.


Summary: Jow's point of view before Elspeth enters the room in the scene where the Druid misfits help her contact Matthew and Domik.

Waiting in Saul's kitchen, we were silent. Not just audibly, we rarely spoke aloud when we could help it, but mentally also. We had already revealed ourselves to the strangers, already figured out our plans; all that was left now was to wait.

Everyone was tense, lidgebaby was in danger. His and our safety lay in the hands of a person we had never met, the latter part was about to change, but we might not like the result. I of course had extra concerns, but I kept those to myself. Sharing them would do nothing, save worry the others further.

The girl was a liar.

I knew that even without Ariel's claims about Obernewtyn. Gilaine had told us that she knew Daffyd and that he knew she was a misfit.
My brother had once spoken of a girl named Elspeth, he had said she was to be charged as a misfit. It was soon after lidgebaby had been born that he told me, he was musing on the irony. But she had been a land girl, an orphan, not a gypsy.

I sighed. She was hiding something, she was untrustworthy and yet we still had to place our faith in her. This was a large risk we were making, a larger risk than the others had counted on, but it was a risk we had to take. Her presence and those of her friends were the greater threat.

Telling the others would only increase their anxiety, nothing more. So I remained silent.

A twinge in the back of my mind heralded Saul's entrance and I looked up to appraise the girl who held our fate in her hands.