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Rating: Mature. Mature+. Lots of sex, lots of angst. (:

Author's Notes: This was originally gonna be a one-shot HAH! Chapter one and I haven't even broken into my plot yet *roles eyes*. Although it may not look like it, this IS a Harry/Draco fic. The smut kinda took over this chapter. Enjoy! ;] Find me on tumblr: mrstomriddle if you wish to chat about the story (:

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Harry was a slut. Everyone knew it. Since he defeated the dark lord in his 5th year, he'd lost all his honest principles and would bed whichever male or female he felt like devouring.

It was widely known, he'd fucked his way through close to all members of Gryffindor, and the majority of Hufflepuff. He feasted on the Ravenclaws during their breaks from studying, and had bedded more Slytherins than you'd have expected!

It was rumored he'd even gotten Snape to kneel in front of him, but no one dared to ask either if it was true.

He never went on dates past the first. He didn't have boyfriends or girlfriends, besides a few regulars he didn't have to worry about getting too attached.

Nights he hadn't secluded a partner he stalked to Dean's and Seamus' bed, where the high libido-ed couple could always handle an extra hand... or cock... To fulfill their needs. Wrapped up enough in each other, Harry didn't have to worry about letting them down every time he didn't come to bed. No, he was a free agent. No more rules, directions... He could fuck, kiss, leave anyone he wanted; but all the same, he was close to Seamus and Dean.

He wasn't as close to Hermione and Ron since they had both cheated on each other with him on the same day; the two had called it even and just moved on. There was no hate or even friction between the three of them, but he just wasn't as close to them anymore. Ron had made him swear not to go near Ginny (other than taking her virginity of course) and he had little time for the Weasley's. Fred or George were always a good bed, but they sulked too much when you mixed up their names, and having to convince someone to let you cum about 5 times in one night just wasn't worth it.

Harry had taken Fred's virginity but not George's; the latter had gotten around a bit, so although better at sex, not to Harry's liking. Harry loved virgins, coaxing them into it, molding them into what you want; the inexperienced were always more eager. Plus, they'd always have a sweet spot for him if he felt like returning.

That's what Harry was doing right now, Justin Finch-Fletchley who'd been away with a particularly bad case of Dragon Pox for the better half of the year. Far away from Harry's grasps and keeping his precious virginity safe. But not anymore. It had taken 3 hours worth of sweet-talking, and sucking on the smaller boy's tendons, whispering seductive words into his ear, and Harry's breath dancing across saliva slick skin for Justin to finally let Harry into his underwear. Even then it took a bit of convincing when Justin saw Harry's cock.

"How's it even going to fit?" ... "Maybe we should do something else..."

Harry never forced, if anything he agreed; "That's ok Justin, you just have to let me put your cock in my mouth."

Justin thought he was going to die. Fourteen years of not even kissing someone and now he had an experienced BOY, sucking on his cock, a strong tongue lapping at his pre cum, and a focused hand playing with his sac, teasingly dragging a finger nail softly underneath. Fingers were playing gently with his entrance, teasing at the hole. Sometimes pretending to push in, but instead lingering softly. His cock was so wet from Harry's saliva he could feel it trickle past his sac and joining that ever persistent finger.

Harry had the boy's foreskin between his lips now, nibbling at it, and flicking his tongue inside to collect the salty beads. It felt too good; Justin bucked, trying to get his cock further into Harry's warm mouth and consequently pushing that finger slightly inside him.

"Oh god!" Harry stopped all his ministrations.

"Want me to move it inside a little more?" Harry purred.

"Mmhh…. Yess..."

And that's when Justin broke. Harry, well trained by now, found the boy's prostate easily, teasing it at every angle but refusing to rub it properly. Justin was so close to coming he could have cried.

"Want me to use my cock Justin? I can fuck you properly. Hit that spot inside you as much as you need."

Justin just nodded, begging incoherently. God he was close. Harry grinned, slipping out the three fingers he'd slowly entered into the boy. The entrance was now lax from his expert probing and slick with Harry's spit. Harry lifted the boy up and sat him on his lap in front of his cock, biting and sucking at the sweat moist shoulder blades in front of him. He held the boy's hip in one hand, his own cock in the other, and lifting Justin, slowly feeding him onto his ever persistent erection. God it was tight! This is why he fucked virgins.

Justin had practically gone limp from pleasure, giving Harry full reign to drag him up and down his cock while at the same time slowly pulling on the boy's erection. Didn't want Justin to come too soon. Harry was pretty close himself, all the teasing had made his cock hard.

But now he'd won, and all he had to do now was come.

"Fuck Justin, you're so tight, would fuck you night if I could!"

"Mmmmh, Harry. Harry please, please please!" The cock in Harry's hand was rock hard, hard from Harry. This thought sent the smug brunette over the edge, tugging Justin into ecstasy with him.

"Fuck Justin FUCK. Gonna cum in you FUCKING tight hole... "

They both lay back on their make shift bed of spell enlarged robes, trying to catch their breath. The Hufflepuff quickly fell into a light sleep, cushioning his head on Harry's chest.

Harry grinned smugly as he added another mark to his mental tally. God he loved virgins.