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Rating: Mature. Mature+. Lots of sex, lots of angst. (:

Author's Notes: I keep saying to myself *Just concentrate on one story & finish it* I might try that – but don't hold me to it! ANYWAY, new update – started off with smut, as it's all I really know how to write & randomly picking characters for Harry to have sex with is like a smutty Russian roulette /giggles. I hope you like it, I had a real battle between using it for plot & just porning it up - in the end, just becoming my longest sex scene to date (;

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The wet kiss bruised pleasingly against his lips, saliva mingling gratifyingly with the water droplets that clung to Harry's Adonis form. Blaise was an incredibly enthusiastic & easily met the golden boy's technique – unlike his Ice Prince counterpart, Blaise used his beauty & affluence to get him what he wanted, & very often that was Harry James Potter's cock. Harry pushed the Slytherin back towards the wall, allowing him to spread the boy's arms taunt & mouth at the toned chest laid bare to him. The chocolate coloured colour skin tasted more spicy than sweet, the flesh pliable to his teeth as he nibbled at the topless boy & enjoyed the sounds of writhing from pursed lips. Harry had really intended to use his intimate prior knowledge of the boy to get an edge on Draco's reactions to the previous night's encounter – all it took was a dark look after a Quidditch game & Blaise has sauntered into the Gryffindor changing rooms appreciating Harry's state of undress straight from the showers. Shifting to his knees Harry got a better look at how well Blaises trousers fitted him, sculpting thighs that had obviously never played Quidditch & was just born to be idle & beautiful – what was it about Slytherins & effortless splendour? He nipped some more through the fabric, his hands caressing the hardened expance of the boys crotch. The boy was thrusting against his palm, moving his hands to undo the fastening.

"Fuck Potter, if I knew today'd be when you finally gave me head – I'd have worn better underwear"

"Don't stupid Zabinni, you never wear underwear" A husky laugh erupted from above, mixed with sighs of pleasure as Harry's fingers found their way towards his beckoning shaft. There was a playful grin on the jaded saviour's lips & he pushed the tight fitting fabric down to reveal the boy's prize.

"I need something from you Blaise" A whine was the instant response.

"Does it involve getting to know what I taste like?"

"It could do, if you're willing to be liberal with your own lips" The dark skinned boy looked down with a raised eyebrow.

"Draco – what's he like in the snake pit" More laughter.

"You're wasting your time Potter, Malfoy doesn't fuck"

"You'll have to do better than that if you want my pretty lips closer to that pleading erection of yours" Harry punctuated his point by removing his hands from the boys crotch – a sulky whine was the response.

"He's on edge a lot these days, the war didn't do his complacency any good" Harry made an encouraging noise & began kissing up the boy's thigh.

"He's not going to fuck you, as there's no way his father would approve" Harry bit the soft flesh of his thigh.

"OUCH! POTTER! Alright, he needs help – with lessons, it's dead important to him." He moaned a little has Harry began licking around his cock. "Especially Defence Against... God yes Potter... He's terrified about flunking it.. Yes, please yes... & of course there's you, who's got him looking over his back evering FUH-KINNGGG minute" Harry had what he need, but he still put his mouth around the base of the rigid member - humming extravagantly, as if weighing up what he'd heard. Blaise seemed to enjoy this and began to thrust his exposed leeking tip against Harry's jaw.

"Well if that's all you've got Zabini.."

"Oh come on Potter – Harry, please? Please give me head?" His voice was needy but for sexual gratification not affection, just the way the wayward brunette preferred.

"How about you remind me how that works again & I'll think about it" His voice was amused & confident, jumping up to kiss the boy before slinking back to sit on the changing bench – leg's stretch & cock standing proud for attention. Blaise was incredibly bemused but new this is how it worked with Potter, he laughed it off in the end – falling to his knees & crawling forward to meet Harry. Blaise had a fantastic arrogance when giving head, you could press him up against a wall & plough his mouth silly & he'd just grin at you – knowing it was the best head you've ever received. He didn't like to work gradually either, no teasing licks from him – just full onslaught mouth, swallowing another inch with every dive. It was fucking fantastic.

"YES!" Harry began a liturgy of affirmations, cursing broadly & smoothing his fingers through the clipped short style of the boy's hair. The Gryffindor could feel the girth of his cock spread the boys lips, cleverly tucked over his teeth to allow him to drag them down against the solid flesh invading his liquid heat. It was a flawless blowjob, but Harry wasn't in the mood to have to finish Blaise off afterwards so pulled the eager boy off.

"Up here, NOW!" Swivelling the Slytherin around so he was sitting on his lap & Harry could swing one arm around & begin jerking him off. There was no lube, so Harry had to crudely spit on his fingers to wet the boy – it didn't matter too much, Blaise was no virgin. Three fingers in & Zabini was yelling at him to just push in already.

"For you, anything" Harry purred, raising the boy slightly so he could feed his cock into the eternal tightness of the darker boy's body. They both sighed, rocking slightly to acclimatise with so little lube, but soon they were fucking hard & furiously – Zabini being light enough for Harry to clutch and bounce in his lap. Even now, Harry couldn't but think how perfectly Draco would fit to him at this angle – how the incredibly slight boy would be a dream to grasp and manipulate across his crotch. These thoughts, as always recently, pushed him over the edge – bring Zabini with him with a few deft strokes.

They sat panting for a few minutes, Blaise swivelling to enjoy post coital kissing – it was enjoyable, but Harry was far too hot & sticky... & then an idea struck.

"Shower? Another round of head & I might just catch on to this fellatio idea..."

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