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Do to unsatisfactory writing in my earlier years and an unfinished plot at the time of its publication, this story is being REWRITTEN! Most of the original has been kept, but there are some major changes. I hope you find the newer version even funnier than the old.

"I'll be back in a month, Forehead." Then Arc kissed me on afore mentioned forehead. I jumped back and protectively covered my forehead. Even after one year of knowing him and a week of engagement, I still hated those forehead kisses. It was almost like he was taunting me that I still didn't have my adult body yet.

"I hope you never come back," I hissed.

Arc simply laughed at my reaction. Then Fredrick stepped forward to say his good byes.

"You have your orders," Arc said seriously.

"Yes, Prince Arrow. Good luck with your negotiations," replied Fredrick.

Arc turned and got onto his horse. For once, he looked like a real prince. He wore a white cape over his red uniform and his sword was tied to his left side. He could've very well stepped out a storybook that Papa used to read to me instead of the secretive thief that he usually looks like.

We waved until he was out of sight and started back toward the castle. It was going to be a long month without him, but Cocoloo and the others were there to keep me company.

I pulled out a little black handkerchief from my pocket. An engagement present from Cube, so I could see Papa and him whenever I wanted. Arc's birthday was the day after he was supposed to come home, and I was going to meet my friends in town to buy a birthday present for him.

I was about to use it when Fredrick put his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Princess Yucie," he said. "But I am under strict orders from Prince Arrow himself not to let you leave the castle grounds until his return."

And that was the beginning of my house arrest!

It wasn't like I was holed up in my room all day. I had free reign of the castle grounds, but there always seemed to be at least two guards around wherever I went. Talk about stalking.

Any reason I had for leaving the castle was quickly squashed by Fredrick. Going shopping with my friends? There are thieves in town. Seeing Lord Drago? There's monsters in the woods. What about visiting Papa and Cube, who are only five miles away? If you want to go with a giant escort that people will notice from ten miles around. (And trust me, that's really awkward.)

What was Arc's ridiculous reasoning for this stupid house arrest? Here's what Fredrick told me. I'm shortening it to a simple list instead of the long lecture he gave me.

1) Well, I was the Platinum Princess,

2) I still looked like I was a ten year old (I'll explain later),

3) I was his fiancé and he cared about me (don't tell anyone, it's not official),

And the one I hate the most-

4) He was the crown prince and anyone who disobeyed him orders exclude his mother severely (and humiliatingly in my case) punished.

The really bummer about this was that Fredrick was the in charge of keeping me in the castle. Personally I think Arc picked him because he knows most of the ways that Arc showed me how to get out of the castle and made sure that I had no way of using them.

But I said most of the ways to get out. I didn't say all. Now while I might not have been chained to my room, there's naturally only so much a girl can take. So with the help of my friends, I carefully calculated my "short trip" to the outside world. I knew I had to do this even if it meant getting punished by Arc when he got back. But I was in for a big surprise when I finally got what I wished for, and the unseen consequences weren't exactly what I thought they'd be.

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