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"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Glenda said, waving her arms in front of her. "Let me get this straight. You want to escape this castle, which just about any commoner would die to get into, so you can buy a present for Crown Prince, aka Arc, aka your fiancée. And the reason why you need to sneak out is because said fiancée has you under orders not to leave the castle, which you are intentionally disobeying."

I nodded. My friends looked at each other. They had all grown into their adult bodies, but only I remained the same. Maybe this was some divine punishment for going against Fate to rescue my friends.

"I for one do not agree to this," Elmina said. "If Prince Arrow has kept you in the castle, he must have a reason for it."

"But Miss Elmina, Miss Yucie needs to do this to get a birthday present for Prince Arrow. We should do what we can to help her. We're her friends." Cocoloo was usually the sensible one.

"Then we should get something for her," Elmina retorted. "Or better yet, just get a servant to do it for her instead."

Then Beth rescued me. "But that wouldn't be from the heart," she said. "I understand your feelings Yucie. I'll help."

"Normally, I wouldn't help a runt like you." Glenda puffed her chest out. "But I'm feeling unusually generous today."

"Elmina," I begged, "please don't tell anyone! I need to do this for Arc!"

Elmina sighed. "I guess there's be no way to stop you even if I did tell. Alright, as long as you let me watch, I won't stop you."

I was so happy I hugged her. "But I won't help you either," she quickly added.

Since the castle he wards against using magic to get in or out, digging was our only option.

We found a half finished secret passage behind a tapestry near my room. Cocoloo brought her ghosts, Beth her fairies, and Glenda her demons to help digging. Elmina stayed true to her word and didn't interfere.

She often was leaning against the wall complaining how slow we were going. This usually ended with Glenda, me, or the both of us yelling at her that if she didn't like it, she should lend a hand.

It was painfully slow work, especially since we had to work around the guards' schedule at night. Overall, the project took three weeks, 300 feet of digging, and much complaining.

"You know you can come along, right?" I asked holding the tapestry aside. Tonight was the night I was going to test the newly finished secret passage.

"Have you seen how dirty it is down there? Besides, I have a party to go to in Hell." Glenda spun around to show off her new party dress. I was so jealous. It fit her adult curves perfectly and the rhinestones on the skirt twinkled as she spun.

"I'm going to show Miss Beth the Sunset Blooms," Cocoloo said. "It's going to be one of the last days they're in bloom."

"I already told you. I won't be apart of this," Elmina coolly said.

"Alright then," I said, "I'd better get going now." I felt sad that they couldn't join me now that that the passage was finished, but they all had their reasons. Plus, there would be other times for us to use it together.

The only light around was from the candle I held in my hand. It would stay lit for two hours. Exactly how long I had before the guards came again. It was dirty like Glenda said and there was only room for one person at a time. When I got out, I was in Lord Drago's Woods.

I was free! I had gotten through the tunnel and was away from the guards for the first time in three weeks! I was so happy I was jumping up and down.

Unfortunately when I was jumping, the wind came and the candle blew out. Oh well, I'd just have to ask the shopkeeper to light it for me while I was in town. It wasn't too far away from here. I put the candle in my pocket and set off toward the town in a sprint. I hoped the store I needed to go to was still open.

But as I made my way through the woods I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Then Cerberus, the creature that guarded the gates to the demon world sprang out of the darkness. But that wasn't possible. Glenda said that she had made sure that it could never escape again after the last time it happened.

I was so shocked I jumped back and slammed against a tree. Immediately, I fell to the ground. It loomed over me, ready to eat me. Its teeth gleamed in the moonlight as drool dripped from each of its three heads. As I lay there in terror I couldn't and I didn't dare breathe.

It lunged forward. As I closed my eyes and waited for the feel of its fangs ripping into my flesh, I was knocked to the side by a tall man in black.

Cerberus used its magic flames, but the man ducked down. He charged the creature, while still keeping his head down and stabbed it in one of the front legs. Cerberus roared and clawed at the man. The man dodged to the right, but he wasn't fast enough and the claw gave him a slight cut on his left arm.

As the blood trickled down his arm, the man stood up and continued fighting. It was as if he couldn't feel the pain.

Cerberus used its fire again, but the man had learned his lesson. He dropped to the ground and rolled until he was under the creature's chest. Then he drew his sword and stabbed the creature in the heart. Cerberus gave one last roar and vanished, returning to the demon world.

The man took out a bandage and quickly wrapped his wound. Then he turned to me and I suddenly wish I had been eaten. It was Arc, dressed like a terrifying knight in black armor looking very angry.

He marched over to my side, roughly scooped me up in his arms and put me on his horse. Then he got onto the horse, placing his good hand tightly around my waist, and the other to steer the horse. I squirmed and kicked and yelled, trying to get someone to stop him, but every time I did he just held onto me tighter. By the end of the ride he was holding me so tight that I could barely breathe.

When we got back at the castle, he jumped down and lifted me off the horse. He personally carried me to my room in a fireman hold (carrying the person over your shoulder. Then he dumped me onto the bed, raced out of the room and chained the door shut with the chain so small that I couldn't fit through even in my ten-year-ld body.

"We'll discuss your punishment tomorrow morning!" he shouted through the door.

The next day, I woke up and saw Arc lying next to me. He had his arms around me and was holding me as tightly as he was last night. His beautiful blue eyes were watching me unblinkingly, as if to be sure I wouldn't leave his sight. I tried to move, but even with his injured arm, he was too strong.

"Morning Forehead." he whispered, softly kissing me on the forehead. He knows I hate that!

"Um, Arc, you can let go now." I said.

"No way, I'm not letting you out of my arms for another 3 weeks after the stunt you pulled." he said. He seemed to think it over and a wicked grin came across his face; the kind he gets when he's got a really bad idea (at least bad for me). "Check that, I should make it 3 months; seeing as it almost got you killed last night."

I could feel the blush rushing to my cheeks. "So you wouldn't let me go in front of the courtiers, or when I'm going to the bathroom or taking a shower?" I asked disbelieving. The world was about to end for me.

"I'm your fiancée," he reminded me. "So why are you uncomfortable?" He gave me an extra squeeze.

"We're not even married yet!" I shouted. "Did you think I'd let you do that kind of thing when we've barely been engaged for a month? A girl needs her privacy." I tried to inch away, but it was no use.

Don't worry," he said, waving his hand dismissively. "It's not like you've got anything I haven't already seen, so what's the big deal?"

I gaped at him. My cheeks were hot enough to burn someone. "Arc, you pervert!" I yelled, grabbing pillows to throw at him. "You are the most disgusting BOY I've ever met in my entire 17 years of life!"

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