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Fifteen years later…

"Mom? Dad? Are you guys here?" Aidan's voice travelled softly through the house, as though he was hoping his parents weren't here. Unfortunately for him, Liam's excited voice brought them forward.

"Hey boys," said Bella, leaning in to kiss Liam's cheek. She tried the same with Aidan, who pulled back reflexively but stood still and then blushed slightly when Bella leaned back, beaming. It was time for the boys' double date.

As the boys had grown, so had their characteristics. They were no longer similar in almost every way, but they were still as close as they had been in the womb. Aidan would drop everything he was doing for Liam, and vice versa.

The boys had been five when Jasper proposed and six when Jasper and Bella got married. True to his word, he hadn't pressured Bella for sex even the slightest bit. They ended up waiting until their wedding night, and it was then that they conceived their daughter, Serenity Sky Whitlock. Jasper had adopted the twins at the age of seven.

Both boys remembered the strange bronze-haired man who had brought them home when Rose had taken them away. Both boys knew he was their real father. And both boys could care less. Jasper had raised them like they were his own from the time they were born, and when he adopted them he became their father in every sense except blood. Neither boy had any desire to get to know Edward, and that took a great weight off of both Jasper and Bella's shoulders.

After the kidnapping, Liam and Aidan both took turns explaining to the police what happened. No charges were pressed against Edward at the request of Bella, who still wanted nothing to do with him – good or bad. Rose however, was currently serving a minimum of fourteen years in prison, seven for each boy. She had no hope of getting out on parole any time soon, especially since her own brother came to plead against her.

Bella had seen Edward for the first time since the kids were born at Rose's first parole hearing. She hadn't expected him there, but when she walked in his eyes met hers and they both froze. Instead of turning around and going home, which is what she wanted to do; she walked forward and held out her hand to him. When he took it, she gave it a shake and whispered "thank you". What she was thanking him for, he couldn't be certain. Was it simply for bringing the boys home? Maybe for leaving her alone after what he had done to her? Quite possibly it was because he had been true to his word and left the boys alone, signing the necessary paperwork that would make life easier for them when Jasper wanted to adopt. They could have done it without his help, but it would have taken months longer. Whatever the reason, he simply responded with "you're welcome" and left it at that. He had realized somewhat that what he had done was wrong, and he wasn't sure he could ever make up for it so he didn't bother to try. He would just do his best to stay away from all of them, because he knew that that's what Bella wanted.

Jon and Alice had married while Bella and Jasper were on their honeymoon; they had simply gone to a Justice of Peace while the boys (whom they were watching) were in school. It had been a quiet, simple affair with only the two of them and the officiator, and no one found out until Bella came back and saw the newlywed glow on Alice. The two of them shrieked, squealed, and giggled, laughing at Emmett when his eyes narrowed on Jon's ring. He looked ready to kill the poor guy, but Bella wrapped him up in a hug while Alice did the same with Jon, effectively making it so that Emmett would have to hurt one or both of them to hurt Jon.

Aidan and Liam were the best older brothers a girl could ever ask for. When Serenity was an infant, they took turns holding her and feeding her, and playing with her when she was a toddler. As she grew older, she followed them everywhere they went. Never did she hear the word "no" come out of their mouths, and she got thoroughly spoiled. Tonight she was sulking in her room because the boys had not allowed her to come with them on their date.

"Where's Ren?" asked Liam as he wrapped an arm around his date, a petite brunette very similar to Bella when she was younger. His mother gave him a look mixed with sadness and frustration, because how does one explain to a ten year old girl that her brothers can't have her tagging along on a date?

"Excuse me for a moment?" Liam requested of his date, and she gladly obliged. Aidan did the same, and the two of them made their way to Serenity.

"Hey kiddo," said Aidan, plopping on the bed with her. "What's wrong?"

"Go away," came her muffled voice as she lay face down on her pillow.

"Rennie," soothed Liam, smoothing her wavy blonde hair. "Can you sit up so we can talk to you?" She obliged, glaring at the both of them in turn. Her blue eyes were normally warm, but turned to ice when she was angry.

"Do you understand what a date is?" asked Aidan gently. Ren nodded, looking up at him.

"You guys are going to go off somewhere and make out and have fun, and I'm going to be stuck at home with Mom and Dad," she sniffled. Liam chuckled.

"Our date is simply going to consist of getting to know Angela and Jessica. There will be no making out," he explained, trying to look stern. Ren giggled.

"We only want a little time alone with them so we can see if we want to continue dating them," continued Aidan. "How well do you think we'd get to know them if we had to entertain our little sister the whole time?" As he spoke, his mouth curled up into a smile and the boys began tickling her.

"Okay, okay," gasped Red, giggling. "I'm sorry. I hope you guys have fun tonight." She smiled sweetly, and each boy kissed her cheek before leaving.

Back in the living room, the boys muttered apologies to their dates, and Angela spoke up.

"Don't be sorry," she said softly. "I think it's very sweet that the two of you are so concerned about your sister." She leaned up and pecked Liam softly on the cheek, slipping her hand in his. Bella had been sitting on the couch with the girls, going through an old photo album. She turned the page, and saw a familiar picture.

"This picture," she said, pointing to it, "was the first day the boys tried to dress themselves. They were in such a hurry to get to the park that they hadn't realized their clothes were backwards and inside out." All the girls giggled while the twins rolled their eyes.

"Are you guys ready?" asked Aidan. Angela and Jessica nodded, and the boys escorted them out. Jasper came out of hiding once they were gone.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked Bella, wrapping his arms around her from behind while she watched from the window.

"The past," she said simply, turning to face him. "It's been hard, but I'm so grateful for everything that's happened. I'm especially grateful for you," she teased, inching her hands up his shirt.

"Ew, gross!" yelled Ren as she covered her eyes. "My eyes are burning! Oh my god, what have you done?!" Jasper and Bella laughed, and the three of them settled down to watch a movie. Life was good, and from where Bella was sitting it could only get better.