Long Distance Calls

Author – DM Evans

Rating - teen

Disclaimer – so not mine

Characters- Roy, Maes

Series – manga

Timeline/Spoilers – nada, set before ch 25

Summary – how can someone so far away be so annoying?

Author's Note- written for the fma_fic_contest's 'dialogue only' prompt. thanks to SJ Smith who knew I just had to write these two for this prompt.

Word Count -204


"Hughes, you idiot, you know you can't tie up military lines with your nonsense. Hawkeye is giving me that look."

"As if you don't enjoy it. Besides, I had to call."

"If this is about your daughter, Hughes, I swear I'll-"

"Would I call you just to talk about the most delightful child who ever-"


"Not this time, buddy. Have you heard what Edward did when he passed through Dogwood Hollow?"

"Hell, tell me about Elicia. I'll take potty training stories over hearing whatever the hell Fullmetal did this time."

"You sound tense, Roy. You need to come over to Central sometime. If you hold Elicia for just ten minutes, all the tension will drain out of you."

"I'd rather go to Madam Christmas' and drain my tensions out the manly way with good whiskey and better company."

"And this is why you'll never find a good woman and get married."

"Go to hell!"

"Like I keep telling Edward, if it's true the rude live forever, you and he will be here until the end of time."

"Hughes, I'm going to fry you into -"

"Hey now, no threats over an open line."

"You make me tired, Hughes."

"What are best friends for?"