After the End

It had been nearly a week since Raven's father had nearly destroyed the world, nearly a week since Raven had discovered that she had her own destiny and nearly a week since she realized that she was alone. She had never thought of it before. Of course she wasn't alone in the sense that no one was around, she always had her dear friends, but she didn't have someone to love like the others seemed too. Robin and Starfire had each other and were now inseparable since they had come back from Tokyo. Cyborg seemed to be interested in the leader of the Titans east, Bumblebee. And if she guessed right Beast Boy was still obsessed with the girl Terra. Raven was the only one who had no connections.

She sat alone in her room, as usual and reading a book she had received from the monks of Azarath. It was a book of meditation, something to help her control her emotions and powers. She was much more in control now than any time before her father had taken control. Now she was doing it out of habit more than necessity. She was so bored with it all. She wanted to do more, but she was afraid to. She was never social, and she did not understand how to be. She was so unsure and afraid as well, afraid of so many things. She was afraid of her emotions, because if she lost control, then she was a danger to everyone. And there was something else, she was afraid of rejection. She was not sure how to approach someone, and if she did, she was afraid of being turned down.

Raven sat the book down and got up, putting her long cloak on and getting ready to head to the kitchen for some tea. Suddenly a wailing noise sounded, it was the Titans alarm. She sighed and teleported out of the room and went to the control room. The others were already there or just arriving.

"What is it Robin?" She asked the leader of the Titans.

"Slade has finally showed himself again," Robin replied.

Cyborg was standing next to them and sighed almost audibly, "I was kind of hoping he had gone away for good."

"OH MAN!" Beast Boy said, "This is going to suck." He said and they all turned to get ready and leave. Each person equipped what they need and left in their own way.

Slade was at a high tech industry that was designing breaking edge army arsenals. AS the Titans arrived they were met by Slade. He was sitting on the edge of the building, as if he were waiting on them.

"Hello…Titans. It has been a while." He said, his voice deep and dark and penetrating. It sent shivers down ones spine to hear it. "I am afraid it is time we ended our old feud." He said, flipping off of the roof and landing in front of them with a light thud.

"You're going down Slade, and this time for good." Robin said, sneering at Slade.

"No Robin, I am afraid it is you who will be losing this time." He said and held up his arm. Attached to the arm band was a strange black crystal as long as his arm and as wide as it as well.

Raven gasped, because she recognized the crystal. It was a chakra mark like hers, but this massive one belonged to her father. It was black and seemed to emanate a glow of massive dark power.

"Robin, we can't fight him." Raven whispered.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked, it was Beast Boy. "Come on Raven, of course we can." He said with a huge grin on his face.

"Yeah Raven, we took out your father now let's take down Slade." Cyborg told her.

"Yes, let us do this together." Starfire exclaimed with a huge smile.

Raven looked around and nodded.

"TITANS GO!" yelled Robin. They all ran, forming a barrier around Slade.

Slade was fast though, jumping into the air and kicking Robin across the ground. Robin jumped back up and started running, throwing energy discs at Slade. They hit but seemed to have little effect.

Cyborg was hanging on to Beast boy's foot as he had turned into a pterodactyl.

"BOOYAH!" exclaimed Cyborg. He let go of Beast boy's foot and Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and slammed into Slade and seemed to pin him down. But a look crossed Beast boy's face as he was lifted and tossed like a rag doll.

Raven suddenly felt a surge of panic, fear, anger and care that surprised her. She was worried for Beast Boy, and it was surprising how much so. She altered her position and uttered, "Azarath metrion zinthos." A surge of energy was sent at Slade. He raised his arm and it was absorbed into the chakra crystal.

Slade raised his arm at them, "Foolish Titans, you cannot beat me." He said. The others had gathered around Slade again and were preparing to fight Slade off, but something else happened. Slade raised his hand and the crystal blasted energy at them all. It hit them all hard but Beast Boy was in front of Slade and was slammed the hardest. He flew yards back and slammed into a wall and fell down, not moving.

They were all lying on the ground as Slade walked among them, "We will finish this Titans, but on another time, when you are more prepared." He said, and disappeared. The Titans slowly got up and Raven transported them home.


Hours later they were all back home looking at Beast Boy. He was hooked up to the emergency life support. He had been badly broken and was barely living. His ribs were broken and one of his lungs was punctured, but he was not beyond healing. It would take a lot of time. Even Raven could not heal him completely.

"We need to take times watching him and making sure he is okay." Robin told them.

"I will do it." Raven said, looking down at his busted body. "It's kind of my fault he is this way anyway." She told them. None of them seemed to argue about it and just nodded.

"I will be back to check on him later." Cyborg said. They all left and Raven pulled a chair up and a book off the table. She had been in this same room when she had been injured; it was a lot like a hospital room. It had a small television, a sink and bathroom and several chairs and a small couch. Raven stayed in the chair next to Beast Boy and read her book.

Raven eventually drifted into sleep and stayed that way for several hours. She was woken up to the sound of a slight groan. She opened her eyes and looked over.

Beast Boy was awake, but barely. "Hey Raven." He said, trying to muster a smile. His voice was thin and raspy.

Raven got up and walked over to the sink, grabbing a glass of water and a cloth. "Hello Beast Boy, you okay." Which she knew was a stupid question.

"Sure, never better." He told her, trying to smile again. Raven just shook her head as she approached the bed and pushed the water to his lips.

He drank it but she pulled it away, "Not to fast Beast Boy, you will get sick." She whispered and almost smiled at him.

Beast Boy spluttered a little and smiled, "Thanks Raven." He replied weakly and she smiled. He laid his head back.

Raven came over and wetted the cloth and blotted it on Beast Boy's head.

"You are welcome." She told him as she finished up and sat back down.

He looked over at her, "Raven…what happened?" he asked.

Raven looked up from her book and sighed, setting it down on the chair arm. "Slade won, he got my father's chakra crystal. And he can use it too, I don't know how, but he can." She sighed. "He is too strong with it on, and he can absorb my power as well, as it was a part of my father."

"Whoa, that's intense Raven." Beast Boy replied, looking back up at the ceiling. "Raven?"

"Yeah Beast Boy? Need something?" she asked kindly.

"No, no, but can I ask something?" He asked, still looking at the ceiling.

"Of course Beast Boy." Was all she said, looking over at him.

"Do you hate me?" He asked.

Raven was silent for a long while, "No…" was all she managed to say. In her mind she was replaying the feelings she felt when he was hurt.

"Then why are you so hostile to me all the time?" He asked quietly, looking at the ceiling.

Raven was glad he was staring up at the ceiling, because she started blushing. "I am sorry Beast Boy, but I don't know."

He was silent for a moment, "Raven?"

"Yes Beast Boy?"

"Could you ever like me?" he asked in a low and quiet voice.

Raven was caught off guard. Of all the things she could be talking to him about she never thought it would be this.

"Beast Boy I…" she was spared as Cyborg came in to check on him and relieve her of her post. "I have to go now." She said and quickly got up and left.


It was days later before they spoke again. Beast Boy was on his crutches now and moving slowly around the tower. Raven had systematically avoided him as best she could. She was not sure if she could face him or not. She was so confused, and she wasn't sure how she would have answered him if she had been made too.