The story of Beastboy

Due to length this will be spoken as if Beastboy is speaking himself.

It took me no more time than it takes to make tea that I was forced to kill. At first I thought he was going to help me but as it turned out he was only lulling me into a false sense of security. I nearly fell for it. Realized that I have never allowed my other parts to control me. I have never let their instincts over ride my judgment but that time...that time was different. I took the form of a wolf and I tore his throat out.

The howl that escaped from my mouth was more exhilarating and more frightening than the moment I thought I was going to die. Why you ask? Because in that moment I knew that I was an animal and not me. I was a beast. I took off running and the part of my mind that was barely aware of my actions was able to force me to change into my human form but I still kept running. I ran until the energy of the kill was gone.

Soon I discovered that I was hungry but I could not eat anything, I still refused to eat any animal and the local flora could have killed me for all I know. I wandered for days, growing hungrier and more wild looking with every day. As it turns out my other side becomes more apparent in the wilds. In situations where I can not do anything and I knew without knowing how I knew that if I could not eat soon the animals would take control, and it would be a predator that would hunt for my survival. Desperate to keep in control I stripped some orange looking berries that smelled good and I ate them. They tasted wonderful but it took no time in all before I regretted the decision.

My stomach felt as if it had been twisted in a knot and then set on fire. I wretched but could not throw up and I hurt so bad that moving was a near impossibility. I writhed on the forest floor for what must surely have been hours. It was beginning to get dark and I was sure that I would die in this cold, dark forest. My stomach refused to quit and if the pain did not stop soon I was unsure of how I would live.

A few hours after dark I began to hear rustling, something was going through the woods. An animal was my guess. So if this weird berry did not finish me off I was going to be eaten, great way to die I thought. I forced myself up, I refused to die in a heap on the leaf strewn floor. The best I could manage was a sitting position but it was better than I had been, even though my inards did a rioutous dance as if they were going to rip out.

The rustling grew louder and I tensed, ready to try my hardest to get back home, back to the woman I had left. But instead of some vicious growling thing came a young girl, probably a year or so younger than we had been at the time. I was so surprised that I fell back on my back.

She gaped at me for a moment, "Who are you?" She asked, again surprised as she spoke english. Her voice was smooth and liquidy, it seemed to ease the pains I had by the smallest amount.

"Beastboy." I gasped out as my guts wrenched again and I wretched a little. "Please help me. It hurts so bad."

I lost conciousness after that. I drifted between dream and wakefulness for what had to have been days, or so it felt like. I was later told it had only been a single day. As I came to I was aware of only a few sensations. Smells like cookfires and a dull sort of light, the kind only a small flame can make. There were the sounds of people talking and moving around quietly. Had I been captured? No, I was laying in a fairly comfortable bed.

I took a chance and tried to sit up, making a rather loud groan as I did. "Now son, you have no need to be moving right now, lay back down." Said an incredibly old man with withered skin and eyes that showed centuries of experience. "What is your name Green One?"

"Bea…Garfield Logan but most everyone calls me Beast Boy." I replied, my voice cracked a little.

"Well Garfield Logan whom everyone calls Beast Boy, here. Have a drink. Then we shall talk." He handed me a large wooden cup. I tested it first, it was fruity and delicious, but I drank cautiously as my last encounter with something had not left me in the best of situations. As I drank, the old man spoke.

"You are lucky son, if my grand daughter had not found you it would not have been long before the Agorgon berry claimed your life. Where are you from? I know it must be far away as most everyone knows that you do not eat that berry."

I finished drinking before I responded. "Yes, I am from far away. Not of this world even. Where am I exactly?"

"This is the lands of the Under Realms. The area we live in are ruled by the son of Trigon named Pride. A most strange ruler he aspires always to be above everyone. While we are mostly left alone when he gets in a mood to prove his…worth he will take all we have; our food for his massive feasts, our greatest warriors for his self satisfying tournaments and our women for his…well you can imagine."

"It sounds rough old one." I said as I sat up slowly and tested my muscles.

"It can be, however as I said we are mostly left to our own as he sits in the tower to the north and enjoys himself and makes everyone tell him how wonderful he is. But this is the way of the world here, who are we mortals to fight a god?" The old man said. "And you may call me Sensaru. It is the word for teacher in our community and so I am here."

"Well Sensaru, have your people never thought to band together to fight?" I asked the elder.

"It has been tried once before but it was of little help. We only managed in losing many of our people and having Pride take more of what little we do have. You see we can only get a few tribes to help anyway as all the tribes are spread so far apart."

I nodded slowly and it grew quiet between us. The old man, Sensaru, made another drink and also brought me food soon. A small meal of nuts and berries. I ate it slowly as I continued to think.

"Thank you Sensaru, how did you know I would not eat meat?" I only asked because i could plainly smell cooking meat.

"You are far from the first shifter we have met in these worlds. Many of them refused meat." He replied.

"And how did you know I was a shifter?" I had asked in return.

"The look of the wild exists in you as it only can in someone whom has mastery, or near mastery, of the animals." He replied.

I had very little to reply to for that. I chose to let that go and move on to the most pressing matter in my mind. "What do you know about other worlds?"

At this Sensaru was silent for a long time. He sipped at his drink and ate some fruits as well. "It is not another world you seek Beast Boy. It is another plane of existence. You see we call this the Under Realms because it exists below the world you know. That is not to say your world is central it is merely central to you. You see each world has four planes that surround it. As direction is relevant it does not mean they are actually above below and to the sides."

"The ones called above and below are aware of the worlds above and below it, but not the ones to the side. This is due to the fact that most people are blind and these 'side' worlds exist as parallels to the original world, while the ones above and below serve as intersectors." He took a long dirink from his mug and I made myself more comfortable as this was obviously going to be a long story.

"So you see what you are looking for is our 'above' world. Each above world is what the other world would commonly call perfect but at the same time it is not. But it is not infinite in this way, eventually the worlds round back on themselves and one persons hell is another persons heaven. But if you go to the side worlds it is different. It is infinite as each single possibility exists at some point along this line. Each world created as another makes a decision. Each one of those has its own upper worlds and lower worlds which in turn is a parallel dimension, a side world, of another upper world."

I followed this as best I could. "So basically what you are saying is that this world is the representation of what my world calls 'hell'? And at the same time there is another world next to us that is having something else happen, even if it is only a slight variation. In the next world maybe it is not you I am speaking too or maybe it is merely that I have different skin color, like red."

"Exactly," Sensaru replied.

"So is there a heaven or hell at all?" I asked, and who wouldn't in that situation.

"That, my dear Beast Boy, is for each person to decide. A god can only exist if there are believers to give him his identity, and in that the god makes for his makers a world that is perfect for them."

I could not reply to that. The idea was radical and yet it bore the ring of truth. "Then what is the human spirit?"

"What do you think it is?" He replied without missing a beat.

And of that conversation we had nothing more to say.

"How can I go home Sensaru?"

"Alas my friend I can not say. The knowledge I have shared with you is garnered by only wayward rumors and scrolls older than even this land. It is merely because the knowledge has the ring of truth that I share it as if it fact. I am sorry I can be of no more use my friend." And you could see in his eyes that he truly regretted telling me this.

"Grandfather, have you seen my…" and a young girl faltered as she stepped in. I vaguely remembered her as the one who had found me. "I am sorry." She said.

"Not at all Taru, not at all. Beast Boy this is Taru, my grand daughter and the one who dragged you to the village." Sensaru said.

I stood quickly and bowed to her. "Hello Taru, I am Beast Boy." And ske scuttled out of the hut.

Sensaru laughed. "She was embarassed. In over 17 years no one besides myself and her closest friend have ever heard her speak. Her parents died when she was a child, her mother in birth and the father was taken by Pride for the battle ring."

"I see." Was all I could say. Soon after Sensaru became in high demand. He told me that so long as I chose to stay this hut was mine to use, and I decided it was better here than in the woods. I did not go out that day, or the next. I spent those days learning what I could fro Sensaru and then on the third day I joined the tribe in body. It soon became clear I had beome something of an enigma. The people stared but were either afraid or to shy to approach me.

A young one, maybe three years old, approaced me and I knelt down. She touched my face lightly, and I smiled. "Hello little one."

"Hello green one." She said back and that was all it took. It was as if I had crossed some invisible barrier. Everyone crowded around and greeted me, I was offered food and places to come for dinner later. The little girl stayed clung to my neck. I later learned her name was Kalia. I was soon integrated into the village and I began to work along side them. I tended the fields, hunted for them as I was the best at it and kept busy during the day. At nights I talked late with Sensaru.

Months passed this way and I soon noticed certain patterns that formed. Whenever I was in the village working I found that Taru was always near me, as was the little girl Kalia. They became friends but I also noticed that some treated me with a distant attitude, while no one was directly violent or anything toward me but it was obvious that they would not be upset if I was gone.

Little happened in the following month, not even in the following years. Seasons changed and so did I. My body filled out, I became stronger and more disciplined. I found that my forms were not limited to natural size. I began to wonder if anything else I thought limited me was even true.

Two years passed in this way and I sought out the knowledge of Sensaru. He did not say much to me except that "You are not limited Beast Boy except by what limits you have. Do you think that the genetic coding of only real animals exist in your body or is it that your mind is limited by those you consider real. Remember that in some world the animals you call real are the mythical."

After that we talked of non consequential things.

It was in this second year of me being here is when our first real problem occurred. It was nothing large but it did cause some strife among the villagers. Taru had begun to speak with me. I was happy with this as she was smart and often helped me understand better this strange world I knew. Someone in the village was not happy. He r closest friend, Makavu, loved Taru deeply and he saw me as a threat. I had no interest in Taru, she was a friend and I was sure she felt the same about me.

The first confrontation began in the fields, as Makavu seemingly "bumped" into me. I ignored it but these accidents continued in different areas. I am a patient man but even I could take only so much. I confronted Makavu the next day.

"Makavu, why are you doing this to me. As far as I know I have not slighted you in anyway."

He stood up and faced me. Makavu was not a small man by any means. He was a village fighter and without a doubt one of the best. "My problem Green One," some still called me that, I ws never sure why, "is that you come into this village and immediately start wooing Taru as if you had earned the right to her."

I shook my head. "Makavu, Taru is merely my friend, nothing mo…"

"Do not lie to me Green One. I am not so foolish as the little children. If you do not leave her alone then I will make you." He yelled.

"Now listen here, I have just said I have no interest in her as a lover but I will not be told that I can not talk to her."

He stood up as tall as he could and looked me in the eye. "Then I will challenge you. Now you will fight me and the winner will get his way." He said.

And that was all that it took. A crowd formed in minutes and not even Sensaru could stop this foolishness. Indeed he informed me that any challenge given had to be met in turn. So I was in. Sensaru said that the rules were simple, no killing but win at any other cost.

"I will make sure you know your place Green one."

He charged at me and I dodged easily enough. He was fast but not as fast as me. As he passed I stuck my leg out and sent him sprawling into the dirt. "Makavu stop, this will solve nothing. Even if you win it will be up to Taru whether or not we talk or be friends." But that only enraged him.

He charged me again and I met him in a lock up of arms. I had thought of using my power but what would that have gained me but a cheap victory. It was now that I found out what two years of hard work on a daily basis can do. Not only did I stop him but I held my own against him. He pushed and I pushed back. The big difference was that he was a fighter, I was a warrior. I had fought for my life on many occasions, against foes smarter than common animals. I slipt my arms around his neck and slung him over my hip.

As he hit the ground I dropped onto him and knocked the air from him. This had to end soon because the longer it went on the more desperate he would become. As the air was drive from his lungs I forced him over and scissored his arms behind his back and pushed up hard. I did not break them because if a man had nor arm he could not work.

"Submit!" I growled in his ear.

"Never." He replied.

"Then you are a fool. I have won and I will always win. The difference between us is too vast because I have fought against things besides wild animals. I do not want Taru as more than a friend, do you understand? But let me give you some advice. If you want her then tell her. Do something about it. You will regret it forever if you do not." And I stood up and left.

I went back to my home and spent the day locked away.

The next day I came out and it seemed to me that everyone was subdued. Makavu avoided my eyes, in fact kept his gaze lowered near me. The actions of everyone in town seemed strange to me. I went to Sensaru at the end of the day and inquired about it.

"Beast Boy you have to realize that in our village a challenge like that is a serious thing. It was clear to everyone that you could have destroyed Makavu, which is no small feat, but you chose not too. You proved that you are not to be messed with and to Makavu you made him think. He is a young man of impulse and what you said caused him to rethink himself." Sensaru explained.

"I did not want them to treat me differently, I did not even want to fight. I just want to try and go home but since I do not know how to do that yet I want to live in peace and develop myself." I exclaimed.

He laughed. "My boy, you just showed that even without your powers you are the singular most dangerous person here. You did not see the look in your eyes. You are not just a man, you are an animal."

I shook my head. Since little could be done to solve this I went home and slept. The next day I went to work as always and just ignored the strange looks. One good thing I did see was that Taru and Makavu were talking, and Taru was blushing but smiling. It made me smile but brought up some memories.

So things went back to normal for the most part. I worked, ate, slept and socialized when able. But in my free time I did something more, I trained.

I constantly snuck off to the woods when I could and trained my body and my power. If Sensaru was right, and I had no reason to doubt him, then I should be able to change much more radically than I knew. I started simple first, changing the size of the animals. Making them larger or smaller. It was easier than I thought. I could make man sized spiders and dinosaurs like Godzilla. Then I tried to become something that I used to call mythical. It was harder. It was as if my mind had a block about it, but that did not stop me from trying every single day.

Months slowly passed this way, two years became three, three to four and four to five. My hair kept getting longer, like a mane and I began to truly see the changed a hard life wrought in me. I grew deep chested and strong. I never let my fighting skill fall below what I was trained to do.

In this fifth year is when things took a turn for the worse. Taru and Makavu had become bonded for life and had a small girl. She was beautiful, hair like fire and eyes like a summer forest. They named her Shibara. Also in this year Sensaru began to feel his age upon him. His chest was weak and his eyes were fogging over. It was sad but a fact of life. Taru would take his place as tribe leader. This was rare, as few women showed the gifts but she had shown a capability to lead and to read the signs that came to a select few.

On one day in the middle of harvest a group came, people I had never seen before. They were clad in armor and had the distinct air of undeserved arrogance, as if the thought they could not be touched. I was instantly worried because I had a strong feeling who they had come from. A man on a white charger stepped forward.

He spoke, "A proclimation from the Lord Pride to all the underlings of the land. The Lord wishes to take his share of all you have as is his right as the high and royal sovereign. He will take a portion of your harvest, your warriors and your women. We, as representatives of Lord Pride, are here to secure the forementioned tributes. We will take what is needed now and be on our way with in the hour."

I had feared this and I was not about to let it happen. I stepped forward. "Sir knight, are you prepared to forcibly take these things from these hard working people who have almost nothing to share with each other."

"Only if necessary. Who are you? I do not believe I have seen the likes of you before. You will make a great spectacle for the Lord to enjoy."

I growled, my eyes flashed dangerously. "I dare you to try. I will not be some trained beast for anyone to gawk at."

The man was silent. He looked as if he had never actually met a direct challenge before. "You foolish peasant, you will be punished. The Lord does not permit his slaves to talk, so cut his tongue out then make him first in line." And at his words a few men made to come at me.

I smiled, my fangs elongating. I felt I had given them fair warning. As a man drew close to me, I swept my leg out and knocked him to the ground and stomped his neck until I felt a snap. I did not like the feeling of killing this stranger, but I would not let these people go into slavery. I hoped this was enough to discourage the rest of the men. I was sorely dissapointed.

The whole group charged me and my smile felt as if it turned sinister. As the first reached me I reached out with a now clawed and and ripped at their throats. The next one I pounced on and hit him hard enough to send him into unconciousness. This was so strange to me. I felt as if I had gone fully wild. I was always so relaxed and calm, now I was embracing the beast that had always lived within me. I dashed passed the others and jumped on to the leader and held his throat in a tight grasp, drawing blood along the sides with my claws. "You will leave this village now, before I keep your head as a souvenir." And then I jumped backward off the horse upon which he road.

It seemed I did not have to tell him or the other soldiers that twice. They ran away as fast as they could but I could feel in my heart that I had not heard the last of this. As I turned slowly I saw that every eye in the village had turned its eyes upon me. "They will be back." I told them. "So I will leave. I will go deeper into the woods to head them off along the path. You should move, somewhere where they will not find you but I understand if you will not. I will try my best to protect you." And I turned away from the village to set up a camp to watch them. I had not made it more than a mile when Taru and Makavu caught up to me.

"Green one." Makavu called. "Take this. It is a gift from me, and a gift from the old one is inside." What he handed me was one of the sleeping mats and some tools that the village used quite regularly. "A bag of herb tea is inside it…and I wanted to say thank you. No one has ever stood up and lived. You saved many of us from enslavement."

I nodded at him and he at me in return. Then Taru claimed my attention. "This is from me Beast Boy. It is not much but it will keep you from starving." She handed me a bag that I could not see what was within. "Thank you so much." And she hugged me quickly before turning away and walked with Makavu. I smiled at them both and let them leave as I to turned and started to walk away.

I was actually kind of sad because the village had become a sort of home. I walked through the woods and it did not take long to find a large rock with a deep inclave. It would due for a home. I could not explain this feeling I had while I set up my cave. I just knew deep down that the troubles I had seen in this world had only just begun.