When a Cough is More than a Cough

By RascalFlattsS

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Chapter 3: When a Cough is More than a Cough….

"Ow, ow OW!" screamed Evan, jerking his arm away.

"Evan!" scowled Hank. He grabbed Evan's wrist and gently moved it back. "Hold still."

"Well it hurts!" said Evan.

"Oh course it hurts Evan," said Divya, "You have a broken wrist."

"And whose fault is that?" asked Evan.

"Yours," said Divya.

Evan looked appalled. "How is this my fault?"

"You're the one who fell of the back of the sofa," said Divya.

"Because you jumped on me and caused the weight to shift!" said Evan. "And if I remember correctly, I broke my wrist to prevent your head from smacking against the floor getting a concussion."

"I think Evan has a concussion," said Divya. "Hank I think we need another x-ray."

"NO!" said Evan. "No more x-rays! I have 4 x-rays of my skull, 3 of my wrist, 2 of my arm and another 3 of my chest. If I get any more x-rays, I'm going to glow in the dark."

"Evan," said Hank. "You are not going to glow in the dark."

"Wanna bet?" asked Evan, "Turn off the lights and I'll prove it."

"It is not medical possible to glow in the dark," said Hank.

"It's not medical possible for Peter Parker to be bitten by a genetically altered spider and then develop spider powers," said Evan. "Or is not medical possible for a meteorite to give the Fantastic Four their super powers. Or is it medical possible-"

"Evan, those are comic books," said Divya. "It's fiction."

"Just because someone made it up doesn't mean that it could really happen," said Evan.

"Yes Evan, it does," said Divya.

"No it does!"

"Yes it does!"

"Enough!" said Hank. "Evan, while your medical references are …creative as always but I highly doubt you are going to start glowing in the dark. You were wearing a protective vest."

"Of lead," said Evan. "Next thing you know, I'll have lead poisoning."

Hank rolled his eyes, "Evan. You are not going to get lead poisoning."

Evan sighed, "If you weren't a doctor and my brother, I'd—OUCH!" Evan looked over at Divya who was drawing a sample of blood. "What was that for?"

"Blood sample," said Divya.

"What for?" asked Evan

"For diagnostic purposes," said Divya. "We need to run test to determine the cause of your cough."

"And you can't do that with the other-I don't know-the other fifty other blood samples you taken!" yelled Evan.

"It was two blood samples," said Hank.

"And a couple of finger pricks," said Evan, holding up his left hand showing the Band-Aids that covered his fingers.

"I thought those were paper cuts," said Hank.

"Paper cuts, finger pricks," said Evan. "What's the difference?"

Hank sighed, "A lot. But we still need to diagnose—"

"What is there to diagnose?" asked Evan. "You've already completed a chest x-ray which is clear. That rules out pneumonia and bronchitis. Which means it is mostly likely means it's this little thing called the common cold-like I told you."

Divya and Hank paused, shocked.

"How do you know that?" asked Hank.

"I read," said Evan.

"And they happen to have medical articles in Business Week?" asked Divya.

"Actually yes," said Evan. "Mostly about H1N1 and how that affected the world market. I do read medical magazines and journals."

"Why?" asked Divya.

"Gee, I don't know," glared Evan, "Maybe because I am the CFO of a medical company? And because maybe-just maybe-it comes in handy knowing about this information comes in handy-when I'm going over billing with patients?"

Hank and Divya were silent for a moment. Divya smiled, "Well, Evan. I'm impressed."

"Of course you are," said Evan. "What else would you expect from a graduate of MIT."

"You went to MIT?" asked Divya.

"Anyway," said Hank. "Yes, Evan. From the look of the chest x-ray, that would rule out pneumonia and bronchitis. However, I am still ordering a blood test to make sure. Besides that still does explain the fever."

Evan rolled his eyes, "A fever can be caused by only about a thousand different illnesses."

"Thank you, Dr. Lawson," said Hank. "But if you don't mind—"

"You're going to run the tests anyway," finished Evan. He sighed, "My insurance is never going to cover all of this."

"Insurance?" asked Hank.

"Health insurance," said Evan. "I'm sure you are aware of it. And while I appreciate all of this, I'm sure my insurance won't cover all of this."

"Tell you what, Ev," said Hank. "This one on HankMed."

"Great," said Evan. "Do you know how much paper work I'm going to have to do now?"

"Um, Evan?" said Divya, "You're right-handed."

"Is there a point to this?" asked Evan.

"Your right-hand is in a cast," said Divya, "You can't do paperwork."

"I do all my paperwork on a computer," said Evan. "No one does actual paperwork on actual paper. That's not environmental friendly. Besides, I can type with one hand."

"And done!" said Hank. He set down the casting material. "How does that feel?"

"Like my hand is in a cast," said Evan.

"I'll run the blood samples over to Hamptons Heritage," said Divya.

"Good," said Hank. "I'll stay here with Evan, unless we should take Evan to get an MRI…"

"No," said Evan. "No MRI. I'm fine."

"But if you have a concussion…." started Hank.

"I don't," said Evan. "But if I did, I believe I have a doctor on call to do concussion checks."


"Please Henry," said Evan. "I don't want to go to the hospital! I don't feel well."

"That's why most people go to the hospital, Ev," said Hank.

"But I don't want to go!" whined Evan.

Hank was about to argue when Divya put her hand on his arm, "Perhaps it would be better if Evan stayed home and rested. If he gets worse, we can take him to the hospital then."

Hank nodded, "You're right."

Divya smiled, "Of course I'm right. Now I'll be back in a little while. Try not to get into trouble." Divya turned and walked out the door.

"Why did she look at me when she said that?" asked Evan.

When Divya returned two and a half hours later, Evan was resting on the couch. He had another juice box and a bottle of water. His wrist rested on a small pillow.

He was watching an episode of Burn Notice on USA network while Hank slept in the chair.

"You wore him out," said Divya.

"He wore himself out, freaking out about my health," said Evan.

"Should we wake him up?" asked Divya.

"Nah, let him sleep," said Evan. He looked at the papers in her hand, "Are those my test results?"

"Yes," said Divya.

"Are you going to share with the rest of the class?" asked Evan.

"It's not pneumonia or bronchitis," said Divya.

"HA!" said Evan. He leaned over to Hank. "When you wake up, I'm going to say 'I told you so'"

"Are you sure you don't want me to wake you up?" asked Divya.

"He needs the sleep," said Evan. "Besides if he wakes up, he'll make me change the channel. He's not a fan of Burn Notice, though I don't know why because this show is awesome!"

"But your white blood count is high-1600," continued Divya.

"Which would indicate a bacterial infection," said Evan.

Divya nodded, "Based on your symptoms and the x-rays, I'd say it's a sinus infection," said Divya. She handed Evan a prescription. "Antibiotics should clear that right up."

"Thanks Divya," said Evan.

"It is no problem," said Divya. "I'm heading out for the night but call if you need anything."

"Will do," said Evan.

"Feel better soon, Evan," said Divya. She left the guesthouse, closing the door.

Evan smiled as he settled back down, looking over at Hank.

"I told you so," said Evan. "I don't know why you don't believe me more often. I usually always right, you know."

Sometimes a cough is more than a cough.

Sometimes a cough is just a cough.

But if his brother feels the need to run a thousand tests and order fifty x-rays to make sure a cough is just a cough, Evan is okay with that.

Because Evan knows that it's Hank's way of showing he cares.

Hank rolls over in the chair shifting in the chair to find a more comfortable position. Evan knows he should wake his brother up because if he lets Hank sleep in the chair too long, his neck is going to be sore.

But…another episode of Burn Notice came on.

Evan figures it won't kill Hank to sleep for one more hour while he watches just one more episode…


I was going to make this a longer story where Evan was really sick but I decided just to give him something less serious. And for anyone who has ever had a sinus infection, you know how much those suck.

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