"You have got to be fucking kidding me."

Three women sat by each other, on a grass patch. The woman that swore heard her two friends sigh, making her glare at them. All three women had just graduated from the academy and were looking at the results of which squads they were going to join. The woman that swore had shoulder length black hair, yellow orbs, academy uniform and arm bands on her arms.

"What is it now?"

The one asking the question had unusual hair. Her hair was blond, except for her bangs, which were black. People stared a lot, but didn't mind, since she was so nice. She had green orbs, and always had a soft smile on her face. She also had a uniform on from the academy.

"Did you not see which squad I'm going to be in?!"

"No. Why? Did you get placed in the twelfth squad?"

The one asking that question did not have any unusual characteristics. She had short messy brown hair, pointing in almost every direction, sometimes her short bangs going in front of her eyes, and had large brown orbs. She also had a uniform on.

"No. I did not get into squad twelfth squad. Though I wish I did." The woman complained.

"Shun, which squad did you get into?" The woman with green eyes asked.

"You guys are gonna make fun of me! I know it!" The one, known as Shun, yelled, glaring at her friends.

"No, we won't." The woman with brown eyes said.

"You always make fun of me, you energetic maniac!" Shun yelled, snarling.

"Shun, please don't get mad at Yuri." The one with green eyes said.

"Shut up, Rio!" Shun growled, glaring at her friend.

The woman, known as Rio, calmly looked at Shun with a closed-eyed smile. The angry woman felt a shiver go down her spine when she saw that look, frowning.

"Did you say something Shun?" Rio asked, tilting her head.

Shun's eyes widened before shivering and shaking her head furiously, looking away with a frown. Even though the green eyed woman was known to be nice, she was scary as well.

"So, which squad did you get into?" Rio asked, smiling.

"Uh, the eleventh squad." Shun muttered, scratching her head.

The other women were quiet before they started laughing, making the other woman flinch while glaring at the other two. Rio laughed while covering her mouth while the other, Yuri, was laughing, falling onto her back. Shun growled and clenched her hands into fists.

"See. What the hell did I say!?" Shun growled, standing up and glared at the other women.

"You probably got into that squad because you're always mad." Rio said, giggling.

"I am not always mad!" Shun yelled, finding that offensive.

"You're mad now." Yuri said, smiling widely.

"No I'm not!" Shun said, eye twitching.

"And the fact that you're always looking for a fight." Yuri said, grinning, laughing.

"So? Fightings fun." Shun said, folding her arms over her chest.

Rio and Yuri rolled their eyes at their friend. Their angry friend had every right to be going to the eleventh squad. She was just like them, only she didn't admit it.

"Which squads did you guys get into?" Shun asked, still frowning.

Yuri grinned widely while Rio smiled sweetly, making the frown on Shun's face deepen. She didn't like those damn happy expressions. It was pissing her off.

"I got into squad ten!" Yuri said excitedly.

"I got into squad six." Rio answered, smiling.

Shun's frown deepened as she growled, folding her arms over her chest while her two friends looked at her questioningly. Had they said something wrong to make their friend mad?

"Great. None of us are together and I got into the most horrible squad ever. I mean there will be no other women in that squad!" Shun yelled, her eyes narrowing.

"But we will still be able to see each other when we take baths, breaks, days off, and lunch." Yuri said, smiling happily.

"Shut up." Shun growled, glaring at her friend.

"Stupid Kitty." Yuri muttered pouting.

"WHAT?!" Shun yelled, grabbing Yuri's collar and pulled her closer to her face.

"Nothing." Yuri said, chuckling nervously.

"Why the hell do you keep calling me a fucking cat?!" Shun shouted, gritting her teeth together.

"Because you're eyes are like a cats." Yuri answered, smiling widely.

Shun frowned deeply, glaring at her friend who had an innocent face, a lot of people finding it in themselves not to get mad at the brown haired woman.

"Just because my eyes are yellow does not mean I'm a cat." Shun said, narrowing her eyes.

"Yes, it does." Yuri whined, pouting.

"No, it doesn't. So shut the hell up." Shun growled, rolling her eyes.

Yuri was quiet for a couple seconds before grinning again, making the frown on her friend's face deepen. Why the hell was she smiling again?

"You still love me right?" Yuri asked, grinning.

"No. I don't." Shun answered, snarling.

"Yay!" Yuri cheered, making the other women sweat drop.

"Why do I even bother." Shun muttered, dropping her friend.

"Because I'm your friend." Yuri said, grinning.

"Apparently." Shun mumbled.

"Shun, please do not be like that towards Yuri." Rio said, smiling.

Shun 'Tched' before turning away with a frown. Rio smiled while Yuri whined about being dropped. Yuri opened her eyes and tried her best to glare at her friend, rubbing her bottom.

"That was mean Shun." Yuri whined.

"So? I always treat you like that." Shun said, looking at Yuri like she was an idiot.

"Must you always be like that Shun?" Rio asked, shaking her head in a disapproving way.

"Like what?" Shun asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Grouchy, mean, and stubborn." Yuri answered, earning herself a hit on the head.

Yuri started crying loudly, making Shun roll her eyes. Damn idiot. If she stopped to think what she was about to say, then she wouldn't hit her.

"Shun." Rio said.

Shun shuddered before looking towards Rio seeing the woman with green eyes smile at her. Rio opened her eyes, a smile still on her face, making a chill go down Shun's spine.

"Don't hit Yuri." Rio ordered, sparkles appearing around her.

"Y-Yes ma'am." Shun stuttered, nodding furiously.

"You're scared of Rio!" Yuri yelled, laughing, until she got another hit on the head.

"Shut up! I'm not scared of her!" Shun growled.

"Why do you always have to be mean?!"

"I'm not always mean!"

"Yes you are! You scare a lot of people when you fight and the way you act towards them!"

"Really? Then tell me who's scared of me!"

"Those nineteen students from first year, those twenty one students from second year, a lot from third year, sixteen people from forth year, twelve people from fifth year, and most of the students from our graduating group."

"...Shut up."

"Okay!" Yuri said, saluting.

"It's so nice to see you two make up." Rio said, smiling.

Shun frowned and rolled her eyes while Yuri smiled widely. That was making up? So damn stupid. Rio looked at her paper and smiled again.

Rio Sachiko, Squad six

Shun Masuyo, squad eleven

Yuri Hikari, squad ten

"Maybe we will be in the same squad in the future." Rio said, smiling as she looked up.

"I would love that so much, instead of being in the manly squad." Shun said sarcastically, rolling her eyes as she folded her arms over her chest.

"I thought you liked manly men." Yuri said, tilting her head to the side.

"No, I don't." Shun said, raising an eyebrow at Yuri in confusion.

"Oh yeah! It's Rio that likes manly men." Yuri said.

Rio's face turned red before shaking her head, wondering what her friend was talking about. Shun smirked while Yuri stared at her friend in confusion. Did she say something wrong?

"No, I don't." Rio said.

"When do we have to go to our squads?" Shun asked, changing the subject for Rio's sake.

"I think it's tomorrow." Yuri answered, looking up in thought.

"Tomorrow in that squad? Ah, I hate to see who the Captain is." Shun said, frowning, not able to imagine how the Captain looked.

"I believe the Captain's name is Kenpachi Zaraki." Rio said, finger on her chin in thought.

"And isn't Byakuya Kuchiki the Captain of the sixth?" Yuri asked, tilting her head to the side.

"I think so. And isn't baby genius Captain of the tenth?" Shun asked, earning her blank stares.

"Who?" Yuri asked, blinking in confusion.

Shun rolled her eyes before frowning again. Did they really not know who she was talking about? Still seeing their blank stares, she sighed.

"Toshiro Hitsugaya." Shun answered.

"Ah! I get the cute Captain." Yuri cheered, jumping on the ground.

"But Rio gets the hottest Captain." Shun said, smirking at the blushing girl.

"And you get the scariest Captain of them all." Rio said, smiling.

Shun frowned. Going to the eleventh division was something she didn't want to do. Maybe she would be able to skip it. She hoped she was.

"Great. I don't want to go. I was hoping to get into the seventh." Shun said, grinning.

"Why?" Yuri asked.

"Did you hear that the Captain ain't even human? I want to see him and serve him." Shun said, looking happy.

Both of the other women's eyes widened with shock, making Shun quirk an eyebrow in confusion. Why the hell did they look so damn shocked?

"Oh my god. I think she does care about others." Rio said, giggling slightly.

"Shut up! I care about others too. Like you two." Shun said, earning herself smiles.

"Thank you Shun." Rio said.

"Whatever. So, are we going to go for a bath or what?" Shun asked.

"Yay! A bath!" Yuri cheered, standing up and ran, leaving both her friends.

"Yuri! You idiot! Wait for us!" Shun yelled.

"You know how much she likes baths. And so do we." Rio said.

"At least we don't jump for joy when we go for a bath." Shun said, rolling her eyes before walking away, Rio following her.

"You still like Yuri." Rio said.

"Because she's our friend. You guys make it sound like I love her or something." Shun said, frowning at Rio when she heard her giggle.

"We know you don't like the other team." Rio said.

"Good. Because I would be mad if you two thought I did." Shun said.

"Tomorrow. Tomorrow Shun. We get to finally be in the Gotei thirteen." Rio said, excitedly.

"Oh, I'm jumping for joy." Shun said sarcastically, rolling her eyes, arms folded in front of her chest.

"And please don't give your squad too much trouble." Rio begged, staring at her friend pleadingly.

"Me? What about everyone else. Those guys thirst for battle." Shun said, staring at her friend with a frown.

"You do too." Rio said, smiling.

"Be quiet. At least I'm not a pervert." Shun said, curling her lip back.

"You should be glad that you won't be in Captain Kyoraku's squad then." Rio said, tilting her head.

"Why's that?" Shun asked, shoving her hands into her pockets.

"I hear the Captain is a pervert." Rio said.

Shun blinked before she started laughing, making Yuri stop ahead and stare at her friend with wide eyes. Shun frowned and waited for it.

"Oh my god! You laughed!" Yuri exclaimed, pointing at her friend dramatically.

Shun glared at her friend, frowning deeply, narrowing her eyes. Yuri smiled innocently, a wide smile on her face, like she didn't say anything.

"Shut up! Just because I laugh people have to stop and stare at me like I have two heads." Shun said, hitting Yuri's head as she walked by.

"Don't hit her Shun." Rio sighed.

Shun didn't respond and kept walking, ignoring her friends. Yuri rubbed her head and pouted, trying her best to glare at her friend again, her eyes glistening. She always hits her head hard!

"Delinquent." Yuri muttered, pouting.

"At least I don't smile all the time and freak people out!" Shun yelled, glaring at her friend.

"At least people won't be afraid of me." Yuri said, smiling widely.

"Shut up! And lets go!" Shun yelled.

Rio smiled before following her friends. The next day, they were going to be in squads. Rio smiled softly before silently following her bickering friends. Lets just hope her two friends don't cause trouble for their squads.