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Memories of a Stranger

"Why are we here again?" Carth asked over the noise of the cantina.

"Because," Kev stated in a matter of fact tone of voice, "we need more credits if we're to go survive in the lowercity and undercity, and we may hear something we may find useful." His last words sounded distracted as he focused his attention on one of the viewscreens that were scattered throughout the cantina.

"And how exactly do you plan to get more credits?" Carth demanded, "Play Pazaack?! They probably cheat! What's to stop us from heading to the lower and undercity right now?"

"You remember the xenophobic guy near the droid shop?" At Carth's nod he continued, "Well, I saw a decent sized turbolift that I am confident leads to the lowercity. The problem lies with the sith guard that was standing in front of it. So unless you plan to kill him, we need to find some way to disguise ourselves as Sith. We also need to have a healthy supply of credits in the case we need to buy anything while we're heading to the undercity," Kev explained, and then added, "Also, in places like the lowercity or undercity, prices are hardly competitive. As for how to earn a few more credits, I have an idea. Over here," Kev calmly explained, while leading Carth towards the side room on the left hand side of the cantina entrance.

"And what exactly is this idea for making a few credits?" Carth asked, looking around. Kev motioned towards something that was playing on one of the viewscreens against the wall. On the viewscreen a duel was just starting, and ended just as fast. "How are you going to get any money gambling when the duelists are so pathetic?"

"I'm going to ask the Hutt in the corner. I'd suggest you go into the main area and see if you can hear anything useful." With that, Kev walked towards the Hutt leaving Carth by the threshold of the room. Carth turned to follow Kev's suggestion when he stopped himself. Kev's tone was that of casually giving an order that would be obeyed.

When did he start giving the orders? Carth thought to himself. It was strange, a common soldier giving orders casually as if he didn't need to think about who was in charge. As Carth started to wander around the main cantina area, he listened to the conversations with half an ear. His mind was focused on the strange enigma named Kev. At first glance, he was a perfectly ordinary soldier; but on the second glance, he was no ordinary soldier. There was his charismatic personality and his casual aura of command as well as his knowledge of an incredible number of alien languages. Such skills, that by themselves, are incredibly rare in raw recruits like him. Carth remembered when the Jedi first 'commandeered' the Endar Spire, they had handed him a list of all the transferred materials and personnel. He remembered only one name under transferred personnel that was not a Jedi's name. Kev Veir.

Why did the Jedi want him? Where did they find him? Before he could ponder any, further he noticed Kev coming towards him.

"I will be participating in the duels," Kev said without preamble. "Carth, I will need you to bet on me. Do you think that you can do that?" At Carth's nod, he continued, "Good, did you find anything interesting?"

"Uhhhhh," Carth quickly gathered his thoughts. What had he seen or heard? "There is a woman sitting over at that table avoiding everyone." Carth motioned towards a woman sitting by herself. Carth tried to remember anything else he had noticed while he had been thinking. He had only remembered her because her behavior was strange for a cantina patron. "I heard her tell another guy to leave her alone."

"Hmm, that might be interesting." Kev started to walk toward the woman's table, giving a 'be back in a moment,' look over his shoulder.

Carth stood there feeling slightly bewildered, with a slight dash of paranoia. Who was this man who made him feel like a subordinate without seeming to try? Who calmly arranged duels as if they were an everyday occurrence? This man was no common raw recruit. It was also no coincidence the Jedi requested him. Yet when Carth had asked Kev about it earlier, he had not known that the Jedi had requested him. Another thing was how Kev could command your attention with his charisma, making you feel like he was a friend and your leader. Carth could see this effect on the woman. She was looking amused and even happy, very different from how sullen she had looked earlier. Suddenly, they both stood up and Kev jerked his thumb in Carth's direction and said something he could not make out and the woman looked at Carth. Straining to hear over the noise of the cantina he barely heard her say "Sure, he can come too. See you tonight." The last two words she spoke with a smile, and then she walked towards the entrance of the cantina while Kev walked towards Carth.

"What was that all about?" Carth asked, getting the first word in.

"We are going to a party this evening, after the duels," Kev spoke in a cultured and measured tone. "A group of Sith officers are blowing off some steam tonight." Quickly raising a hand to forestall Carth's exclamation, "Some of them will even be coming straight off shift without returning to base to lock up their uniforms first. I am confident that most, if not all, of them will be drinking a little too much Tarisian ale. Then we will have our disguises." Kev spoke with an easy confidence; then, looking up at a viewscreen, stood and added, "My first duel will be starting in a few minutes, don't forget to bet on 'The Mysterious Stranger'. That's me."

"I won't forget. Wait, your first duel?"

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