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A/N: This is an AU fic that will have several references from the original manga.

Chapter 2

"Block A Class 2B you are a pain in my ass", Tsuna sighed frustratedly under his breath, "just where the hell are you?" Tsuna sorely regretted not asking his brother where his homeroom was located, however he never realized how big Nami High was until he found himself roaming the halls trying to locate his classroom.

Turning the corner, Tsuna smashed onto a broad chest and found his butt introducing itself to the floor. "Ummm, are you okay?", a voice asked, and soon a hand was thrust in front of Tsuna's messy bangs. Grabbing the hand, he pulled himself upright and looked at the person he collided with. A guy with messy black hair grinned at him, and Tsuna immediately felt at ease, giving a smile back.

"I'm Yamamoto Takeshi, what's your name?", the boy gave Tsuna's hand a light squeeze, but did not let go.

"I'm Hibari Tsunayoshi", Tsuna replied, finally realizing that he was still holding hands with the other, he smoothly pulled his hand away and onto his side.

"Hibari...no way!", Yamamoto's eyes widened, "you're related to Hibari? I seriously don't see the resemblance!"

Tsuna giggled slightly, and Yamamoto blushed at the cute way Tsuna's nose crinkled when he laughed. Tsuna oblivious to the blush, replied with, "we're not related by blood, but he's my older brother."

Yamamoto tried to shake himself out of shock, "wow, so anyway, what are you doing wandering the halls? I don't think it'd look too good if Hibari's little brother is breaking school rules."

"I'm kind of lost, I forgot to ask for directions, and well, here I am", Tsuna scratched the back of his sheepishly, "honestly, Block A Class 2B is probably located in a different country, because I sure as hell can't find it in this school!"

Yamamoto smiled as the other boy cursed his homeroom, "actually, I'm in the same homeroom and I know where it is, I'll lead you there, but promise not to tell your brother I'm late for my first day at high school, he built a rep in middle school, and now I've heard he kills the late comers at Nami High".

Tsuna smiled, 'sounds like nii-sama' shaking his head of the image of his brother beating up students, Tsuna grinned at Yamamoto gratefully, "lead the way".

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There may be questions as to why Yamamoto doesn't know Tsuna, yet he's gone to the same middle school as Hibari. Simple, it's because Tsuna went to a different middle school, but more on that later.

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