Hey There Everybody, Kyosuke Here and Its Time For-


HEY! That's My line Bitches! Alright, Here's The Deal, For All Of You Who Want to Find The roots OF The Kyo And Amanda One Sided Pairing, Read The Short Story at The End of the Episode.

And one more Dare about me not killing Amanda will result in the death of millions…

Anyway, Introducing Lance!

Lance- Hello!

Alright Before we get Started, 2 Dares are supposed to be on today. 1st dare by Kaito Lune- "I Dare Kouji to not be Emo" and The 2nd one is by Ambiekinz who changed the name of Chunk to Chibi-Mami.

Alright, Introducing The frontier Gang!

Takuya- Sup?

Kouji- Ignore The Idiot….

Zoe- Hey

Chibi-mami- T_T please change my name…

Kouichi- Don't ignore me again today…

Tommy- I'm Bored.

Alright, First dares are From Hikari no Destany. By The Way, Hikari, I'm Sorry but I never Watched Shugo Chara so I can't do Zoe's Dare. But the other ones are fine. Alright, 1st dare, Takuya, You Can't be a Perv, meaning no drooling, no Spacing out about Zoe and No Staring at her Boobs for a distance of 1 metre!

Takuya- *staring at zoe's boobs, Leaning forward so that he is 1 metre away* 'I wonder how they feel like….I hear they are like marshmallows..' *GETS SLAPPED*


Told ya. Everytime you go all pervy, a random Guy will run up from the crowd and molest you :D for 3 episodes.

Takuya- NOoooo!

Next Dare for Chibi Mami, Go get some Chicken at the local Kfc with Lance VDOing you.

Lance- kk

Chibi-Mami- YES! *runs to Kfc*

~at KFC~

Clerk- Welcome to Kfc, how may I help you sir?

Chibi Mami- I wanna 10 hot and crispy chickens with the original sanders recipe and a side dish of 10 chicken wings, 3 large French fries, 2 zinger burgers and 5 dishes of Coleslaw with some extra large Coke.

Clerk- Is that All Sir?

Chibi Mami- Psst, Lance..

Lance- What?

Chibi Mami- Don't I get the food free because of the show?

Lance- umm, Yeah, Why?

Chibi Mami- *evil grin*

~5 minutes of ordering later ~

Chibi Mami- mmmm…. I'am almost full…ALMOST!

Lance- How the fuck can someone eat so much…

Chibi Mami- Now for My Zinger Burger….. OMG!

Lance- WHAT!

Chibi Mami- THERE IS A BURN ON THE BURGER MEAT! I DON"T LIKE THAT! RAAAWR! *transforms into Chibi Hulk*


Chibi Hulk- *destroys the Place*

Lance- *runs for his life*

~1 hour later, Back at the show.~

Alright, Next dare is for Kouji and Kouichi. Oh and remember, Kouji, No being Emo. Kyo, Do your thing!

With Pleasure… *shoots a grenade at Kouji which explodes in purple smoke.*

Kouji- ZOMG WTF! *Wearing a Pink Shirt with a golden Shiny Jacket and White Pants with Sunglasses and Afro* I LOOK LIKE A RETRO DISCO GUY!

HAHAHHAAHHA! *rolls on the Floor Laughing my ass off* ROFLMFAO!

Koichi- alright, Lets go.

~ at the gay Parade~

*the French Guy Is now dancing with a Hobo.*

Kouji- HEY HOBO! Do You Like Sandwiches?

Hobo- YEAH!

Koichi- WELL THEN SCREW YOU Cuz Gays Like You Don't deserve Sandwiches!

Kouji- Haha, Your Gay And Like Sandwiches! *Hi 5's Koichi*

Koichi- And Did You Know That The French Guy is double timing on you?

Kouji- Yeah… WITH CHIBI MAMI! *rofls*

Hobo- WHY I OUTTA! *punches French Guy*

French- BUT IT ISN"T Moi! I Ate Croissants Tha Day!

Hahahah, Now Koichi, another Dare, go make Fun of The emo Parade, Kouji, Don't kill him while he is doing that.


Kouichi- *Brings out a razor Blade* HEY EMOS

Sasuke- ooooo….Sharp…Shiny…..Need to cut with it…

Koichi- You want?

Sasuke- *nods*

Koichi- *drops razor, spits on it and then Stomps it* HAHAHAHA

Sasuke- Nooooooo *faints*

Koichi- Well Duh, you are Supposed to faint you Wussies! Your Nothing But Stinkin Cry Babies who Think They Are Girls!

*emos crowd Around Koichi*


*emos Bring out Razors*

Koichi- umm…kouji?...a Little help?

Kouji- I'm Sorry Koichi, But I can't Help them to Kill you…. Have a nice day! *goes away*

Koichi- NOOOoooo *gets Slashed by Emos*

~back at the Show~

Hey There kouji, how did it go?

Kouji-awesome, koichi Had So much fun. He Had to go to the Hospital!

Lol, But that means no more dares for Koichi today. Alright, Last Dare by Hikari. Kyo, Don't Kill Amanda for 3 episodes and Be Nice to everyone for 3 episodes.

Fuck you all! Like I have to obey that?

If you Want your daily supply of blood, You have to.

Amanda- I'M HERE!

Perfect…..just fucking great….

Amanda- Kyosuke! I got you Cookies!

Thanks Amanda!

Amanda- KYOO-KUN!

*eye twitches for Kun to be added to name*

Amanda- *hugs Kyo* Your So Muscular! But SO SOFT AT THE SAME TIME!

*puts gun on forehead* Someone pull the trigger

Amanda- *leans in for Kiss*

*wings come out* LATER BITCH! *slaps Amanda down and flies Out of the Ceiling*

Amanda- NOooo! COME BACK! *runs off*

Alright, Now for the Dares by 13wolfsbane. Takuya,Chibi, Dance like girls while wearing a tutu and singing "Oops I did it again"

Takuya and Chibi Mami- *singing and dancing in a tutu*

Kouji, Shoot Takuya with knives and Chibi Mami with A 50. caliber!

Kouji- FUCK YEAH! *throws Knives and Shoots at the same time*


Chibi Mami- *bullets bounce off of Fat*

~5 minutes later~

Alright, now that that's over, Tommy, Zoe, Do your thing with Chibi Mami!

Zoe- Yay!

Tommy- WOO HOO!

Chibi Mami- NOOOO- *bzzt* UUUFF *bzzt* ARRRGHH! *bzzt* Eugha! *bzzt* FUUU *gets Kicked* UUUUffff… My balls…..uughh *collapses*

Tommy- hahah, That was Fun, *hi fives Zoe*

Zoe- Hysterical, I love this show…. No One is ever mean to me =D

Next dares, By Blackandblood. First Dare for Kouichi but we will do that next chapter since koichi is out of it today. Next dare is for Takuya which is Linked with the first one so it will also happen next time. 3rd dare is for Zoe which Is yet Again, linked so it will happen next Chapter. 4th Dare is for Tommy To Kick Lance's Ass for Being A pervert

Lance- You do that kid and you'll win a 1 way ticket to Hell.

Tommy- I'm too cute to be in hell! *kicks Lance's ass*

Lance- OWW! *rubs sore butt* You kick like a pro footballer!

Tommy- Well, I play soccer….alot….

Next Dare is for Chibi-Mama to eat the world's supply of Twilight books so that no more minds can be rotted from such trash.

Chibi Mami- *cleaning his teeth with a toothpick* I'm one Step ahead of you!

Next dare is for me to give her a cookie the shape of a platypus? Alright I'll have it ready by next chapter. Next line of Dares is by gcleemon! 1st dare is for Kyo to be nice to Amanda for the next two chapters. 2nd dare is for Kouji to sing the fun Song from Spongebob and Like it.

Kouji- grrrr….Alright… F is For Friendship, That Keeps us Together!

U is for U and Me!

N Is Anything awesome and Cool! That Includes Our Best Friendies!

Lol, I'm Not sure about the lyrics, but that was funny

Kouji- *bangs head on wall*

Alright Kouji, take it easy. Next dare is for Zoe to wear a bikini for the next 3 chapters.

Zoe- Guess my Luck Had to end some Chapter.

Next dare is for tommy to steal Chibi Mami's Chocolate and Give it to a hobo.

Tommy- *grabs mini fridge inside Chibi Mami's Jacket and runs off*

Chibi Mami- NOOOO, COME BACK HERE! *chases Tommy*

Hobo- MY CHOCOLATE BITCHES! *Snatches Mini Fridge and runs off*

Lol, This calls for music, *plays benny Hill theme* There are 6 rooms labeled, takuya, kouji,Chibi Mami,Tommy,Koichi and Zoe

Hobo- *runs into Zoe*

Chibi Mami- *follows him*

Tommy- *goes into the Opposite door, Tommy*

Hobo- *comes out of the Tommy room and goes into the Takuya room beside the original door*

Chibi Mami-*Comes out of Stairs beside the Takuya room and enters the door Tommy went into.*

Tommy- *comes out of Zoe room and runs into Kouji room, Only to scream and run back out into the Koichi room*

Hobo- *comes out of Kouji room with Black clothes, black and white make up on and runs into Takuya room.*

Tommy- *comes Out of the Far room, Chibi Mami and Goes to the front room Takuya, Shrinked down to half a feet in height.*

Chibi Mami- *comes out of Takuya and goes to far room, appearing to be a giant and crawls and squeezes into Chibi Mami room*

Hobo- *comes out of Zoe room and looks at the Hallway* So Long Bitches! *runs off*

Chibi Mami and Tommy- *comes out of opposite rooms, Kouji and Koichi, And bumps into Each other, Chibi Mami falling down, Tommy Being Shot backwards into the Koichi room and Coming out of the kouji room behind Chibi Mami and Crashing into him again.*

Hahaha, Alright, back to business, next dare is for Takuya to spend a day In the Zoo in a Monkey Cage!

Takuya- *sitting inside cage with 4 other monkeys with a translator on his arm* get me out of here….

Monkey- *translated* Yo dawg, The Names 50 Peel. Yous show Respect or face the consequences, You Get me Foo?

Another Monkey- *translated* And Mah Name is Ebinem! You Challenge me and I'll go banana rap on your ass so bad that you'll cover your ass with a paper bag!

Another Monkey- *translated* My name Is TaKuya! Whats your name

Takuya- WTF, THAT'S MY NAME YOU ASSHOLE! *punches Monkey*

Yet Another Monkey- Hola Amigo, Usted saber que parecerse a un puto culo?

Takuya- Wtf? Spanish?

Spanish Monkey- Si! I Screwed tu mama

Takuya- whatever.

Kouji- Haha, Your in a cage! *throws Peanut*

Takuya- HEY! Don't do that! Can't you read the sign? Don't feed the animals! *gets hit by another peanut*

Zoe- Hey Kouji, That Looks like fun! *throws peanut*

Takuya- Not you too Zoe!

Tommy- *throws a bucket*

Takuya- OWW! That's Not even Food!

Yes yes, I know this trip to the Zoo is fun but next dare is for Amanda and Kyo but since they are not here, I'll do it next Time. Now this dare is for me? Ooh, lets see… I have to give a cat a bath?

Hobo- *wearing a cat suit* Meow?

Nice try Hobo. *grabs grim* Now Grim, Is my Pet Black cat. Say hello grim


Alright now that that's over…*throws Grim into Pond* Done!

Grim- *swims out and crosses my path evilly.

Whats gonna happ- *piano falls on me* ouuufff…ouch….

Lance- *grabs a crow bar and pulls Piano off me*

Thanks Lance…Next Dare is for me to kick someone in the balls!

Chibi Mami- WHO WHO!

YOU! *kicks Chibi Mami in the Balls*

Chibi Mami- MOMMY!...*collapses*

Alright, I'll Do another one Of kouichi's Dare later and Chibi Mami, You Have to Be a Meat shield for Amanda If kyo decides to kill her!

Chibi Mami-NO!

Will You Do It For A Chibi Mami Snack? *brings out a cookie*

Chibi mami- Hmmm..Okay! *eats cookie*

Last dare of today is for Chibi Mami, You have to Run in A Speedo on the street and see how many people barf at you.

Chibi Mami- DAMN IT! *wears a speedo with half of his ass spilling out * here goes nothing *runs*

~1 hour later~

Chibi Mami- *comes back in, Huffing and Puffing* that…Was….Intense…

Kouji- Umm, Dude, You Just did a run around the Block, That's like only 50 feet and you took 1 hour to do it.

So how many people puked at you?

Chibi Mami- I Lost Count when the News Crew vdo'd me from their Copter. World wide Broadcast.

Well That's it for today! Stay Tuned Folks and Remember, Even If You Don't Have an Account, You can Still Press that little button that says "review" and Submit your dares! Bye!

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