Summary: You never realize how much you love someone until they're gone. Kevin Lucas never fully understood what it meant until a new school year at Horace Mantis. Kevin/Macy, maybe Joe/Stella.

Last Day of School

It was finally the end of the school year the Lucas brothers thought would never end. After all the girl drama like Penny, Maria, Amy, Angelina, Fiona, and Abby, just too many to count, they were happy to get a break. Like from teachers who were too strict or the ones that played favorites because they were famous, Joe was especially thankful for that one.

Of course there would also be things they'd miss while on their summer tour. Like Macy Misa for instance, call them crazy but the tiny, crazy, klutzy girl had become a close friend and had weaseled her way into the soft spots of their hearts. Even though when they first met her she was a crazed fan, and the first couple of weeks in their relationship with her she had fainted, hyperventilated, and accidentally injured them with miscellaneous sporting equipment. She eventually got past that short phase and became a great friend, if not, one of their best friends, who always came through for them.

There were even certain traits about her that personally benefitted each one of the brothers, for instance, when Nick was looking for a critical opinion on a new song, he new he could trust Macy because of her vast amount of knowledge on their music. Or when Joe goes that extra mile for a girl and Stella and his brothers won't help him, he could always depend on Macy, who understood the dedication it took to go the extra mile, since she did it everyday, balancing academic life, social life, and her sports life. But Kevin was probably the one who was most grateful to have Macy as a friend, since she seemed to be the only one who understood his rare sense of humor and his obsession of musical animals, and his spacey attitude.

So with one day left of school and all their finals finished early, Kevin, Joe, and Nick sat at the usual lunch table waiting for Macy and Stella to join them.

"Guys, can you believe that by the end of the day we'll be done with school and on tour again." Nick said, starting up the conversation.

"I know, I thought this year would NEVER end!" Joe said, with a wide grin.

"Yet now, it seems like it went by so fast. I feel like just yesterday it was the first day of school." Kevin said, with a far off look on his face.

"Yeah, I know… Kinda." Joe said confused, Nick just rolled his eyes.

"Hey, hey, hey guys!" Stella said giddily, practically skipping up to the table taking her seat next to Joe.

"Hey Stells!" Joe greets.

"Why are you so happy?" Nick asks. Stella smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

"Oh I don't know… Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my mom gave me permission to go on tour with you this summer!" Stella yelled excitedly, bouncing in her seat. Joe's face lit up as he tackled Stella in a hug.

"Stella, that's great!" Kevin said, bouncing in his seat as well. Nick rolled his eyes at his brothers' behavior.

"That's awesome Stella." Nick said, just as happy as his brothers, he just didn't feel the need to bounce.

"But I am kinda bummed I'm leaving Macy all by herself for the summer." Stella said, sadly, returning to reality and bringing the others with her.

"Poor Macy…" Kevin said, remembering the downside of school ending and going on tour, not seeing Macy everyday. Nick and Joe seemed bummed out as well. All four of them were too bummed out to even notice said girl coming up to the table.

"Hey guys, what's up? You all look kinda down." She says, sitting between Stella and Kevin. Once she was seated she was tackled by Stella, Kevin, and Joe immediately, all of them saying things like "I'm gonna miss you sooo much!" Macy looked over at Nick who was shaking his head.

"Did I miss something?" She asks.

"We were just talking about not being able to see you all summer while JONAS and Stella go on tour." Nick explains, Joe, Stella, and Kevin let go.

"I feel horrible for leaving you all ALONE this summer; I'm such a bad best friend!" Stella says, hugging Macy again, who just giggled.

"Why would you giggle at such a sad thing?" Joe asked confused.

"This is a very devastating moment!" Kevin said.

"Kev, do you even know what devastating means?" Nick asks, but Kevin just ignored him.

"Look, guys, even if you weren't going on tour you wouldn't see me anyway." Macy said.

"Why?" Stella asked.

"Well, you know that athletics camp I applied for, but didn't think I'd get into because it's so exclusive? Well… I got in!!!" Macy said excitedly.

"Mace, that's greats!" Joe said.

"Yeah, I knew you'd get in!!" Stella said.

"Congratulations!" Nick said.

"Macy, I'm so happy for you!" Kevin said, Macy giggled again.

"Did anyone else from school get accepted?" Stella asks.

"Yup, Alex Jamison, the captain of the boys track team, swim team, soccer team, and the first string linebacker for the football team." Macy said she began to drift off into her own little world. Stella smiled, she knew for a fact that Macy had a huge crush on Alex for the past three months and she couldn't be happier for her friend, Kevin on the other hand didn't like the idea of Macy spending her entire summer with another guy. He didn't know why he felt that, he just did.

The group continued with talk of the summer till the bell rang signaling lunch to be over.

As the day progressed, Kevin couldn't stop thinking about Macy spending her summer with Alex, and every time he thought about it, it made him angrier. By the end of the day he was in such bad mood, that not even daydreaming about lemurs and pudding could help. He was positive that at this point nothing would.

"Hey Kevin!" Macy said, as she walked up to him in the hallway, playfully bumping her hip into his.

Except of course…. Macy.

Kevin immediately got a goofy smile as he playfully bumped back.

"Why hello Miss Macy Misa, and how was your day?" He says while draping an arm around her shoulders, like he always did.

"Very good! Alex and I spent our whole free period together talking about camp!!!... He is so dreamy!" Macy exclaimed Kevin didn't know what to say, there were a few seconds of awkward silence before Macy realized what she said.

"Oh my gosh! Kevin, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking! I know that wasn't the right thing to say to a guy friend, and-" Before Macy could finish her apology, Kevin interrupted her.

"Macy, it's ok, really…" Kevin said his voice slightly higher than usual. Macy recognized that voice that was his lying voice.

"Kevin, are you sure? I mean you're using your lyin-" But before she could finish Kevin was already speed walking away from her shouting over his shoulder in an even higher pitched voice.

"Yeah it's totally fine, gotta go!" As Kevin reached his locker, he opened it and stuffed his head inside.

"God, I'm an idiot!" He muttered.

"Why are you an idiot?" Kevin didn't need to look to know Nick and Joe were the ones asking that.

"Just forget it." Kevin said, grabbing his things and closing his locker.

"Well, I don't know what's got you in a bad mood, but hopefully by tomorrow you'll perk up when we're on the tour bus again." Joe said.

"How can I perk up when we're not going to see Macy at all during the summer?" Kevin said, slumping his shoulders. "Stupid sports camp." He muttered.

"Kevin, even if she wasn't going to sports camp we wouldn't be able to see her." Nick said.

"But she could've come on tour with us…" Kevin muttered again.

"Remember, we already invited her like a month ago, but her mom said no, so it really doesn't matter." Joe said.

"And you can always text her, call her, email her, and chat on the webcam." Nick said, trying to brighten his eldest brother's mood.

"I guess your right…"

Later that night while the Kevin and his family were getting ready for bed Kevin called Macy, when he was sure no one else was around to eavesdrop.

"Hello?" Macy said over the phone.

"Hey, Macy it's me… Kevin"

"Hey Kevin of JONAS, what's up?" Macy said, obviously joking around when she called him Kevin of JONAS.

"Nothing really, Macy of school, I just wanted to call to… apologize."

"Apologize for what?"

"For acting all weird at school and kinda ditching you… I'm really sorry!"

"Kev, it's ok, why did even think of apologizing?"

"I just didn't want to leave for the summer on a bad note."

"Trust me Kevin; unless I'm singing as you leave, you'll never go on a bad note." Macy and Kevin both laughed.

"So when do you leave for camp?" Kevin asked, Macy sighed dreamily.

"I leave tomorrow morning at 5AM. I'm finishing up packing right now, Alex will be picking me up, and we're driving to the camp together."

"Oh… sounds exciting." Kevin said.

"Exciting? The camp and Alex part yes. The leaving at 5AM and driving for 4 hours, no." They laughed again.

"Anyway, I should go to bed, big day tomorrow, goodnight Kevin."

"Sweet dreams Mace." Macy then hung up, Kevin listened to the dial tone for a few seconds before hanging up and going to bed as well dreaming of Macy, Lemurs, Pudding, and Alex Jamison being attacked by a rapid mongoose.

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