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Out in the world mistakes and regrets are made everyday. They happen by accident and they can happen on purpose. Some are forgivable and some are not. They can hurt people and they can also make fortunate situations better. Mistakes and regrets are what occurs in everyday routines. They can happen in the smallest and insignificant ways. Like when you accidentally spill your drink all over your paperwork. Or when you regret not leaving five minutes earlier so you didn't miss the subway to work.

And unfortunately, sometimes the mistakes and regrets that you make, can have the biggest impact on your life.

For Troy Bolton, his whole life was filled with mistakes and regrets. He had chances handed to him and ones that he made himself. Some he ignored and some he took in with the biggest smile on his face.

The day he met Gabriella Montez was no mistake, nor a regret. But what happened between them, what he had caused, were the biggest mistakes and regrets he could ever make. Some were ones that he would never give up or feel bad about. But some were so horrible and heartbreaking that he knew he didn't deserve her.

Troy watched as the beautiful brunette with the biggest brown eyes he had ever seen, walk down the long aisle with the widest and happiest smile he had ever seen on her striking face.

The way the sun hit her face in the perfect way was making her shine like an angel. The way her hair was pinned up with a few soft curls hanging out and around her face, that was hidden by the thin white veil. Her white gown, was trailing behind her and making her seem so elegant and flawless. The dress hung around just above her chest and all the way down her toned legs. Her tanned skin was making her seem so exotic and out of reach, like her touch would burn you.

He watched and stayed frozen as she blushed and shyly looked down to the ground when she felt everyone's eyes on her. He noticed how she gripped the small elegant bouquet in her hands tighter as she placed one foot before the other in a continuous pattern.

Troy felt his eyes sting in slight pain as he hadn't been able to blink away from her astounding beauty. She was the one person he had loved with his whole heart. The one girl he first found love in. The first woman who loved him back for being just him and no one else. They were destined to be together. They were brought together by, what Troy thought was fate. They had been together for most of their young lives.

But as Troy watched as she walked passed him without a glance his way, he felt the reality of the situation return and his heartbeat to quicken in despair.

Troy stood numbly and watched as she finally reached the end of the long aisle and to be handed to another man that was not him. He felt his insides bleed out and sting with sharp pains. He realized a familiar hand help him to sit back down in the wooden chair and watch as another man marry, who he believed to be, his soul mate. The love of his life.

Troy Bolton knew that this was only happening because of his mistakes. And he regretted every minute of everyday that brought him to watch the priest place Gabriella's hand with the other man's and start the ceremony that would tie them together for the rest of their lives. It was at the precise moment that Troy started to feel the regret of making the biggest mistake in his life.

Chapter One-


In all honesty Gabriella Montez never really thought she would be in this type of situation. She never imagined or dreamed that she would be feeling like this right now. Gabriella had always imagined the complete opposite. She saw their lives being entwined together forever and loving each other until they both took their last breath. It was very clear to her now that that dream was so farfetched and out of reach. It would never be the same again.

Gabriella stood there in shock and complete heartache. How the could the one person she loved with her entire heart be so cruel and unkind? Were the last ten years a long cruel joke? Did it mean everything to her and nothing to him?

Gabriella jerked her hand and pulled the door back to be locked. She felt the salty tears fall down her face and quietly walk away like she was invisible. She sat down on the couch that they had sat together on so many occasions before and pulled her legs up to her face. She rested her chin on the top of her knees and cried until she couldn't any longer.

After what felt like hours, and maybe it had been, she heard the voices become louder and closer. She knew they wouldn't see her, she was invisible. She heard him talk softly to the other person and heard the woman's soft giggle. Every word, every touch and every laugh that they shared for their goodbye, was a stabbing pain in Gabriella's chest.

Finally she heard the door close and heard him sigh to himself. Was the other woman that great? Did she mean that much to him and her so little? Again with the questions that she didn't want to ask, but desperately wanted answers for.

The sound of his footsteps came closer and she finally came face to face with him. She saw the way he tensed immediately and his eyes widen in fear. She felt the tension in the room grow and heighten to amazing lengths.

"Gabriella?" She heard the fear and shock in his voice. He wasn't the only one feeling lost and out of place. She felt like that too, just much more worse. "How long have you been home?" His voice continued to shake and quiver. If it was any other moment, she would have laughed at the way it squeaked, but this was no laughing matter.

"Ever since I walked in and found you fucking that other girl."

Gabriella kept her eyes on him and made sure he could see the hurt and pain that was being held in them. She saw him flinch at her words and felt a little better for making him hurt, it was just a taste of what she was feeling, soon he would get the full bite.

"Brie. I swear…I…it didn't…this wasn't the way…I'm sorry."

Gabriella closed her eyes and felt herself shake in absolute pain. He wasn't making excuses to cover himself. He wasn't lying to make her feel better. He wasn't denying anything either. He was just standing their in his green silk boxers and staring at her. Waiting for the reaction both were expecting. Both thought and assumed she would blow up. She would yell and scream her frustration out and walk away. But she didn't.

"Who is she?" Her voice quivered in pain and she re-opened her eyes to see him staring so intently at her with his own pain.

"A new intern at the firm."

Gabriella accepted that he was telling the truth and felt calmer, but it still hurt so much to know that he had betrayed her. Maybe it was only the one time.

"How long?"

"A little over six months."

She shook with sobs and covered her mouth to try and capture them and not show him anymore of her emotions. But the feeling of betrayal and ache in her heart was too much. Six months? Six months of lying and hurting her, without her even knowing. Six months of their relationship was a lie to her and she felt like the biggest fool under the sun.

The question she was wanting to ask was eating away at her. It was banging into the sides of her brain for the last few minutes. She didn't want to ask him, but she had to. "Do…do you love her?" She saw the way his eyes looked distant and faraway. He finally looked at her, really looked at her and let a tear slip from his own eyes.

"I…I think I could. I don't know."

Her breathing quickened and her heart beat faster. But how can a broken heart beat? She heard him come towards her and sit beside her. He took in her shaking form and held her close. She never thought she would let him touch her again, he had touched and been with another and he had no right to hold her the way he was, and yet she let him. She continued to cry into his chest until she fell into a black aybss.

When she awoke, she found them still laying on the couch and with his arms around her waist. It was then she remembered what happened and felt ill with his touch on her. She removed his arms from her and got up so she wouldn't be near him. She watched as he reached out for her, or who he could have thought was his lover, and found a pillow instead.

The man she loved with her whole heart had lied and deceived her in the worst possible way. And she had let him hold her in the one of the most intimate ways and cried within his tight embrace. She felt weak and disgusted in herself. In him.

She walked away and entered the room she had stepped away from before. She could smell the scent of sex in the air and it made her want to be sick. The room was only meant for her and him to make the types of sounds she had heard earlier. Only she was suppose to call his name out pleasure. Only she was suppose to feel him embedded within herself. But now someone else had had him.

Gabriella rushed to the walk-in closet and grabbed her two suitcases. She filled them both to the top with her belongings and cried silently to herself while doing so. She stopped mid-track when she heard his approaching steps and then turned to see him staring confusingly at her.

"You're leaving?"

The question made her knit her eyebrows together in anger and turned back to place the rest of her things in her suitcases. "Of course I am. If you honestly expect me to stay here and continue living this lie, then you're wrong." She felt more tears fall down her porcelain face.

"Gabriella. Please…just…let me explain."

"I did. And there's nothing left to say. You cheated. I have no idea why. I thought…I thought everything was fine. That we were fine. But…obviously I was very wrong."

"No you weren't. We were happy. Brie, please…let's just talk through this. I still love you."

Gabriella had heard enough. She didn't want to hear more of his lies. How could she trust anything he told her now? But when he told her he still loved her, she lost it and spun on her heels to meet his tear-stained face. "Love me?" She hissed. "You don't love me. If you loved me at all, just the slightest…you wouldn't have done this." She zipped the cases up and pulled them from the bed and pulled out the handle to carry them with. "You don't love me. And I'm starting to believe that you never did."

She saw him stride towards her and pull the bags out of her grasp and tighten his rough hands on her shoulders. "I do love you. I have always loved you. It was 'forever and always' remember? I do love you. I love you Gabriella."

She shook her head no and pulled away from him. "Liar." She looked at him and pierced her painful gaze into his eyes. "It was all lies. How can you love me 'forever and always' when you were bedding your whore?" She picked up the handles again and dragged them down that corridor to the front door.

"Please. Please don't leave Brie. Please."

Gabriella turned back around and saw him on his knees, begging for her to stay. To stay with him and continue living a lie. She wiped the tears away from her looked down at her left hand. She pulled the two silver rings off of her finger and chucked them at his bended knees.

"This is over. I'm no longer your wife or tied to you. Goodbye Troy."

Troy Bolton watched as the love of his life walked out the door and realized he had just made the biggest mistake of his life. So far.

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