Tittle:: Son of Corvinus
Author:: SeulWolfe/Calanor
Disclaimer:: Jk Rowling owns the Harry Potter world, I just play in it from time to time. Lemon drop??
Summary:: He is the son of the Corvinus Clan, hidden away in the Potter bloodline. The killing curse brings his vampire bloodline to life.
A/N:: Kamerreon's Drabble Challenge' 50 drabbles in 50 days.. lets see if real life will let me keep up... will be slash.. and of course it's Snarry ..so yeah.. sort of a crossover with Underworld..

Part 1


Who knew that the killing curse could stop death as well as life? But whoever said that Harry Potter's life was the norm?

He and Cedric had taken the cup together and were portkeyed away. They pulled their wands realizing that this wasn't part of the tournament. When he heard, 'Kill the spare,' Harry only did what he did naturally. He jumped in front of Cedric with no other thought in his head as the green light raced towards them.

He felt everything stop as he fell back into Cedric's arms. Harry knew nothing for hours as he floated in a sea of nothingness. It was a vague sense of freedom.

He knew nothing until everything suddenly came back in a rush. As his body took one deep breath and lived again,he felt more alive at that moment. An unwelcome presence he had felt all his life was finally gone, and he felt more whole for the first time in ages. Green eyes opened to darkness. He pulled back the sheet covering his face.

Had he died?